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New Zealand Gambler to be Paid his $60,000

6 January 2011 by admin

Do you remember a couple of days ago or so when I wrote about online gambling funnies and talked about that online casino in New Zealand—the one let a banned player play and then refused to pay him when he won a jackpot? You do? Good. The last I had heard was that the gentleman in question was still fighting it out with the casino. Well this morning I can finally say what happened to the gentleman.

First let’s meet the guy now that more information is being released. The gentleman in question is Sothea Sim of New Zealand. Sim had himself voluntarily banned from Sky City Casino all the way back in 2004. He cited his concern about the amount of money he was gambling as his reason for wanting to be banned. And I have to applaud Sim. It takes a lot of backbone to admit that you could have a problem and to take the steps on your own to keep yourself out of trouble—that takes a lot of discipline. So six years later Sim creates an account at Sky City Casino. Whether he thought the ban would have expired or whether he forgot that he had himself banned has not been stated, but the point is that Sky City let a banned player create a real money account and gamble for real money.

Somehow I do not think Sky City would have had a problem with Sim gambling online at their casino had he continued to put money into their virtual hands. But, no, Sim had to go a win a $60,000 jackpot with a straight flush in Caribbean Stud Poker last August. “Honestly I was jumping with joy, could not believe my luck…Everyone surrounded me, patted me on the back and stuff,” Sim said about when he won the $60,000 jackpot.

It was then that Sky City remembered that Sim had asked to be banned and they refused to pay him. I am not surprised, no one wants to give up money if they can get out of it—it is not just an online casino thing, it is the common denominator with just about any business. No one wants to let go of their money if a way around paying a customer can be found. And because of Sim’s ban request, Sky City feels that this is a perfectly good reason not to pay the man.

Now Sim describes “The day I won…was the best day of my life and it turned out to be the worst day of my life…I am pretty gutted about everything.”

Naturally Sim feels that this is not a good reason considering that his self-requested ban was six years ago, and began talks with the gambling inspectors in New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs. At first the gambling inspectors were in agreeance with Sky City that Sim’s ban should be upheld. But they then had a change of heart it seems; now the Department of Internal Affairs is on Sim’s side saying that the ban should have expired.

On their own side of hanging on to $60,000, Sky city of course disagreed with the Department of Internal Affairs. They believed that the grounds and conditions pertaining to a ban and a ban’s expiration differed from the opinions of the Department of Internal Affairs; in short, Sky City did not believe that Sim had met reentry requirements to end his ban. But what I want to know is if that was the case—if they felt that he had not met the requirements—then why was he allowed to create a player account and gamble with real money? Seems rather convenient to me—he was allowed to play with real money and it only became a problem when they had to pay him.

Sim’s next step was to seek legal help to get Sky City to pay him his $60,000 jackpot. And finally Sky City is giving up the fight, saying that they have no desire to go to court over the issue. So finally, five months after winning the jackpot, Sim is going to receive his $60,000.

2 Responses to “New Zealand Gambler to be Paid his $60,000”

  1. […] However, the “ruling” on the playing field  – that is, the general sentiment of the online gambling community (affiliates and players alike), was that even if the player was in the wrong at an earlier time at a different online casino, This is Vegas knew who this player was when they agreed to allow him to open an account. In other words, they should never have allowed him to open an account to begin with. However, being that the player was a high roller, This is Vegas made their own wager, betting that the player would succumb to the House Edge playing slots, and drop several thousand dollars in the process. They weren’t expecting him to win big. And when he did, that’s when they decided to pull the plug – quite unlike what recently went down for a player at Sky City Casino, New Zealand. […]

  2. Devon says:

    This is great news. Quite unlike what happened to a player at This is Vegas online casino.

    The only thing I am unclear about in this article is that it says the player was betting at an online casino. However, I’m not familiar with any Sky City online casino – just the brick ‘n mortar chain in New Zealand. Did this story actually take place at one of Sky City’s casinos in Australia, Auckland or Queenstown casinos in New Zealand?