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Last Chance for Online Gaming Regulation in the United States?

16 November 2010 by admin

The lame duck session is upon us. That means that there are only a couple more weeks in which Barney Frank and the Democrats can try to push through Frank’s bill that would regulate online gambling and make it legal in the United States. I am sure financial institutions would be pleased if online gaming became legal and regulated since the burden of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act lies on their shoulders.

If the Democrats can push a bill for online gambling regulation through in the lame duck session it would be giving the Republicans an eye for an eye. And I do not mean that just because a regulation bill would repeal their precious UIGEA.

Back in 2006, when Republicans had the majority and the control, they pushed through UIGEA on the coat tails of a border protection bill in a lame duck session. In my mind it would quite fitting for the Democrats to push Frank’s bill through in the next two weeks—we call that karma, Republicans!

Unfortunately it may not happen. Not even Frank thinks that he and the Democrats will be successful in overturning UIGEA and setting up regulation for online gambling in the U.S. Shame because the U.S. could use the revenue.

This lame duck session, which opened yesterday, is most likely the last chance for the U.S. to get online gambling regulation. Republicans are set on turning their noses up at online gambling, and once the majority in the houses switch from Democrat to Republican in 2011, it is unlikely that Frank’s bill will see the light of day.

Also unfortunately online gambling regulation and its potential to generate revenue is not high on the list of bills that the Democrats are trying to push through. Many legislatures are focusing on tax cuts and new leadership positions. But if the Democrats and Frank can tack his bill onto a jobs bill it just might be possible for online gambling to be legalized and regulation put in place.

Online gamblers have been following Frank’s bill and they understand that this is essentially their last hope. If the bill is not passed in the lame duck session, they will still have to play in online casinos that are licensed and regulated by other countries, leaving U.S. online gamblers without the backing of  their country. It also funnels money from U. S. citizens out of their own country and into other countries—something I thought Republicans would actually be ruffled about. Seems I was wrong, seems that they do not mind U.S. money leaving the country and going into the coffers of other countries.

For now all we can do is watch to see what the Democrats will do and hope that they find a jobs bill to tack Frank’s bill for online gambling regulation onto. It would be fitting to pass it in such a manner since that was how UIGEA was passed four years ago. While I do not want to say that all hope is gone, it would do for online gamblers to know that the bill might not pass, and we might not see possible online gambling regulation for another four years.

2 Responses to “Last Chance for Online Gaming Regulation in the United States?”

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  2. danielle jacobs says:

    nooo! This can’t be! Let us all wish that the Democrats can do everything they can just to legalize online gambling in U.S.