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Euro Online Gambling Prepares for Take-off

4 March 2012 by Devon Chappell

Lingerie clad stewardesses and online gambling for charity?

Lingerie clad stewardesses and online gambling for charity?

If you are at all like me, you will go to great lengths to pass the time when flying on an airplane.  I will jam every piece of electronic gadgetry I own into the pockets of my laptop case with the hope that somehow I can keep myself entertained until the plane lands.  At times I think I may even spend more time preparing for a flight by downloading all kinds of goodies to my iPad, than the actual length of the flight itself.  It’s a compulsion to be sure – but I think Ryanair may be on to a cure.

The low budget airline from Ireland has announced that it recently inked a deal with online casino giant 888 to bring online gambling to the skies.  Now, unfortunately for those of us who would love nothing more than to sip a cocktail while testing our luck at 30,000 feet – this deal doesn’t mean that euro online gambling will be offered in flights right away.  When that actually happens will have a great deal to do with where regulators come down on the issue of in-flight gambling.  But the deal certainly means things are heading in the right direction.

In the meantime, evidence of this partnership will first be available on the Ryanair website.  In the near future customers who visit the site will have the entire line up of 888 casino games at their disposal.  It won’t even be necessary that you book a flight to take part in the fun.  Ryanair must believe that they will ultimately benefit more by not restricting game access to only those customers who actually purchase flights.

To make things more inviting, 888’s regular offerings will be augmented by travel related incentives.  One could imagine accumulating frequent flyer mileage by way of a casino bonus.  But even more fun than that would be the ability to play online poker for real money with other passengers on one of my flights.  That is something I will surely look forward to.

But for now, while our online gambling is relegated to the ground, we can always access great online casinos like 888 right here.

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