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Electronic Chips in Casinos: i-Table Blackjack and Roulette

23 March 2011 by admin

Everything is going electronic. Newspapers, books, now casino chips. Two brick and mortar casinos in Pennsylvania are introducing electronic forms of tracking bets in their casinos.

The Meadows was the first of the two casinos to take a step towards the electronic. The introduced a new kind of chips with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in them. These allow the dealers to track the bets made by players at their table games.

And while blackjack players frown on the RFID tagged chips as a means of keeping them from counting cards, there is an upside for all table gaming players: the RFID tagged chips keep fake chips from being slipped into the mix. Fake chips are used in casino scams and often times innocent players wind up with them and the casinos refuse to honor or cash out the chips. So while card counting players mourn the RFID tagged chips, most are just fine with the switch since it helps to protect them from fake chips.

But now the Rivers casino is stepping up the electronic sweep. The Rivers has made two introductions to its casino floor: Rapid Roulette and an i-Table blackjack table.

Rapid Roulette features a live dealer to function as the croupier, but there are no chips at this roulette table. Instead players turn in the cash and receive their allotted chips in an electronic display. Chips are then added and deducted based on wins and losses.

These electronic chips at the Rapid Roulette will also help minimize players’ and dealers’ mistakes. Corey Plummer, who is Vice President of Gaming at the Rivers, said of the Rapid Roulette table that “The main advantage is convenience. Sometimes players place chips where they wish they hadn’t. And when you win, it’s straightforward. It clearly identifies which of your pattern paid off. And it all happens in an instant.”

Then there is the i-Table for blackjack. Similar to Rapid Roulette, the i-Table for blackjack has a live dealer as well as real cards, but electronic chips. Again, players turn in their cash for chips which are then tracked on a digital read out. While this will cut down on the addition of fake chips and tracked betting, the purpose is to eliminate the carrying of chips as well as speeding up the rate of play, which is another feature of Rapid Roulette which comes close to doubling that game’s rate of play from an average of 35 spins per hour to 50-60 per hour.

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