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New Website Helps You Win Money, Dates and More

18 November 2010 by admin

inloto-logoThere is a new website called that is being billed as the perfect place to win money, make friends, get dates and more. It’s an interesting premise, particularly if you like to meet and date people who like playing the lottery. There are websites for people interested in cars, sports, cooking, traveling, boating and more, so why not one based on a love of the lottery? Okay, maybe because the only people who love the lottery are lottery winners. is the International Sports Lottery Project and I’m pretty sure it’s based in Russia. The gambling website is all about social interaction. It has a social networking component, a classifieds component (including online dating classifieds), and an advertising board.

Upon visiting the website, you are greeted with a slideshow that depicts everything you stand to win by joining INLOTO. There are bags of money that look like they were stolen from armored cars, a dream house, a Lamborghini, a jet (I think they’re saying you can win a vacation, not an actual jet) and of course a part that says “if you want to find a date, join INLOTO social net.”

lamborghiniINLOTO seems rather proud of the dating aspect of their website, but can’t any online gambling website help you get a date? I mean, if you win $1 million playing blackjack at Go Casino, that will make you much more attractive to women, especially as you’re cruising South Beach in your new Lamborghini.

INLOTO offers a large number of lottery games, with cash prizes given out each day. Of course, lottery games always have odds considerably worse than any casino game you can find. I would rather hit the craps table, but that’s just a personal preference.

lost-hurleyWith the social networking aspect, though, you can create a profile and talk to others about how much you love the lottery. “Man, I chose the numbers 4-25-63-14-31 and I came so close to winning!” “I scratched two out of three last week! It was exciting. I won $5 and a book of matches!” “I won lots of money with the numbers 4-18-15-16-23 and 42. I didn’t even remember where they came from when I picked those. They just popped into my head. Then I won. I hope I’m not cursed.”

Right now they are offering a special promotion for those who actually think a lottery-based dating and networking website is a good idea. If you’re interested, while I’m busy playing at High Noon Casino, feel free to sign up. The first 200,000 users who register for the website will receive a cash bonus to get them started. $50,000 in total will be given out as welcome bonuses for the new players.

So check it out and find yourself a hot date while you’re there. I’m sure your popularity among the ladies will in no way be influenced by whether or not you reported winning one of the lottery drawings. No, no influence at all there.

One Response to “New Website Helps You Win Money, Dates and More”

  1. danielle jacobs says:

    cool! I bet many female gamblers would love this due to it social features. But I guess this is not the first online casino website that also happens to be a social media site, right?