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Gold Rush Showdown: New Slot at Virgin Casino

6 December 2010 by admin

virgin-casinoThe average consumer wants to be bombarded with new stuff. If it’s new, it’s better. It’s why car companies release a new model each year (and why they change the look just enough for people to recognize that it’s new). It’s why fashion shows and clothing stores show off all of the new styles. It’s also why the best online casinos constantly update their suite of casino games, particularly slots. People get sick of the same thing over and over, even if it’s a game you love. A new casino game is novel simply because you haven’t played it before.

With that in mind, Virgin Casino has a few brand new online slots available on their website, with Gold Rush Showdown leading the way. The best online slots have a universally recognized theme, are quirky and are mildly offensive. Gold Rush Showdown has all of that.

GoldRushShowdown_slotGold Rush Showdown is set in the American Old West, when the motto of the era was “go west, young man.” Explorers went west in search of riches, mostly gold. This cartoonish online slot is complete with western boomtowns with saloons, wagons and tumbleweeds. True to most online slots, its characters are stereotypes, including an old pickaxe-wielding cowboy with a long gray beard.

Gold Rush Showdown is a 5-reel online slot that allows you to play up to 20 paylines. As with all slots, the more lines you put in play, the more money you win if you spin winning combinations. However, you also risk more money that will be lost on losing spins.

There are a number of bonus features available with this online slot. One is the gamble feature, which is either good or bad, depending on the result. You can turn the gamble feature on or off, but when on, you have the opportunity to bet the money you make on a winning spin for a chance to double or quadruple it. The gamble game is a card game where you have to guess what card will be drawn. You can either guess color (red or black) or suit (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds).

In addition to the gamble feature, the Gold Rush Showdown slot also has three different bonus games. One is the Showdown Bonus game, which is triggered by the cowboy symbol appearing on the left reel while the bandit appears on the right. In this bonus game, you walk into town and are confronted by a group of armed bandits. You then shoot as many bandits as you can, earning points for each.

Another bonus game is the Gold Prospector Bonus game. That bonus is unlocked by receiving from 3-5 gold prospector symbols on the reels. In this bonus game, you are shown a map and have to pick where the gold prospectors should start digging. If the spot you pick has any gold, you win prizes. If there is no gold, you get nothing.

The third bonus game is the Gunfight Bonus game. Instead of a second-screen bonus, this bonus game is not interactive and appears within the reels. If you get a cowboy on the left reel and a bandit on the right reel, the two will have a shootout. If the bandit is shot, you earn prizes.

I could lament the way Hollywood, fiction and online slots perpetuate the myth that the Old West was a violent time marked by constant shootouts (in truth, it was a very peaceful period). However, taking the game too seriously would be a mistake. Characters in online slots are made from caricatures for a reason: the game is for fun and entertainment, not for accuracy. They should not be taken seriously.

To play the Gold Rush Showdown slot, visit Virgin Casino.

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