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Oh the Irony! Paying Fees for a Lower Minimum Bets

28 February 2011 by admin

I have heard tell of a brick and mortar casino up in Atlantic City that charges players to play at blackjack tables with lower minimum bets. You know how when you are learning to play a new game, and you finally venture out onto the casino floor you, you tend to stick with the tables with lower minimum bets. This is because you do not want to put too much on the line when you are stilling getting your feet under you with the new game.

Well, at least that is what newbies to the game of blackjack do. Trust me, I know that one. So is it really fair to charge a fee for such players to play a low minimum bet table? When I say low minimum bet I mean the minimum of the $2 variety. Well under $5 at the minimum…ha! Okay, bad joke.

This particular brick and mortar casino in Atlantic City, Resorts Casino, is charging patrons who play at blackjack tables with a table minimum of less than $5 a fee of $0.25. That just sounds like a contradiction to me.

The reason for the low minimum bet fee is so that the casino can make sure that they are not losing out on any profit since they are offering a lower table minimum than is average. But here is what the casino seems to be missing—the players that are likely to be playing at a $2 table are either still learning the game and will be prone to mistakes, or are tourists who do not play with a strategy and are just out to enjoy the game. The house is likely to wind up with their bankrolls in this case, fees or not.

The problem with charging a fee for a lower table minimum, other than it being ironic, is that the guaranteed amount coming to the house actually ups the edge. And the lower the wager the more it ups the house’s edge because there is not as much of a wager on a round of blackjack that can be used to win money back with—to offset the loss of the quarter. Effectively speaking, for the $2 wagering blackjack player who has to pay a fee, the house edge is 13.5%. This gives players with the typical $40 bankroll of a newbie or tourist blackjack player a rough 60% chance of lasting through 100 rounds or about an hour of play.

The thing that I do not get is why the Resorts Casino feels the need to charge players a fee when the chances of taking low minimum players’ bankrolls. Just does not make sense to me.

But on the other hand this is an Atlantic City brick and mortar casino. And although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did pass those bills for a revitalization of Atlantic City, it may be that the Resorts Casino just needs the revenue that badly. Be that the case, then I hope that Christie signs the intrastate online gambling bill, which will give the brick and mortars in Atlantic City the chance to utilize online counterparts and third party sites to increase their revenue.

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