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Newbie Gambling Tips: Online Casinos or Brick ‘n Mortar Casinos?

20 March 2010 by Devon Chappell

Just like in the world of brick ‘n mortar casino gambling, the online gambling industry has its fair share of disgruntled players. Truth be told, the online gambling sector most likely has a higher count of dissatisfied players who either feel they have been cheated and/or are simply upset they did not come out with some profit from their online gambling adventures. Now, does this mean that online gambling isn’t safe or that the odds are not as good as brick ‘n mortar casinos? Of course it doesn’t!

Granted, there are unregulated online casinos in the business of taking money from players who reside in countries that do not regulate online gambling (cough, cough, USA). And when I say “take”, I don’t necessarily mean stealing money left and right. It’s more like, pay out players until money starts to run low, and if a big jackpot is hit, well then, make up a reason why that player is not entitled to their winnings.

So, where am I going with all this? Well, basically I want to let newbie online gamblers out there know that online casinos can actually deliver much better odds than land-based casinos. Just look at the payout percentage reports and you will see for yourself. Of course, not every online casino publishes its payout reports, and hence why you shouldn’t play at those online casinos. Of those that do – most notably, eCOGRA certified online casinos – consistent average returns exceeding 96% are much better than what you find at any brick ‘n mortar casino.

And yet, newbie players continue to gamble at online casinos without a lick of credentials. Most often, these players end up receiving flyers in the mail, promising a free $5 bonus chip or some other offer loaded with red tape, making it nigh impossible to win anything, let alone cash out any money. The players who get duped don’t take the time to first check out the credentials of the online casino, including players ratings and blacklists. And in most cases, these players were not even looking to gamble online in the first place!

The lesson then is this, folks: If you are not looking to gamble online, then don’t. And if you are, well then, do your research carefully. This should require hours of thorough research, perusing payout reports, checking out regulatory websites, and reading boring fine-print, which in the end, will pay off. How much will it pay off? Well, if you play at the best online casinos, get lucky, play smartly and incorporate good bankroll management, online casino gambling certainly can pay off better than the brick ‘n mortar casinos.

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One Response to “Newbie Gambling Tips: Online Casinos or Brick ‘n Mortar Casinos?”

  1. WildJack says:

    You have given quite good tips here for a newbie. I personally like playing on an online casino rather going and playing in a brick & mortar casino. Basically, it’s much more comfortable and fun to play casino games at home. That’s my take.
    If we have a look at the reports then online casinos offers better payouts nowadays anyhow.