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Kentucky Supreme Court Wants Online Casino Domain Owners to Come Forward

18 March 2010 by Devon Chappell

Online Gambling Hater Governor Steve Beshear Schmoozin' it up at Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, must have gambled online at an illegitimate online casino, and got taken for a chump’s worth, ’cause he certainly has some one-sided views on the online gambling industry as whole. I think back to the time when Beshear filed a civil suit, which successfully (don’t even ask me how) managed to seize some 141 online gambling domain names on the premise that they were corrupting the youth and stealing money from Kentucky citizens.

Ladies and Gentleman, the esteemed Governor Steven Beshear: “Unlicensed, unregulated, illegal Internet gambling poses a tremendous threat to the citizens of the Commonwealth because of its ease, availability and anonymity…The owners and operators of these illegal sites prey on Kentucky citizens, including our youth, and deprive the Commonwealth of millions of dollars in revenue.  It’s an underworld wrought with scams and schemes.”

stevebeshearkentuckyderby01I especially love when Beshear says “unlicensed, unregulated, illegal”. Uh ya Steve, that is why some people think it better to regulate. If we regulated, like they do across the pond, well then, you wouldn’t have online casinos corrupting your precious children and stealing money from your constituents – because, let’s face it – you do that already! Lets not even talk about your loyalty to the horse betting industry. What’s that you say? It’s much better for the kids to wager on wild animals pumped up with performance enhancing drugs? But of course it is.

Anyhow, before I go on (because believe me, I can), allow me to make a long story short and say that the Kentucky debacle is far from over. Following the aforementioned domain seizure, the online gambling industry – led by the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) – has been fighting to get the domain names back. Now waist deep in a court battle at the level of the Kentucky Supreme Court, iMEGA was told it had NO standing in representing the owners of the seized domain names, i.e., the online casino operators, and that these individuals must come forward in order for the appeal to go forward.

Personally (simply because it’s me writing this), I can see where the Supreme Court is coming from. And quite honestly, Governor Beshear isn’t totally incorrect in saying that there are some underworld folks doing business in the online gambling industry – thriving more so because of unregulated markets like the U.S. However, I can also see it a little unrealistic to bring in 100+ domain name owners into a courtroom for an appeal’s process. So, as much as I would like to see iMEGA win this one, unless more people step up in the name of “internet freedom”, Beshear is probably going to be laughing all the way to the Kentucky Derby.

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