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One German State Leading the Online Gaming Way

13 May 2011 by admin

Germany is made up of sixteen states. Fifteen of them decided to restrict online gambling in their states once the current treaty for online gambling expires at the end of this year. They are smart to look ahead and to plan, but they are not looking far enough ahead.

Instead of looking at online gambling is a force in the world that is increasing and making a place for itself in the world at large. While those fifteen German states are not trying to morally save the souls of their people like in the United States, they are going to severely limit online gambling in their states to a total of seven licenses for sports betting online sites and seven licenses for online casino operators. At the end of five years all licenses will be reviewed and maybe renewed. Or maybe not.

But what about the sixteenth German state? Why are they not on board? Probably because they are leaning towards innovation and have the ability to see where online gambling is going and to see how money can be brought in through tax revenue.

That state is Schleswig-Holstein. They saw the direction that online gambling was going and decided that they were not about to be left out of the action. They created their own bill which they then sent on to the European Commission for approval. And approval they were given.

The bill will now be returned to Schleswig-Holstein where their parliament will have a second reading and vote on the bill this summer. It is likely to pass and so long as it does the licensing process will begin this fall. The bill would require a 20% tax on revenue, allow for all online gambling verticals and for major banks who represent the approved online casino operators to provide the Schleswig-Holstein government with a guarantees. There will also be no limit on the number of licenses issued. On the whole it appears that Schleswig-Holstein did their homework and studied the policies of other European countries in regard to online gambling.

Already there is interest on the part of online casino operators., who was burned when the other fifteen states announced their new policy for next year, has already spoken out positively about the Schleswig-Holstein bill. In summary,’s Director of Corporate Communications, John Shepherd, has said that the EC’s approval of the bill is a very clear and direct sign that online gambling is not to be slighted, and that the other fifteen German states should sit up and take notice of the EC’s approval. Another online casino operator, Betfair, also spoke out in favor of the bill. Their spokesperson said that the EC’s approval was “a decisive step forward in the political process to modernize gambling regulation in Germany.”

So would like to congratulate Schleswig-Holstein on the approval of their bill. Hopefully the second reading and final vote will go well, and licensing will begin in the fall.

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