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Internet Gaming Is Safer Than a Disney Vacation

16 November 2010 by admin

Some people don’t like gambling, which is fine. We all have our opinions. The main reason people give for being against gambling, though, is that it causes people to blow all of their money, lose their life savings, and go from owning a nice house and car to living under a bridge. While that certainly has happened to people, the truth is that wise money management can make online gambling no riskier than taking a trip to a theme park.


It’s all about money management. Playing casino games costs money, just like going to the movie theater, riding roller coasters or seeing a rock concert. The only difference is that the exact amount you spend is uncertain. The movie ticket and concert admission price is established ahead of time, but there is no entry fee for a casino. Instead, you wager on the games and if you lose, that money is gone, but if you win then you get money back. It is that uncertainty that leads to poor money management. People think that because the outcome of the wagers is uncertain, there is no way to plan how much you’re going to spend at the casino, but that is not the case.

snow-white-costumeLike any other activity that costs money, you should create a budget for playing at a casino online. If you are going to Disney World, you make sure you have enough money to cover admission, drinks and food. Those are expenses that you anticipate. However, at the end of every ride, you end up in a gift shop. If you don’t have the willpower to avoid spending all of your money in the gift shop, those Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and princess costumes could end up eating through your life savings, resulting in you living out of a cardboard box under a causeway. On the other hand, you could decide ahead of time how much money, if any, you are willing to spend on gifts. If you budget ahead of time, you should never spend more money at the theme park than you can afford to spend. The same principle should be applied to casino gambling.

money-managementBefore you ever enter a brick and mortar casino or log onto an online casino, you should decide exactly how much money you want to spend. Don’t think about winning money. Consider how much money you can handle losing. Think of it like the price of a Disney ticket. Then set aside that amount of money. If you’re playing online, deposit exactly that amount. Then place wagers using that money. Do not spend any more money regardless of the outcome. Don’t try to ride a hot streak or make up for a losing streak by depositing and playing more money. Stick to the predetermined amount and only play with that. That way, at worst you will lose the amount you had already been prepared to spend on your entertainment. At best, you will win lots of money. In either case, there will be no need to search for a good cardboard box.

Yes, I realize that there are people who feel a compulsion to gamble more and more money. Just like people who feel a compulsion to wash their hands repeatedly or hoard items, I suggest that those people seek professional help for their compulsion. I recommend that someone with that problem not play casino games at all. For everyone else, though, gambling online is no more dangerous than visiting the Happiest Place on Earth to watch shows and ride It’s a Small World. In fact, I would say it’s less dangerous, because there is no chance that a trip to Disney will earn you money.

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