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Israeli Shakedown: Checking the Facts Before Opening an Account at an Online Casino

26 December 2009 by Devon Chappell
Always do the Research before joining an online casino - Photo by Gerlos

Always do the Research before joinging an online casino - Photo by Gerlos

In light of the recent news about an online gambling shakedown involving the arrests of two Israeli men who were operating an illegal online casino and sports betting website, Internet1x2, it goes to show that it’s not always enough simply to trust the word of a betting site operator or a portal affiliate website for that matter. In other words, just because an online casino says on their website that licensing credentials are held in such-and-such jurisdiction, don’t believe it until you see it.

It still isn’t known whether Idan and Shai Raviv, aka the Raviv brothers, do indeed hold an online betting license with the Belize government, which the two men were on record stating shortly following their recent arrest for taking bets from Israeli citizens. Although Israeli law allows residents of Israel to operate online gambling websites, it explicitly prohibits said sites to advertise in Israel nor to take wagers from Israeli citizens. The Raviv brothers apparently were indeed taking bets from their fellow citizens, thus prompting their arrests.

Notwithstanding the fact that Internet1x2 was said to have been very slow delivering payouts, and that not much is even known about parent company, Net Games Inc., the operation was pulling in a fair amount of business. Of course, that is no longer happening, and as far as the funds in active player accounts is concerned, there is no telling what will become of it. Much of that will depend on whether or not the Raviv brothers online gambling business is registered in Belize.

At this stage, however, things are not looking very promising. According to Lincoln Blake, who represents the Belize Ministry of Economic Development, there are no filing records showing that Internet1x2 and Net Games Inc. even existed. Blake went on to say that, “The Government of Belize recently discovered that several online gaming websites are claiming to have licenses in Belize. We want to advise the Internet community and the general public that there are only two with license to operate from Belize (Fulton Data Processing and Sports Offshore Limited).”

If that is true, the Raviv’s could very likely have been running non-transparent, unmonitored online gambling operations all these years – cheating players all the while. As mentioned earlier, this truly goes to show that players must take responsibility to ensure an online casino or any betting website for that matter is on the up-and-up. That doesn’t mean taking the casino’s word for it. Heck, that doesn’t mean taking Online Casino Suite’s word for it. While independent review sites such as OCS serve as a great starting point in narrowing down the search for an online casino to open an account with- not to mention the fact that OCS does indeed verify all information and credentials before we post it in our online casino reviews – it is still up to the person opening the account to verify this information for themselves.

Until you have verified for yourself that the information shared here at OCS is fully reliable, do the legwork necessary to validate facts for yourself and separate truth from fiction. We are confident you will come back to be guided by our “word” in the future and will have gained the knowledge necessary to know what online casinos will serve you best.

2 Responses to “Israeli Shakedown: Checking the Facts Before Opening an Account at an Online Casino”

  1. Devon says:

    Errrr…..and what casino would that be?

  2. Tom Scott says:

    Is this casino a legitimate casino to gamble on? Thanks!