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Gambling Online Can Protect You from NBA Players

6 January 2011 by admin

As has been discussed on this blog before, there are many advantages to gambling online rather than face to face in the real world. It tends to be cheaper, it’s more convenient, and there are fewer distractions, to name a few advantages.

There is one advantage, however, that only struck me today: Gambling online can protect you from NBA players. Though the National Basketball Association is trying hard to repair its image, the fact remains that a lot of NBA players have too much money and love to throw it around. When they do throw their money around, though, it tends to lead to problems.

Sometimes it comes in the form of shootings or brawls at strip clubs. Sometimes it involves altercations or crimes committed at casinos. Thanks to the problems of Antoine Walker, among others, the NBA is putting a spotlight on the gambling activities of its players and the result has been ugly at times.

oj_mayo_300_20080711The most recent incident involves the Memphis Grizzlies, where Coach Lionel Hollins has banned gambling on their team flights after a fight between O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen. Mayo, the USC alum who has a history of assault, drug possession, and violating NCAA rules by accepting pay from an agent, apparently got upset with Allen when he was asked to repay a gambling debt. The argument then became violent and the two had to be separated by teammates.

If that sounds familiar, it may remind you of the incident in late 2009 when then-Wizards players Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton had a locker room argument in which Arenas allegedly either pulled a gun on Crittenton or simply showed him a gun, depending on which version of the story you believe. Arenas says the gunplay was a joke, which explains why he plays basketball for a living rather than doing the stand-up comedy circuit. A joke or not, the altercation, which in one way or another involved a gun, was the result of Crittenton trying to get Arenas to pay off his gambling debt.

These are all recent developments, but NBA history is riddled with this kind of thing, such as Jerry Stackhouse hitting Christian Laettner over a gambling debt, Tyrone Hill taking a basketball to the face from Charles Oakley, and Vernon Maxwell hitting Carl Herrera with a weight plate.

The truth is that the NBA is full of hot-heads who love to play high-stakes poker games, but don’t like to pay up when they lose. When owed money or when pestered about owing it, violence erupts. The only way to remain safe from this epidemic is to gamble online. After all, when you play online you can remain anonymous, so even if you do happen to be playing against the likes of Ron Artest, he won’t be able to find you after the game.

In all seriousness, though your average person is unlikely to play poker against an NBA player anyway (if you do have the chance, though, I advise against it), the anonymity of playing poker online can be reassuring. For one thing, you know that the losers will pay. After all, they have to deposit the money before playing. For the winners, the funds are automatically deposited to their account. For the losers, it’s automatically withdrawn. It’s easy, controversy-free and very unlikely to end with you getting hit with a weight plate. Sounds good to me.

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