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eCOGRA Working to Increase Responsible Gaming Practices through Online Casino Operators

18 January 2011 by admin

United States lawmakers should remove their heads from the holes in the ground that they are hiding in like ostriches and take note of what eCOGRA is doing with online casino operators. The regulating and quality assurance company is taking the virtual bull by the horns and stepping up their training in regards to responsible gaming practices.

Just because online casinos are a business meant to win players’ money off of them does not mean that online casinos can behave irresponsibly and take advantage of those who choose to gamble online, especially when it comes to players who exhibit signs of problem gaming and addiction. This is why eCOGRA takes the time to train the online casino operators that they regulate in responsible gaming practices. They used to conduct their training by having a few individuals fly in from the countries in which the online casinos were based for a training seminar. Those individuals were then supposed to return to their online casino base of operations and train other employees of the online casinos in responsible gaming practices.

However eCOGRA became worried that the quality of the training cold potentially suffer because they themselves were not training the online casino employees who came in direct contact with the players. As a result, eCOGRA has since changed the way they conduct their responsible gaming training. It has been announced that eCOGRA has visited eight different online casino operators and software development companies, resulting in 268 employees being directly trained in problem gambling awareness, social responsibility in regards to gambling, responsible gambling regulations and requirements, interacting with the player and dealing with problem gamblers and those who display signs of gambling addiction.

Tex Rees, who is a Fair Gaming Advocate, said in regard to eCOGRA’s change in training: “We used to host the training at a single location with a small number of delegates attending from a number of different operators. The delegates were then tasked with training their staff when they returned to their companies. We now provide this important training at operators’ sites as a far more cost effective way to reach more employees directly and properly train those who are on the front line and are most likely to initially deal with problem gamblers.

“This also allows staff to discuss problems they have experienced in specific circumstances and receive professional feedback. The training is designed particularly for staff who interact with customers, such as call center representatives and VIP department employees, but is also of value to staff in the marketing, retention, fraud and risk departments. Delivering the training at the operator’s premises additionally helps us to customize the training to the operator’s brands and to meet any specific needs that have been noted at that level.”

Now the reason that US lawmakers need to perk up an ear to this is that is shows that the online gambling industry is not entirely made up of money grubbing crooks who are only out to prey upon the weaknesses of our society, which is along the lines that conservative lawmakers tend to think. The steps eCOGRA is taking to increase online casino operators’ awareness and ability to help those with gambling problems and addictions shows that online gambling is not the big bad wolf it is made out to be. And with those inside the industry making efforts to recognize and aid problem gamblers perhaps US lawmakers should investigate the entire industry picture before writing off online gambling as a horrible thing.

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