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New Online Slots Tracking App for Apple Platform

17 March 2011 by admin

Do you play online slots and own an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPod? If so then there just might be an online slots app for you. Unlike other online slots apps for the Apple platform, the WinLoss Slot Player’s Diary is not an actual online slots game or slots portal. As its title suggests, it is in fact an actual diary of sorts to track an online slots player’s wins and losses.

On the surface this app does not sound like it holds much value. Why pay $8, which is on the higher end in terms of prices for apps, for an app that merely tracks your wins and losses for online slots play?

Whether a player thinks it is worth the $8, the WinLoss app can track a player’s wins and losses across multiple online slots games at multiple online casinos. Not only that but it also shows players which online slots games have paid them back the most, thus indicating which online slots games have been the kindest and might be worth another visit. Then there is the app’s ability to create the necessary documentation to turn over to the Internal Revenue Service to verify the losses that are being claimed as deductions; such documentation can even be exported to a pdf file to make printing easier come tax time.

The app comes from creator David Walstead and his company known as Sandcroft Inc. Walstead so the chance to create a product that is easily accessible to online slots players that would also organize their playing data, rather than requiring slots players to keep track of scraps of paper or make hand written notes in a notebook. Walstead designed the app to simply tracking of online slots players, allowing players to focus on spinning the reels.

The only hang up I see with this app is its cost. Most apps range from being free to download to maybe three or four dollars. By comparison $8 is a decent chunk of change to drop on a single app. But then online slots players have to weigh whether the cost is worth. It is possible to earn the $8 back and then some from tracking and turning in losses as deductions during income tax time. Reviews on the app range from it being easy to use to hanging up and lagging when trying to access it.

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