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How Problem Gamblers May be Less at Risk Online than in a Land Casino

16 August 2011 by admin

Problem gambling is at the heart of any online casino debate. Already these individuals are suffering and no one wants to put them in the position to suffer more. Unfortunately they are often used as pawns in the online gambling debates to try to keep a country’s market unregulated. The idea is that if it is illegal no one will do it. A bit naïve but then perhaps there is some truth to it. But what some politicians may not be aware of is that problem gamblers may be safer in an online casino than in a land casino.

We here at have been following the movements and debates around the world as countries try to establish regulated online gambling and online casinos. Of course keeping tabs on what is happening in Australia has out attention to. And it is from Australia that a strong argument that is pro-online gambling in relation to problem gamblers was made.

Cormac Barry, who is the Chief Executive of Betfair, was the one to make the argument. He said that with third party verification and analytics software it would be more possible to curb problem gambling online and off.

Problem gamblers will sometimes try to register at multiple online casinos. The idea is to have multiple accounts which would then allow them to wager more than their limit at a single online casino. Another method is to open a new account at an online casino they already play at but still register with the same address and phone number, merely using a different email address. Online casinos can use third party verification and analytics software to find similarities between accounts. Finding these similarities can lead fraud teams to problem gamblers to help them from over-gambling.

What makes this so strong for online gambling is that online casinos can use third party verification and analytics software to help find problem gamblers. Land casinos do not have that luxury. There is nothing to stop a problem gambler from leaving one casino and traveling to another. This is one argument, but it is a strong argument that is in favor of online gambling.

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