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Illegal Gambling Operations in Malaysia and Russia

1 April 2011 by admin

This is why we the industry needs to be regulated. When you have an activity like online gambling that people want to do, trying to stop them only increases crime. Sure, there is going to be some crime involved with online gambling, but there is more when it is illegal as opposed to when it is regulated.

Such is the cause in Malaysia and Russia.

Online gambling and online casinos are illegal in Malaysia. Yet police raided and seized illegal gambling equipment from what they are calling mini casinos this week. These mini casinos are similar to the gambling operations that were also raided by police in California earlier this week as well. Both the Malaysian and Californian operations were using small console-like machines which had the ability to be operated as a gambling machine with online games such as online poker, blackjack and slots. And both operations had the ability to flip a switch to change the servers in order for the gaming machines to appear as though they were offering normal games.

In Malaysia senior police official Azman Isa told about the raids in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in which sixty five gaming machines were seized and five people were arrested while another six were detained for questioning.

Then there is the online casino in Russia. Again, online gambling is illegal in Russia, but like in Malaysia, operators will set up shop and operate anyway. But this one was a lot bigger than the Californian or Malaysian raids. The online casino in Russia was not only operating illegally but it was also serving as a means for its operators to launder money. For the last ten years. According to a spokesperson from the Russian Ministry of the Interior, Larisa Zhukova, the online casino was pulling in around 200,00 roubles ($7,000 USD) a day. And while the Malaysian and Californian operations were on a smaller scale, the Russian online casino operates 470 online games.

In a raid on the Russian online casino’s operating facilities, an unspecified amount of computer and gambling equipment was seized along with 27 million in roubles ($1 million USD).

And this is where I saw that this is an example as to why online gambling should be legalized in the US. When it is illegal, people will find a way to do it and make a profit from it. If online gambling was legalized then the government could tax it and pull in money rather than spending money on investigations and raids.

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