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Is the Luck of the Irish Real?

14 March 2011 by admin

The Luck of the Irish. Think Leprechauns and rainbows and four leaf clovers and, best of all, pots of gold. I think it is that last one that is in the minds of gamblers when they think of Luck of the Irish: a nice big pot of gold. Or at least a metaphorical pot of gold. I doubt that online casinos and brick and mortar casinos are handing out cast iron cauldrons with a bunch of gold coins in them.

Naturally considering that the phrase is ‘Luck of the Irish,’ most seem to think that the Irish are the luckiest when it comes to casino games and sports betting. They just have some lucky thing in their genes.

Well, let me tell you, as someone who is half Irish in her heritage, I can say personally that the Luck of the Irish is iffy at best and not there most of the time. But do not take my word for it.

Ladbrokes, in well known bookmaker, actually made a study, a survey if you will, of Irish sports betters as compared to British sports betters, and the results just might surprise you.

The study surveyed 56,246 punters. ‘Punter,’ for our non-British readers, is a British term for a person who gambles. More specifically a gambling person who places their wagers against the bookmaker. Of those punters, 5,902 British punters won more than 40% of the time they made wagers. Now compare that to the 3,471 Irish punters who won more than 40% of the time. So it would appear that the Brits will win more often.

But do not throw your lot in with the British and the dispelling of the popular gambling myth just yet. The British only win more often. We have not yet talked about the amount of money won. Overall the Irish win an average of £40.16 more than the British. The puts the Irish as winning 167% more than what the average British punter wins.

So on one hand we have the British who win more often, but on the other hand we have the Irish who win more money than the British. David Williams of Ladbrokes said, “The results of the survey are staggering and have exposed as a myth one of the most widely- accepted sayings in betting history.” Personally, I think he just does not like the Irish too much. After all if the survey is correct Ladbrokes would be paying on average 167% more to their Irish punters than to their British punters despite the British winning more often. And if you were the bookmaker you would be rooting for the group that you pay less money to.

From my stand point I think the myth of the Luck of the Irish is a fun thing to think about it. Neither group really pulled ahead of the other. The British may win more often, but the Irish win more money. So take your pick of which side you want to go with. It is obvious that Williams is rooting for the Brits.

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