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Maine to Recount Votes for a Casino

10 November 2010 by admin

Sometimes people just cannot let a matter rest. Sometimes they just cannot admit defeat. Such is the case in Maine with the Oxford Hills No on One group. This is a group that is strongly opposed to Maine allowing the building of a casino in western Maine in the town of Oxford.

I will say that it was a very, very close race. Those for the casino won by less than 5,300 votes which is less than one percent.

There are three groups that are opposed to the casino: CasinosNo! and Citizens Against the Oxford Casino, as well as the aforementioned Oxford Hills No on One. While Citizens Against the Oxford Casino is letting the matter rest, the other two anti-Maine casino groups are fighting the matter, asking for a recount:

“The margin was so close, and so many people worked so hard for so long, we felt obligated to all the supporters to make sure we did in fact lose it at the polls. It seems at that range there is plenty of room for error,” said Scott Vlaun of Oxford Hills No on One.

Last week the question for yay or nay on the casino was number one on the ballot. The casino in question is being proposed by Black Bear Entertainment. They are looking to build a resort that not only includes a casino, but would also include a two hundred room hotel, a spa, convention space and restaurants. As for the contents of the casino itself, it would be a full casino with both table games and slot machines.

Those that are for the casino believe that it will not only bring jobs to the area, but that it will stimulate the local economy and provide up to ten million in revenue from taxes for the state. Those that are against the casino do not believe that it will bring jobs, and that it will only increase crime.

I have to agree with those that are for the casino. Not because I like to play in a casino just as much as the next player, but because it will bring jobs and tax revenue—other states are turning to casinos and table game additions in order to fill in the gaps in their budgets.

What I would like to know is that if the casino in Oxford is not going to bring jobs, which is what those against the casino say, who is going to operate it? Ghosts?

Anyway, in order for the recount to happen at least one hundred signatures have to appear on a petition. Once the petition is turned in, a minimum of one hundred signatures on the petition mused be verified. Oxford Hills No on One turned in the petition before its 5 pm deadline. So now the entirety of last week’s ballots will be brought to Augusta for the recount. And with 556,000 votes, the recount could take up to four weeks.

It is not often that recounts happen in Maine. The last one was in 1995 and pertained to the issue on whether seat belts should be mandatory. In that instance it was approved by less than a one percent margin, and those opposed gave up the recount after less than twelve percent of the total number of ballots were recounted.

See, in some cases it is best to accept defeat in a graceful manner. Demanding a recount in the case of the Maine casino is just not necessary. Are there really people that are that opposed to jobs and revenue for the state?

2 Responses to “Maine to Recount Votes for a Casino”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I am hoping that it will prove to those that do not want a casino that there are people in Maine who do see the benefits of having one.

  2. danielle jacobs says:

    If I were in their shoes, I would also do the same. There’s nothing wrong with suggesting for a recount. Perhaps, it will just serve as a proof.