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Gambling Forum’s Raising the Standard for the Internet Betting Industry at Large

14 October 2010 by Devon Chappell

funnythingforumsWhen I think of the word “forum”, the first thing that comes to my mind is “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. If you haven’t read the play (or seen the movie…Mel Brooks at his best), let’s just say that hilarity ensues in Rome. The actual origins of the word forum do indeed date back to Roman times. Modeled after a town square or public plaza, forums were gathering places where important ideas, topics, government issues – what have you – were discussed, helping shape new governing policies based on majority rule. In a way, you could say that forums represent politics at its best.

These days, forums are mainly associated with the virtual world. They are places online where people frequent to ask questions about a particular topic or speciality, answer questions in return, and for some folks, to meet other link-minded people, socialize and forge relationships. In many respects, online forums still serve their original purpose during Roman times.

In the world of online gambling, forums especially play a major role, and at times, are instrumental in helping shape policies and codes of conduct for the benefit of the masses. I probably need not remind you that the internet betting industry is vastly under-regulated in some areas of the world, which lends itself to having an air of the Wild Wild West. Depending on where an online casino is regulated and what the laws of a player’s jurisdiction are, regulations protecting players can range from virtually nothing to having a top-notch insurance policy, if you will.

This is where the “power” of becoming a forum member has it’s benefits. Longtime betting forums like that of Casino Meister and more recent one’s like Online Casino Suite’s very own gambling forum, have not only helped players get paid their rightful winnings, they have upped the level of operator transparency and responsible gaming standards. Like I said, it’s politics at its best. When enough people are making themselves heard about how they were treated at such and such online casinos, the owners of these establishment are bound to hear about it.

The casino operator will then either make things right (thereby improving their reputation) or choose to ignore complaints and eventually fall off the radar with bettors. It’s happened time and again. Any online casino operator who thinks otherwise – that they can get away with not paying players or providing horrible customer service while not experiencing a loss in business or even going out of business, has another thing coming.

A less extreme example, forums help to raise the bar in customer service relations and overall standards of responsible conduct. There are just way too many online casinos vying for business, that one little slip up is all it takes to for the savvy online bettor to say, “you don’t deserve my business”, and indeed, to take their business elsewhere! And when this player shares their experience on an online gambling forum, other players are bound to get wind and take the lead of this other player – especially when it’s a more experienced and respected forum member.

Lastly, internet gambling forums are a great place to get information on certain online casino games, insider tips on playing such games, being the first to hear about news and updates, not to mention special perks like exclusive casino promotions. If and when you’ve been around long enough to offer some advice of your own, you can make your own contribution to help others and experience camaraderie with your fellow bettors.

So let your voices be heard, players! Sign up and participate at the OCS Gambling Forum today!

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