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Former Poker Professional Sentenced for Parents Murder

31 May 2011 by admin

Problem gambling is not unheard of. We all hear stories from time to time of someone who made a desperate attempt to find more money to gamble with. Sometimes jokes are cracked about those who have an issue gambling, or that gambling can even be a problem. But problem gambling does exist, and regardless of whether you enjoy online gambling or playing in a land casino, you always have to be aware of your playing; you do not want to end up feeling desperate.

And desperate is exactly what has led former professional poker player Ernest Scherer III to spending the rest of his life behind bars. And life behind bars is exactly what Scherer was sentenced with for the murder of his parents.

The murder happened in 2008 in California and has become one of the most notorious murders to have happened in California, perhaps because it was done out of desperation which resulted from a gambling addiction. His career as a poker professional was on the decline with no signs of making a rebound and he needed money to try to keep on playing. Finally he had gone to his parents in hopes that they would give him money to continue playing the poker circuit with. Either unimpressed with their son’s aspirations in life or in an effort to try to prevent him from sliding further down the slope of problem gambling, his parents denied him.

This is when desperation turned ugly. After being denied, Scherer stabbed and beat them to death with a baseball bat. It is believed he had hopes of receiving the $1 million inheritance that would come to him at the time of their death. Scherer never got the $1 million. While investigators could not find hard evidence that linked him directly to the murder of his parents, there was enough evidence, such as CCTV footage of Scherer’s car in the vicinity of his parents’ home on the night of their murder, to go to trial were jurors found him guilty of the murder of his parents. Next came Scherer’s life behind bars sentence, ensuring that he never has to worry about finding money for poker again.

While the majority of problem gamblers never reach this level of desperation, this serves as a cautionary story of why all gamblers, regardless of whether they are online poker, online blackjack or land casino card players or slot machine players, should always be mindful of their gambling habits. At the first sign of an addiction help should be sought.

One Response to “Former Poker Professional Sentenced for Parents Murder”

  1. GamblerSeven says:

    Problem Gambling, Problem Addiction is a major problem of the community nowadays, but it can always be cured. The victim (gambler himself) should be aware of this and be opened to himself that he has a problem when it come to problem, that way, healing can be done easier. I feel sorry for Scherer, not because he was sentenced to jail but because he doesn’t had the power to control himself and be cured. I hope his parents are okay now wherever they may be.