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Free Casino Bonus Money Red Tape Part IV – More on Play Restrictions

15 March 2010 by Devon Chappell
Always read the red tape before claiming a bonus at an online casino

Always read the red tape before claiming a bonus at an online casino

Continuing with our highly informative, yet (admittedly) oh-so-boring blog series on casino bonus money red tape, let’s go over a few specifics not mentioned in the previous article covering the wager requirement and play-through restrictions. In our last post, we briefly went over how the play-through governs casino bonuses, including the transfer of bonus money into actual winnings that can be withdrawn without any red-tape complications.

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with free casino cash knows that certain games do not count toward meeting the play-through, and of those that do, not all of the games do so in the same amount. Very quickly (so as not to bore the more experienced players reading this), a common bonus will allow 100% of wagers made on slots, keno and basically any other casino game with a higher-than-average House Edge to meet the play-through.

However, this same bonus may not allow wagers on the Gamble Feature of a slot machine to go toward the play-through. It may not even permit wagers made in tournament play. How do you know if it does or doesn’t? Read the full terms and conditions of the bonus. Heck, you need to read both the bonus T&C’s and General T&C’s, for online casinos will often slip a bonus term in the general section!

As for the casino games that only count toward part of the play-through, they simply require more wager-for-wager. In other words, a game that counts 1/20 or 5% toward the play through, only $0.05 of every $1 wagered would be applied to the play-through. Compared to a slots wager counting 100%, you would need to make 20 more bets on said game to achieve the same amount of play-through.

Most players understand and accept this condition in bonus play. However, many new players don’t realize that the act of placing wagers on restricted games can actually jeopardize your bonus winnings come withdrawal time. If there are games that absolutely do not contribute to the play-through, it is each players responsibility to NOT wager on these games while still playing with bonus money or winnings earned off of bonus money. Doing so is grounds for a rejected withdrawal. If you accidentally make a wager at a restricted game, immediately contact customer service and inform them of your error. They are likely to forgive the infraction, rather than waiting until withdrawal time when it is determined that restricted games were played. Again, all of this will be listed in the bonus T&C’s.

Another thing worth mentioning is that while certain bonuses impose game restrictions as part of their bonus red tap, some online casinos impose “mode of play” restrictions as well. I am specifically referring to tournament action. In many ways, it’s kind of a Catch-22. For example, online casinos love to award large Slots welcome bonuses. Some will even throw in free entry’s to slots tournaments. The catch is that the slots bonus play-through does not apply to wagers made in tournament mode. The good news is that, unlike restricted casino games, playing in tournaments is not deemed an infraction, and although not counting toward the play-through, is not grounds for a rejected withdrawal when the play-through is eventually met playing slots in standard betting mode.

Again, it’s all in the terms! Knowing what the bonus red tape requirements are ahead of time will let you know if that bonus is really worth claiming or not. Knowing what games you want to play ahead of time as well will help you even more in the decision making process.

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