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Bet 365 Promos Continue Proving Worthy

Monday, August 26th, 2013

In a recent post here on the OCS Blog, you might remember the Bet365 offers we mentioned. Well, Bet365 has become such an ally to online gambling fans through its many levels of bonuses and promotions, it would be remiss to ignore the value of these offers available to our dedicated readers.

As we have been releasing our latest casino reviews and updates for UK online casinos, it’s been noted that Bet365 Casino currently has one of the top player rewards schemes of all our top-rated UK and Euro-friendly online betting destinations.

Last month was projected to be one of the least action-packed months for major sporting events, and yet Bet365 proved it still had good action available. Bet365 boasted nearly 100 different money-back wager offers during the month of July alone. Bet365’s 4 unique provisions – Bore Draw, Feature Race 4/1, Channel 4 4/1 and Sky Dogs 2/1 proved to be strong, reliable offers where bettors had the most favorable outcomes available.

Based on accessible (qualifying) money-back wagers, the free wager and cash refund value, the probability factor offered the highest potential value to those who enjoy sports wagering online.

Even though Bet365 is not a US online wagering site, it is important to note that we’ve seen an influx of interest in offers arising at current, leading US bettor-friendly wagering sites like Bovada (which hosts an outstanding sportsbook in its own right), as well as the increasing anticipation within the potentially upcoming US online casino gambling markets beyond sports offers.

We have already seen the US interest in sports wagering through US states that already have local/restricted forms of online sports wagering available a la horseracing. With the success of the types of wagers we see at sites like Bet365 – with its provisions that reach beyond sports betting (full casino and poker room), this site is one to pay attention to nonetheless.

Beyond Bet365’s free bet offers on horseracing and football, is the brand’s massive online casino and poker room. Players have access to one of the largest concentrations of casino gaming action – spanning from bingo, keno and slots to poker tourneys, video poker and jackpot sit-and-gos..

The fact that Bet365 outranked even William Hill and Paddy Power last month where sports action is concerned, demands we take a closer look at the rest of this brand’s offers for those who can register to play for real money. Be sure to check out our latest promos here.

One of the only sites to host a comprehensive amount of baccarat action via a Live Dealer format, Bet365 Casino is also known to have one of the largest Blackjack pools, wherein $1,000 tournaments take place frequently.

As always, be sure to continue to follow our forum, chat with other fans and look for the latest issues covered where your own personal gaming experience is concerned.

William Hill and Sports Betting in the US

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

williamhillWith the recent increase of interest within the US sports wagering market, online gambling enthusiasts in New Jersey (and perhaps beyond) have a future that seems bright. Well, at least maybe.

William Hill US, the Nevada-based auxiliary of Britain’s largest bookmaker, has displayed some serious success in New Jersey with its recent sponsorship of the 46th running of the $1 million William Hill Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park last month.

William Hill, known affectionately as Will Hill to those who bet, says that its interest in New Jersey reaches far beyond this one event. The large bookmaker will become the racetrack’s exclusive betting provider if New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting succeeds (as we all hope it eventually will despite the four professional sports leagues and NCAA being sternly opposed to it).

Until legalization, Will Hill offers a free-play (wager for fun) option for sports wagering to US citizens interested in checking things out. William Hill now runs a sportsbook, where participants can pick NFL games against the spread without wagering real money, while still being eligible to earn prizes.

As mentioned, the four main pro sporting leagues in the US are all opposed to wagering on sports for real money whether online or not because they jointly feel that sporting events will become susceptible to cheating and fixing. This is certainly a good argument, and yet what professional sports league hasn’t experienced its fair share of scandals?

As it stands, at least two of the four top pro sports leagues in the US have been raining-down massive scandals, ranging from high crimes committed by players to several cheating scandals spawned from extensive steroid use. Proponents of sports betting claim these sports are no more susceptible to game fixing than they currently are anyway.

With no pre-legalization swaying of regulators in mind, Will Hill has firmly stated that if betting on sports in New Jersey becomes legal, it fully intends to make a considerable investment in building a Las Vegas-style race and sportsbook in the state to accommodate wagers.

This is where we start to see the political wrangling about. Sure, you have the pro leagues firmly against the legalization of sports wagering – crying fowl and displaying major concern over corruption to the tune of game fixing and diminished reputation. And you also have big brands like Will Hill touting huge would-be revenue promises and a shot to the economy, which New Jersey so desperately needs. But a promise is just that. A contract is binding.

The fact that online casino action starts in a few short months in New Jersey will certainly open the sports wagering issue further. The opposition to wagering on sports from the pro leagues is not just limited to New Jersey, so this one will be an uphill battle, indeed.

888 Announces New Jersey Online Gambling

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Popular UK based online gambling hub, 888 has announced it will enter the New Jersey internet gambling market in order to move ahead into the swiftly approaching Fall launch of online wagering in New Jersey.

Based in London, 888 Holdings announced it will launch both online poker and casino games under its own casino brand. This announcement is not long after news about 888 regarding its other already-in-place agreement to partner with Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE; the online gaming branch of the well-known casino brand) to share its internet gaming platform. Interestingly enough, CIE is also a big player within the upcoming Atlantic City online market.

New Jersey is shaping up to take over Nevada as the number one online gambling market in the US – where betting online for real money has been legalized in a handful of states. While Nevada has already launched wagering online, only one poker room has gone live to this day: Ultimate Poker. Submerging the 888 brand heavily into the New Jersey market is indeed a very lucrative move for 888 Holdings.

Delaware has also legalized forms of online gambling, yet progress going live has been slow. Other various states are looking into legislature, including the prospects of interstate gambling. Various moves within Congress and lawmakers to create country-wide, blanketed legislature have been active, yet also unsuccessful. But most industry analysts agree that it is only a matter of time for federal regulation.

Online casino wagering was prohibited by Congress back in 2006 – a ban which dealt a major roadblock to online gaming brands like 888 (that was actively taking bets from the US market before the hammer was laid down by the Department of Justice). Since then, sluggish land-based casino revenue coupled with hungry state coffers has created a new era in the US online betting industry.

As far as 888’s provisions and partnerships go (the well-established brand that Caesars’ brings to the table), 888 vows to provide every possible form of wagering available in the New Jersey sector. Not just providing an online poker room like some other brands, 888 will provide an entire online casino suite of games. 888 is actively pursuing deals for gaming within all three US states that have legislature in place.

There certainly has been a heavily increase of interest by online casinos to enter the New Jersey market. Partnerships between brick and mortar casinos and online casino companies have been swift and abundant, save for a couple partner missteps, leading to a bit of concern that competition may get out of hand.

These new partnerships will come with some serious marketing budgets that will definitely need to be controlled. Industry estimates and forecasts for the New Jersey sector call for nearly $450 million in annual revenue. While New Jersey desperately needs the income for several reasons, forecasting may need a little re-tweaking and re-projecting as this beefed up competition will most likely and potentially generate more than the initial $450 million expected.

888’s revenue alone has already been steadily increasing as European online poker players (where gambling has been legal for quite some time) have been increasingly interested in playing poker and other casino games for real money bets. The last numbers released by 888 (2nd quarter) show a 5% increase in earnings totaling $97 million. Since that quarter (we are now in the 3rd quarter) action at 888 has shown projections that continue to see an increase.

Investors are loving 888, wherein shares equate to boosting the casino brand’s value to a reported 600 million pounds. The impending move into the US market has sparked interest with the investing community indeed.

New Jersey is set to go live with online casino activity as early as the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend quickly approaching.

August Promos at Bet365 Casino

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Bet365_OntheHouseThis August, players at Bet365 will have a couple new and exciting casino bonuses and promos to choose from. But hurry, as these promos are for a limited time!

On the House

This casino promotion at Bet365 is available August 1st, 15th and the 29th. Players using the casino during these three days in August will receive a 25% rebate On the House determined from whatever the House takes in total as a result of the player’s action. This rebate has a value up to $500 and a minimum rebate of $50. The money back rebate is for casino chips for future play. Think of it as 25% forgiveness or insurance that rewards players with the ability to try again.

Directions: Opt in to enjoy this rebate offer, which you are able to do at any time until the end of the rebate promotion. This rebate works on all casino games except Live Baccarat and Live Roulette. There is a $100 transfer requirement during each 24 hour period (dates above) when On the House, and players must play at least 50 hands/spins.

Reel Race

Monday, August 11th, 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT, slots fans at the Bet365 casino can easily opt in for their shot at more than 200 prizes playing in this limited-time competition that only lasts one day (24 hours). Mark your calendars, as Reel Race will be giving away $10,000 during this exciting promotion. Remember that you will be able to track your performance against the competition continually via the leaderboard posting updated results.

Concept: This event is easy to participate in and boasts the ability to earn Comp Points, valued at 3 points for every $10 you bet on slot games in the Bet365 casino. The more Comp Points you amass during the Reel Race, the better chance you’ll have of claiming one of the 200 cash prizes totalling $10,000 in value.

Directions: Players need to opt in to take part. The best part of this requirement is that you only have to do it once at Bet365 to be eligible to play in all Reel Race events (they typically happen once a month). You can Opt In at any time during the event. The grand prize for the Reel Race is $1,000, second place will earn $700 and so on. The top 100 players will win at least $30, and 200 players will earn at least $20.

New Slots

Bet365 has recently launched new slot machines on its gaming software platform – now with 64 slots available for those looking for a varied and entertaining slot gaming experience. Slot enthusiasts have six new slots to choose from, including Iron Man 3, Thor, The Sopranos, Wild Gambler, Samba Brazil, and Ghost Rider.

At press time, the Iron Man 3 (progressive) pot is pushing close to $600,000. You’ll also have access to the wildly popular Gladiator progressive slot game that currently has a jackpot climbing well above $2.8 million.

For more general information, read the OCS Bet365 Casino Review.

Latest Promotions: Jackpot City, Lucky Nugget and Roxy Palace

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

uk online casino bonusesHere are the latest promos, bonuses and other various events taking place currently at some of the best UK casinos online today! The first two up, Jackpot City and Lucky Nugget, are both from Belle Rock Entertainment, the sub-company owned by Carmen Media.

Jackpot City Casino‘s Double Deposit Bonus provides a 100% deposit match for new players up to $500 over their first two deposits. This is an extension of Jackpot City’s original 100% deposit match up to $200. New players will now get an additional 100% match up to $300 on the second deposit they make as well. This has been in effect for awhile and it will probably stick. Also, the Oktoberfest in July Promo is happening right now and provides up to $500 in bonus action for existing players. This casino has an active Facebook page and is updated regularly with offers and announcements.

Sister casino to Jackpot City is Lucky Nugget, where two immediate bonus schemes are available – and both have to do with your bankroll! The High Roller Bonus offers a 100% up to $1000 on your first deposit, and the Player Bonus is for 150% up to $200 on your first deposit. Lucky Nugget also currently hosts Free Spins Mania that provides continual free spins action on some of its most popular slots. The Free Credit Frenzy offers free credits on various games, while the Loyalty Program awards players with Loyalty Points, which vary from 1-3; given for each $/£/€ 10 you deposit, depending upon the games you play. Slots play earns the most Loyalty points, which can be converted into casino money. At this time, Lucky Nugget has a Facebook page, but it is not nearly as active in use (providing promos and updates) as Jackpot City is.

Lastly, you’ll want to check out Roxy Palace, where there are also two immediate bonuses to consider for new players – the Welcome Bonus offers up to £350 free on your first two deposits (100% match up to £150 on first deposit and 25% up to £200 free on second deposit) and the No Deposit sign up offers UK players claim to a free £10 chip. The Roxy Palace VIP option is probably your best bet right now, as this is the kind of casino where you simply phone in and demand VIP status. Depending on how much you plan to play, a personal assistant is basically assigned to you, and will help you manage your account and provide you with heightened amounts of bonuses and promotion solutions.

For some UK online casino action, these three destinations are worth a gander at the very least. All of these online casinos are worth a friendly personal chat or phone call to customer service for even more detailed daily, weekly and monthly events.