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New Jersey’s Governor and his Political Aspirations Could Impact Online Regulation Bill

13 January 2011 by admin

It is good to have goals in life, especially when it comes to your career. But sometimes you get into your career and what seemed like an easy path to follow is not so easy. This is what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is looking at now that the bill to regulate online gambling in the state is on his desk. And despite the history being made in New Jersey, what with the state Senate and Assembly passing the bill to regulate online gambling in New Jersey, the bill still needs to be signed into law by Christie. And it is not all that certain that he will.

Christie is facing down to paths he could take. On the one hand he said it was going to be his work towards rebuilding his state’s crippled economy. Tourism and gambling is down and the revenue that normally comes from Atlantic City has just not been coming the last couple of years. Five bills were passed through the Senate and Assembly that will help revitalize Atlantic City, among them the bill to regulate online gambling. All Christie has to do is sign it.

But that may not be that simple. On Christie’s other hands is his political future. There is word going around the Republican Party that Christie is a possibility as a candidate for either the presidential or vice presidential spot on the 2012 Republican ticket. Yay, good for him right?

Maybe not so much. The conservative base of the Republican Party is very against gambling. And seeing that they are losing the battle on gambling expansion on state levels, they are being extra anti-online gambling in an effort to still feel their morals and ideology is still being infused in the United States. And they have a bit of sway in the overall Republican Party. If Christie signing the online gambling regulation bill is seen as an affront to their moralistic standings—and it most likely would be—it is doubtful that he would see his name as a candidate for the Republican ticket.

So Christie is facing the choice of signing the bill to help revitalize his state’s revenue but it would most likely set him back in his political aspirations. It is a tough decision—honoring your word to the people that elected you or sacrificing your word to move forward in your personal goals. I do not envy Christie his decision.

There is always the option that he can veto the online gambling bill and—hold on now, wait a minute and hear me out—and the Senate and Assembly could vote again, and as long as each group achieves a 2/3 majority vote the veto will be overridden, and New Jersey will have its online gambling bill despite Christie’s veto. But Christie is a Republican and both the Senate and the Assembly are Republican majority; and when it comes to overriding a veto, party members drop down to party blocs which would have the republicans voting against the bill and letting the veto stand to follow their party governor.

Christie has 45 days to sign or veto the bill, and with such a weighty decision it may be the full 45 days before he makes his decision. But there is no doubt that we will be watching to see what happens and what options reveal themselves for New Jersey and online gambling regulation.

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