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Is Online Gambling Legalization on the Horizon in North Carolina?

25 December 2009 by Devon Chappell
Internet Cafes in North Carolina permitted to offer remote slots and video poker wagering

Internet Cafes in North Carolina permitted to offer remote slots and video poker wagering

Don’t get too excited just yet all you U.S. citizens and residents of North Carolina. While you might have read headlines that online gambling is legal in North Carolina, it’s not quite that simple. But then again, maybe it is. It’s just not as liberalized as you might think.

According to multiple local news sources, a North Carolina Judge has ruled that gambling parlors, which some reports refer to as internet cafes and sweepstakes parlors, should be exempt from current regulatory law, i.e., prosecution and raids by State Police for allowing gambling outside of tribal reservations.

Is Online Gambling Legal in North Carolina

In reality, the referred gambling activity taking place is not actually “online gambling” per say, anyways. It hasn’t been specified exactly how people are gambling, other than it being via wagers on video poker machines and slots. This could mean via computers and/or machines, which are essentially one and the same anyhow. The one exception for the allowance to even do so is that instead of awarding cash prizes, thes “internet cafes” are only permitted to offer merchandise and non-cash prizes, such as free computer time and phone cards.

The current law in North Carolina only permits tribal casinos to offer gambling – and no remote gambling at that. Tribal casinos tried to do so in the past, and even that was struck down in court. Considering that laws regarding online gambling are grey to begin with, the recent ruling allowing the video poker and slots gaming to continue is being labeled as a temporary solution until laws become more definitive.

Whether that means the current law becomes less or more liberalized is anybody’s guess. If anything, it’s reassuring for North Carolina residents who like to gamble at online casinos that they can continue their wagering activity somewhat unchecked, as authorities are certainly more inclined to look the other way and hold off on taking any steps so severe as certain State’s, such as Louisiana and Kentucky, who have directly gone after online casino operators in the recent past.

In the meantime, the fact that remote wagering is even taking place within North Carolina state borders provides a glimmer of hope for online gambling activists working hard to get the UIGEA bill overturned and some form of federal regulation passed to legalize internet betting and provide protection for North Carolina residents currently wagering at offshore online casinos.

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