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MGM Executive Goes “Undercover Boss”

22 March 2011 by admin

I love when bosses step into their employees’ shoes. It allows them to see what it is like to work under their rules. It has been my experience that bosses often forget the places they have come from, that is if money did not stop them from by passing ‘common,’ low or middle class employment.

MGM Resorts International executive Scott Sibella got a test of what it was like to not have his Ferrari and all the accruements that go along with a rich lifestyle, and what it is like to be an ordinary employee. The episode of his time as an ordinary employee in one of his casino resorts on the hit TV show “Undercover Boss” aired this past Sunday. Viewers report that Sibella was a very cooperative guest on the show with no drama or outbursts.

He did however learn that the slow computer at the front desk was in fact a true story and not something made up by his staff or by angry guests.

Sibella also has apparently realized that he does not like the casino hotel’s carpeting. Oh, and he is also not impressed with his employees smoking near the entrance to the casino hotel.

The overall feeling that I got from the show was that rather than taking the experience to learn what it is like to be a regular employee in his casino, Sibella used “Undercover Boss” do to and be exactly what the title of the show suggests—he used it as an opportunity to more or less review what is happening in the places he does not normally look. It seems he did not put aside his status as an MGM executive and try to function as an employee. The show ended with more of a sour feeling of ‘Well, now I know where to scrutinize my employees more closely.’

Kind of a letdown actually. Fans of a the reality TV show like to see the bosses get theirs so to speak, to see them learn that working for them is not the sunshine and roses they always imagine their employees experience.

Okay, I cannot speak all bad of Sibella. While it seems likely that he will be making some changes for his employees, he did have moments in which he was unprepared to be a casino employee. While he might be comfortable as a casino executive and ready to find more ways to take money off of players’ hands, he was seen making apologies to players when taking their money from them. Apparently it is easier to take money when not looking players in the face.

To round out his time on “Undercover Boss,” as an ordinary, day in day out employee Sibella tried his hand as a blackjack dealer, a front desk clerk, a roulette dealer and a customer service representative. He is not a bad person, but he definitely is an executive, always keeping that fact tucked away in his mind, that he would not have to stay on the casino floor and that his time on the floor was only temporary. Oh, and that he would not have to wear that black wig forever either.

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