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Notorious Do-Gooder Robin Hood 702 Offers Bounty on Bellagio Robbers

22 December 2010 by admin

A good many in the land based casino world have heard of Robin Hood 702, but his name has not made the circuits widely in the online casino world. Robin Hood 702 is an anonymous blackjack player in Las Vegas, Nevada who is known for going out to the casinos, playing high stakes blackjack and then turning over the winnings to a family in need. But now this notoriously charitable blackjack player feels that it is the Las Vegas casinos that are in need of help, and he has put out a bounty.

The Bellagio Casino was robbed of $1.5 million in casino chips on December 14th. The Metro Police, having exhausted other clues, are waiting for the stolen chips to start showing up again in hopes of then tracking down the robbers. But this could be bad news for casino patrons who horde their chips in order to make large cashouts; high stakes players are known for hording chips to keep off of the IRS’s radar and will turn in their chips in smaller amounts rather than all at once. In order to truly recognize the stolen chips, the Bellagio may change their chips in order to tell which are real and which ones are the stolen ones.

But not only does this robbery present potential problems for chip hoarders, it is also a major issue of safety, as Robin Hood 702 has stated: “These are desperate times. People are going to say, ‘Why don’t I take a shot?’…I’m just trying to find this guy and stop any copycats. If the Bellagio was hit, the Palazzo could be hit, the Venetian, the MGM Grand, it could be every casino. This guy has to be apprehended quickly.”

The reason Robin Hood 702 feels so strongly about catching this robber and stamping out the idea of copycats is because his charity is dependent on the Las Vegas tourism; if tourists and casino patrons do not feel safe, they are likely not to visit the Las Vegas casinos. And if there is a drop in casino visitors, it means less blackjack players to play against and less money for Robin Hood 702 to win and give to families in need.

So Robin Hood 702 has let it be known that he is offering a $50,000 bounty for the apprehension of the Bellagio robber. “Fifty grand is a lot for someone to have in their pocket. I’m hoping other casinos will kind of add to the bounty and make this an incredible thing.”

Clearly Robin Hood 702 is hoping that other casinos will pitch in to the bounty to show that they will not allow themselves and the Las Vegas casino industry to be a victim of robbery and other criminal activity. We shall see in the coming weeks if other casinos add to the bounty being offered by Robin Hood 702 for the Bellagio robber, and whether or not the bounty helps in the capture of the robber.

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