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Exercising Your Power as a Bettor: Keeping Track of Your Payout Return

11 October 2010 by Devon Chappell

We talk a lot about payouts here at Online Casino Suite. Whether referring to the processing of a withdrawal, aka payout, or an online casino’s payout percentage, it all basically means the same thing – Getting paid money. That’s what we all want, is it not? That’s why people gamble, right? Sure, there’s the entertainment part – which if none of us were after, we’d simply be studying the latest market trends and daytrading.

We wouldn’t gamble at online casinos for real money, if we knew there was no chance of getting paid. Nor would we pick one casino over another, knowing the one opted for offered a lesser chance of getting paid, or at least a lower payout return. And yet, there are people still out there falling prey to lackluster internet betting destinations, whether it be due to a “too good to be true” free cash bonus offer, a random postcard in the mail, or desperation just to get one’s betting fix.

In the U.S. the latter especially applies, for there are simply less online casinos doing business with USA bettors. In other words, the ratio of good to bad online casinos has drastically changed over the years. In many respects, it’s the manifestation of the black market, which is exactly what happened when prohibition was passed in the twenties. But we all know that didn’t last too long, and nor will the UIGEA. But that’s for another post, another time.

Getting back to payouts, if you are a U.S. online gambler – and a newb to internet betting, at that – it’s vitally important to stay abreast of your own payout rate. Not just a general monthly payout for all the casino games on the entire software platform, I am referring to the amount of return you are getting on your deposits. Better yet, the amount of return you are getting for each game you play.

Anything less than 100% (the amount wagered versus the amount won) would mean that you are losing money, and anything over 100% would mean you are in the green. Granted, 100% should not be the marker for determining whether or not you should keep playing at an online casino. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And sometimes you go on streaks in either and both directions. Get the picture? However, if your payout is unreasonably low, like say in the eighties, you may want to reconsider playing at this online casino. Of course, if all you play is slots and keno, you shouldn’t be surprised by a payout like this. However, if you are playing video poker and blackjack with perfect strategy, well then, that’s a different story.

My point being is that by keeping track of your payout, you are exercising some of the power that is your right as a bettor. Of course, you could keep track and do the math yourself. However, any good online casinos (or rather, a casino that has nothing to hide) will gladly provide a printout of your individual payout return. If the casino refuses, or more likely, plays dumb, they could very well be fluxing the odds on you, so to speak, and are just trying to buy more time for you to keep making sucker bets. This has happened to players before (namely, high rollers), and is testament to the fact that unscrupulous online casino operators are out there, and can alter your payout if so desired.

So, if you simply cannot get a deposit to go through at a tightly regulated casino and are willing to settle for a riskier option, i.e. an under-regulated casino, make it a habit of tracking your ongoing payout return.

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