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No Guarantees In Online Gambling

19 July 2011 by admin

Safety-First---14--x-10--5197980There are a lot of misconceptions that new players have about online gambling. Players are often wrong about strategy or about the rules of a specific game. Sometimes they are confused by tournaments or promotions. The most dangerous misconception, however, is from your odds.

I recently read a page on what is supposed to be an informative online gambling website. On that page, it says that you shouldn’t put money on a game that doesn’t guarantee you a return on your investment. For that reason, the website says, you should only wager real money at the best online casinos.

That last part is true, but there is an implicit lie in the previous statement. Or if not lie, it is misleading at the very least. Some people think that you can be guaranteed of winning money when playing casino games online. There are no guarantees when it comes to gambling. That’s why they call it gambling.

There aren’t even guarantees on the stock market or with mutual funds. Any time you invest or spend money, you are risking it. With online gambling, you have a chance to get your money back. You also have a chance to earn more money and walk away with big winnings. You can also lose everything. Because losing is a possibility, you need to plan accordingly, which means using wise money management.

If you play online blackjack, the house edge is pretty low and you have a pretty good chance of making some money, but there is still a house edge. That means that in the long run, the casino wins. With online poker, you are only competing against other players. If you are the best player, you have a really good chance of making money. But you might still lose. Someone could outplay you or just luck into an unbeatable hand.

Keep all of that in mind when doing online casino gambling. We want you to have fun and be safe with your money. That means knowing your odds and having realistic expectations.

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