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No Gambling for Real Money on the Android

1 December 2010 by admin

full-tilt-poker11Not long ago, Full Tilt Poker released a Rush Poker mobile application for the Android market to much fanfare. Okay, it wasn’t really much fanfare, but the news excited the niche audiences of online poker fans and smartphone app geeks. You know who I’m talking about – those people who actually tune into a Steve Jobs press conference to see what new thing Apple is going to release. Still, niche as it may be, online gambling is rapidly increasing in popularity in the United States and it seems like everyone but me has a smartphone like an Android or iPhone.

It seems like nobody uses anything other than their phone to get information or use the internet anymore. If someone asks you something you don’t know, Google it on your phone. If you want to catch that TV show you missed last night, watch it on your phone. People use their phones to post on their friends’ Facebook wall more often than they use them to actually call those same friends.

With that in mind, those who like playing online poker should be really excited about apps that let them play at their favorite poker rooms on their phone. That way you can play a few hands while waiting for your wife to try on clothes in the dressing room, while you wait for a taxi, on your lunch break, on a long plane ride and more.

Unfortunately, those who were excited about the Full Tilt Rush Poker app for the Android phone are bound to be disappointed. Earlier this week, the online poker app was removed from Android’s store. Though the removal was originally deemed “due to maintenance,” it has since been reported that the poker app ran afoul of Android’s rules.

android-openNew guidelines for Android apps state that “real gambling is not allowed in the Android Market.” That means players can only play online poker on their Android phone if the game uses fake money. Real-money poker apps are now banned. Earlier this year, Apple did the same.

There are ways around this, of course, such as by registering for a play-money account on your Android phone and then depositing money in the account on your computer’s browser. Those who are adept at jailbreaking phones and figuring out other cheats probably have other ways to beat the system. Still, the fact remains that Android’s new rules will make it considerably more difficult to play poker on the go, which is bad news.

Rush Poker is an online poker game at Full Tilt that provides a faster poker experience.

One Response to “No Gambling for Real Money on the Android”

  1. claire jacobs says:

    this is not really a bad news for me. I quite understood the part of Full Tilt Poker. And if I were in their shoes, I would do the same thing as well. If ever real money gaming was allowed in androids, there would be a possibility that gamblers will only play on their phones only. Thus, decreasing the popularity and credibility of online casino websites.