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Interview With Jackpots Heaven Casino: Response to Allegations

27 February 2010 by Devon Chappell

Near the end of last month, OCS reported on a Casino Meister forum thread involving Jackpots Heaven Casino. To make a long story short, a handful of regular gumshoe players and affiliates on the forum uncovered some discrepancies that prompted many gaming affiliates to question the credentials of Jackpots Heaven Casino – So much so in fact, Jackpots Heaven Casino was placed on many an online casino portal blacklist. For more details about the “shot heard round the world”, read “Jackpots Heaven Casino Under the Knife at Casino Meister Forum“.

Here at OCS, we too were wondering about the legitimacy of Jackpots Heaven. And so after being contacted by a representative of the casino, we thought it only fair to give Jackpots Heaven a chance to defend itself in light of recent allegations.

DISCLAIMER: Let it be known that, by no means, does Online Casino Suite endorse Jackpots Heaven Casino. In fact, this casino falls short of our listing requirements. Nonetheless, it is only fair to give them an opportunity to answer some important questions (questions, which all you players out there should be asking every online casino by the way 🙂 ) and then let the online gambling community and anybody reading this to decide for themselves regarding the legitimacy of Jackpots Heaven Casino. We thank Mr. Andrew Fenech for taking the time to candidly answer these questions.

1) Can you please explain the cloaked dns server leading to Panama?

A) When you are licensed in Costa Rica, there is no legal requirement to be hosted in that same country. That means we are free to choose where we host, as long as hosting a gaming server is not separately licensed or unlawful. It is perfectly lawful for a Costa Rican casino to host its servers in Panama without additional licensing.

2) The association with Casino Riva. If this was a third party person who lifted content from the Casino Riva  website, who is this person and how did you come about being associated with this person?

A) There has never been any association whatsoever between Jackpots Heaven and Casino Riva. Since 2007, we have hired many freelancers from all around the world to create content for some of our pages, as well as translate them into nine other languages, design our banners, our promotional e-mail templates and much more. We even hired a free-lancer to prepare our Terms and Services pages, and our security pages. We unfortunately failed to find that the TOS & security pages delivered were copied from another online casino. We sincerely regret that mistake on our part.  Since this was discovered, we took the appropriate action and hired counsel to rewrite and replace those two pages with the correct information. We find our freelancers using a well-known and respected global contract professional’s website that matches jobs to people, most of whom are established professionals. Sometimes though, less-than-ethical providers appear sincere yet fail to deliver unique work.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone and remind all that Jackpots Heaven is not now, nor has ever been, affiliated in any way that casino. We understand how this unfortunate mistake on our part has caused some confusion and trepidation, and sincerely regret our error.

3) The alleged trademark infringement of Microgaming/Playtech software. We have personally seen the graphics and have to admit these allegations appear legitimate.

A) Only one of the games mentioned on this forum and others ever existed at on the Jackpots Heaven casino. Please note the header of the screen shots published on those forums show a different source than Jackpots Heaven. However, there is one slots game which we admit its similarity named as “Caesars Magical Empire”.  We are unsure as to the source or ownership of this graphic. And while the underlying game is not an issue, until this issue can be resolved, we have disabled this game and its related icon will be removed from the slots lobby shortly.  The game itself will probably be replaced.

4) Do you have any third party RNG accreditations of your software, and can you provide documentation?

A) Even though other casinos using nearly identical systems to ours have been certified, we don’t hold any third-party RNG accreditation at this time. RNG certifiers are reluctant to work with Costa Rican casinos due to economic pressure from their larger, more profitable clients.  We invite inquires from any recognized RNB certifiers to offer us its services at market rate, not three or four times what other online casinos in different countries pay.  The lack of RNG should not, however, on its own, be reason enough to blacklist a casino and label them as a rouge site with the intent of closing them down.  That is simply unfair, anti-competitive, strong-arm practices.

5) Can you provide documentation that you hold a permit in Costa Rica?

A) Yes. Please find the Certificate of Incorporation of our company translated in English by a local notary in Costa Rica. It clearly states our company is authorized “to undertake and execute betting activities and online entertainment.”   The legal definition of a government issued license is “permission from the government to engage in some activity that doing so without the license would be unlawful.”  Under Costa Rican law, this certificate constitutes our license to engage in online casino operations.  All Costa Rican casinos operate under this same general kind of license. There is no other.

We appreciate that our oversights and mistakes – such as wholesale copying of another site’s content by a contractor – lead to understandable but ultimately incorrect conclusions.  Once made aware of these mistakes on our part, we have made quick and thorough corrections.  But nothing we did merited the ill founded conclusion that we are a rogue, unlicensed gaming site.  We absolutely deny any claim that Jackpots Heaven is anything other than a legitimate, licensed gaming site.  We have had great relations with our ever increasing affiliate sites and regret if any of them have been subject to either this misinformation campaign perpetrated by unnamed persons who have a direct interest damaging our reputation and shutting us down.

We have made claims of pursuing certain legal rights to those websites who have failed to respond favorably to our request to remove defamatory materials from the servers.  We remind all that republishing the unsubstantiated claims of others makes them republishers and just as liable for damages – just as if they were the first publishers. Publishers and forums owners should check with their attorneys before copying and republishing materials from other forums as facts in all situations, not just this one.

Goodwill is a measurable and valuable asset, as it’s our reputations and where it is being damaged, whether intentionally or not, we must protect our good name.  Until now, we have been a well respected site with a growing network of affiliates.  We hope to regain everyone’s trust over the next few months as we go beyond what others do to ensure a safe, secure and private gaming experience.

We understand some of the information above may have lead to wrong conclusions but plenty of other irrelevant publications have been published on forums which have been then copied as facts on dozen of other websites which we can’t tolerate. Please note that legal actions regard websites which have not replied to our emails and never wanted to include our comments which would have been the fairest decision for everyone.

We regret that we felt the need to use our legal rights to gain the attention of forum owners and website publishers.  We seek only positive relationships going forward.

6) Where is your principal place of business located and can you provide documentation that supports this?

A) Jackpots Heaven as an online business is operated by our partners, associates, service providers, consultants, support staff  and others employees located all over the world, most working from their residences. Corporate records are physically maintained and located where they are required to be by law.  Our lawyers in Costa Rica, who are authorized to receive service of process, have our physical addresses. These measures are designed for our personal security.  Many in our industry must be vigilant against those who would do us harm for whatever reasons.  This is also the practice of brick-and-mortar casino executives, except they also have armed security, 24/7. Online casino executives and employees only have our privacy which we jealously guard. We hope you understand.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Andrew Fenech
Public Relations

3 Responses to “Interview With Jackpots Heaven Casino: Response to Allegations”

  1. Lic Giovanna Barrantes says:

    Costa Rica does not issue casino licenses to online gaming companies. You would receive a data processing. Most comapnies process there merchant services outside of Costa Rica.

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  3. Steve J says:

    So apparently Costa Rica does not hand out license certificates. Is that what he is saying? And is that true? If so, what is Costa Rica even doing, and how can they even be taken seriously?