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Bitcoin Action: SatoshiDice Sells

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

bitcoin currencyWe’ve been following the Bitcoin concept pretty much from the get-go. The most recent major news this week: SatoshiDice has been sold.

SatoshiDice is well-known as an online casino that uses the Bitcoin concept exclusively. This acquisition is a big deal to the online gambling industry for a few reasons; the number one being that perhaps Bitcoin could become a more formidable solution for cashing out real money at a large number of internet betting sites. SatoshiDice is currently the only online casino that deals exclusively in the crypto-currency known as Bitcoin.

The purchase of SatoshiDice definitely has a positive impact on the Bitcoin’s future and is an impressive transaction at that. SatoshiDice was snapped up for around $11.5 million US dollars, or as we should say, 126,315 Bitcoins. There is no real affirmation as to what company or entity has purchased SatoshiDice, save to say it’s a company that sees the possibility in the casino currency’s future.

Most people are wondering about SatoshiDice itself. Unlike the big brands such as Bet 365, or the Club World Casinos sites, SatoshiDice has a simple concept that only includes one easy-to-play dice game. Players select a number they want, bet their Bitcoin wager, the Ghost of Satoshi rolls the dice – and should the player’s number be lower than the digit that’s rolled – they are victorious.

While this is not the casino game of skill-based players, its overall transaction concept is unique and some would say, very enticing. Part of the attraction for players is that they don’t necessarily fall prey to most real money wagering stipulations. And the payout is super fast.

At the time of the SatoshiDice purchase, it was reported that more than 5.3 million wagers were made playing the simple dice game. Nearly $4 million has been paid out to winners. Interestingly enough, nobody is sure how much the 5.3 million wagers rack up to. What’s more, each payout comes with a small fee imposed on the player/user.

The real topic of interest is that wagers are not technically real money wagers, yet they do carry value once the transaction is complete. Players deposit real money to obtain the Bitcoin, which in turn, are used to bet with at SatoshiDice (or any other potential outlet where Bitcoins are processed and used).

Additionally, this sale signals the first major buyout of a business that revolves solely around the Bitcoin itself; it draws attention to just how much Bitcoin currency is circulating in its economy, and the potential revenues to be made.

While the Bitcoin concept wasn’t solely designed for online gambling purposes, it has the ability to be used as a payment service online, period. Gambling – with its complex online regulations from region to region – has spawned a whole new concept where money and online wagering are concerned.

Given the somewhat ambiguous nature of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin concept definitely helps various players from various areas of the world to skirt the real money transaction issue surrounding certain online casinos. But then again, SatoshiDice does not accept purchases/wagers from US players.

All in all, the Bitcoin venture is gaining a lot of buzz, and there is certainly more to come regarding its use in the online betting industry.

Online Gambling Promotions at Bovada

Friday, July 26th, 2013

We’ve just announced our re-ranked top 10 online casinos for both the US and UK markets here at Online Casino Suite. A couple of the most impressive moves up the ladder for this latest ranking period are Bovada and Bet365. Both of these US player-friendly sites carry a full bookmaking menu for every conceivable sports event, as well as massive casinos showcasing a wide variety of online gambling action, including poker rooms. Even better, each area of gaming at these sites comes with useful, handy bonuses and promos. Whereas some casinos exclude certain forms of wagering from their bonuses, these are all tailored for specific types of online gambling (codes are included below, where necessary).

You could say they have it all happening under one virtual roof, thus providing a huge convenience should you move from, say, poker to sports wagering. For the sake of this post, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the most impressive promotions and/or bonuses (one of our main considerations when vetting casinos) you’ll want to know about at Bovada, specifically.

Poker Promos and Bonuses

First up, let’s tackle poker at Bovada. New sign-ups here get a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 with their first deposit of the day (you can make several deposits your first day, but only the deposits you make the first day are eligible for the bonus plan). Poker bonuses accrue via Poker Points and are earned during the first 60 days of your sign-up. The more poker you play, the higher your deposit match bonus will be after the 60 days. Bovada has 9 different current poker/table game promos and bonuses. These promos range from poker events featuring free exotic trips to Southeast Asia, to an impressive weekly event known as The Big Deal that takes place each Sunday 4PM EST and provides a guaranteed 100K in action (first place gets at least 20K).

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The Big Deal Tournament

Casino Promos, Bonuses and Codes

In the casino at Bovada, there are 6 different promotions/events currently. The Welcome Bonus rewards up to $3,000. This 100% deposit match scheme works over several deposits (your first 4 slots deposits and your first 4 deposits playing other classic casino games) totaling $3000 in value. Welcome Bonus money awarded immediately, no 60 day wait/accrual as with poker (Poker Points). You can take advantage of the two following codes simultaneously.

Use code: SLOTS500 with each of your first 4 deposits playing slots and earn 100% match up to $500; code useable 4 times.

Use code: GAMES250 with each of your first 4 deposits playing other various casino games and earn 100% match up to $250; code useable 4 times.

Here are the main casino events: (ideal for existing, ongoing player action)

Happy Hour Thursdays – Redeem the Happy Hour match bonus code and Bovada will double your next casino chip purchase, dollar for dollar, with a 100% match bonus.

Use code: HHSLOTS if you love to play slots and you will receive a 100% match bonus up to $200 playing slots. Match bonus instantly rewarded.

Use code: HHGAMES if you want to play other various casino games and you will receive a 100% match bonus up to $100 playing classic casino games. Match bonus instantly rewarded.

Blackjack Sundays – Play Blackjack on Sunday and get $21 when you hit your first Blackjack of the day and a chance to win the grand prize draw for $2,100. $5 minimum wager each hand. Bonuses/grand prize allocated within 48 hours. $21 bonus is for first Blackjack only, yet you get unlimited entries to the grand prize of $2,100 every time you hit Blackjack.

Video Poker Wednesdays – By playing Video Poker on Wednesdays you earn a $52 cash bonus. Plus, they give away $520 to 10 players in their weekly draw as a reward. Get 1 ticket to the draw for $520 for every $52 wagered. Earn 52 tickets and receive your $52 Cash Bonus. There is $5,200 in action involved in this event.

There are also seasonal/monthly events at Bovada’s casino. This month is Casino Home Run. It is changing out in a few days. Monthly events typically begin at the beginning (first week) of each month or so.

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Bovada Casino Blackjack Sunday

Sports Wagering Promos and Bonuses

Grab $250 – Open a betting account at Bovada and earn yourself a 50% Free Bet Welcome Bonus on your first deposit (up to $250 in value).

MLB Parlay Series – Earn bonuses every week by placing MLB parlays. This promo changes each week. For example, at press time this is the promo: Increase your payday with the MLB Parlay Series. Score up to a $35 Mobile Free Bet this week by betting MLB total parlays. You score $5 for each day you bet $25 or more on a 4+ team MLB totals parlay this week. Bet every day and earn a $35 Mobile Free Bet.


There are always nearly a dozen different perks you can use for wagering on horse races at Bovada. Beyond the Grab $250 capability here (as with sports above) and the $3,000 casino Welcome Bonus that you can also use here, there are Weekly Racebook Rewards and Not So Dark Tuesdays promos taking place among other continually updated offers. You’ll also receive exclusive email offers, too.


Refer a friend to Bovada and get rewarded with a 100% match up to $100 on your next deposit.

Lastly, even though these promos and bonuses cover all the details any existing online casino patron needs, new players (and anyone needing additional info) will love the fact that Bovada Casino is one of the easiest to navigate sites with the simplest of terms and transparency, wherein rules, regulations, and further details are concerned. Terms and conditions are extremely easy to understand and readily available at Bovada Casino. For more general information about Bovada, see the OCS Bovada Review

Close Look at Drake Casino Club Player Value

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Drake Casino VIP RewardsThose of you who use Online Casino Suite frequently do need to be told that VIP programs at online casinos exist (and necessarily so), but that navigating through the perks takes some understanding of T&C’s. As we have always cautioned to our readers, just because a casino has perks, does not mean you’ll need them. Many players throw down real money at casinos online without using any bonuses whatsoever.

Some casinos, however, have some compelling player discount schemes that do work in your favor very easily if you are loyal (meaning you deposit/play regularly) and enjoy certain games, such as slots, which are a great way to use bonuses, as many new player and welcome schemes cater to slot machine games.

While Drake Casino customers have access to a VIP Rewards Plan (see our Drake Casino Review for details), let’s take a look at Drake Casino’s “Drake Club”, in particular, which offers one of the most involved bonus programs online today. Specifically, the Drake Club is a 6-tier club (like a VIP club) that rewards players at an increasing level with points. As you’d expect, the more you play, the more you are rewarded for your allegiance at Drake Casino.
All 6 levels – Amber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – offer players heightened amounts of perks, including increased deposit bonuses, increasing player points (used to move up in level) based on slots play, as well as additional deposit bonuses on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday of every week.

All real money depositing players at Drake are automatically enrolled at the Amber (1st level). The Amber level rewards all reload deposits with a 10% bonus, 160 points for every $100 wagered on slots, and additional deposit bonuses that include 75% up to $100 on Tuesday, 50% up to $100 on Thursday and 100% up to $100 on Saturday. Players need to earn 10,000 points to move up to the next level, Bronze.

At the Bronze level, reload deposits are increased and earn 15% (5% more than Amber), 176 points are earned for each $100 wagered on slots (16 more points than Amber) and the other (Tue, Thurs, Sat) deposits are the same as before. Players need to earn 50,000 points to move up to the next level, Silver.

At the Silver level, reload deposits are increased and earn 20% (5% more than Bronze), 192 points are earned for each $100 wagered on slots (another 16 point increase) and the other (Tue, Thurs, Sat) deposits here have the same match percentage as the previous levels, however you get matched up to $250 (versus up to $100) for these deposits. Players need to earn 100,000 points to move up to the next level, Gold.

At the Gold level, reload deposits are increased and earn 25% (5% more than Silver), 208 points are earned for each $100 wagered on slots (another 16 point increase) and the other (Tue, Thurs, Sat) deposits here have the same match percentage as the previous levels and the same “up to” value ($250) as the Silver level . You’ll need to earn 500,000 points to move up to the next level, Platinum.

At the Platinum level, reload deposits are increased and earn 30% (5% more than Gold), 224 points are earned for each $100 wagered on slots (another 16 point increase) and the other (Tue, Thurs, Sat) deposits here have the same match percentage as the previous levels, yet the “up to” amount increases to $500. You’ll need to earn 500,000 points to move up to the next level, Diamond.

At the Diamond level, you’ve reached peak player status. Reload deposits are increased and earn 35% (5% more than Platinum), 240 points are earned for each $100 wagered on slots (another 16 point increase) and the other (Tue, Thurs, Sat) deposits here have the same match percentage as the previous levels and the same “up to” amount as the Platinum level ($500). Why continue to earn points? Simply inquire within at customer service. We will only suggest that at this point customer service will be in continual contact with you, to say the very least!

Drake Casino Weekly Bonus

Important considerations using the Drake Club:

Points (max amounts, that is) are only earned playing slots and specialty games. If you are not a slots fan, you’ll find that you earn lower amounts of Drake Club points playing games such as blackjack, video poker and table games. For instance, if you play blackjack you will earn 30 points per each $100 you wager versus the 160 you’ll earn with slots. Now, the points you earn playing games other than slots do increase as you move up in levels (just as they do with slots). ou’ll find that slots are the key to most online casino bonuses and player rewards plans. That being said, also make sure you are on the same page when using deposit bonus money. Keep playthrough and wager requirements into consideration. Honestly, Drake Casino has some of the lowest playthrough and wager requirements online (as low as 20x), plus this casino does allow more games to be played using bonuses and rewards than most other casinos.

As you move up in level, the Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday deposit bonuses will also increase in potential value, as will the match percentage as you move up in the ranks. Each level boasts an increased base deposit match over the previous level (5%), yet the Tues, Thurs, and Sat. deposits are only rewarded the extra percentage on the first deposit for each of those days. If you intend on depositing on these specific days, deposit enough for the entire day to take full advantage of this deposit. The base deposit match is for all deposits, whereas the 3 days mentioned rewards only on one deposit for that day. Always keep your budget in mind. Play smart. If you have the bankroll, take advantage of the Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday matches.

Zynga and Facebook – The Latest Outlook for Online Gambling

Friday, July 12th, 2013

There has been much continued speculation within the iGaming industry regarding the future of gambling for real money online. The market is opening slowly in the US, and the projected shift toward social and mobile gaming is picking up some steam after a somewhat shaky start. If you have a Facebook account (and who doesn’t?), you probably know about Farmville and Mafia Wars…or at least remember them.

Ever since the heyday of Farmville, there have been several “Ville” cousins developed, and now Zynga is looking toward the online gambling industry – the speed of which is finally gaining some traction.

Gambling online has become more portable and more social than ever before thanks to Facebook and smartphones. It would only seem natural for a gaming company like Zynga to take a leap of faith into the US market where gambling online is budding. With the massive following Facebook has, not to mention its existing movement within the (already legal) UK market of real money social gaming, the world of social online gambling is looking ripe.

After a rough spot between dwindling interest in such fad games as Farmville and the impending regulation of online gambling (in the middle of which Zynga went public with a less than stellar stock debut), it seems things are looking up again as interest in the potential of Zynga is being realized more.

Zynga recently let more than 500 employees go (including its CEO, who stepped down on the 1st of the month) in efforts to save its sinking ship. It seems the waiting for its next venture (online gambling) was a time period too long and too costly. Perhaps a life raft known as new CEO Don Mattrick has arrived just in time. After the announcement of the high profile new leader at Zynga, eyes have started to open wider. The prevcious CEO, Mark Pinkus, is still around in the Chief Products Officer position.

It was formally announced this week that the company fully intends to bank on the online gambling industry via Facebook. And while investors are attracted, Facebook hasn’t formally agreed to a plan…yet. However, at a World Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona, Facebook’s Sean Ryan was previewing Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino.

Investors can only imagine how much potential there is in the pending US market. Three months ago, Zynga released online and downloadable versions of its two real-money games in the UK via established British poker company, Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, which has had its own problems within the US market. Zynga’s Facebook and mobile versions of these games are coming soon.

UK (as well as US) players can already take part in Zynga Poker on Facebook. At this time, players are simply limited to playing for “real money chips” that they cannot withdraw. The future holds the ability to play for real money with withdrawal-able winnings.

While Facebook still holds the key, investors are waiting with baited breath for any news of solidarity between Facebook and Zynga that would create the highly anticipated social gambling for real money platform in the US.

The UK market is actually a great starting point for the Zynga concept, with it’s high concentration of experienced online casino players that generate over £2.3 billion (over $3.4 billion US) in revenue. Yes, in the UK alone.

Liberty Slots Summer Releases

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

In order to stay out of the summertime heat in the northern hemisphere these days, Liberty Slots is enticing players to stay indoors and play its newest online slots games, the latest of which is the cold weather themed slot aptly named Arctic Queen.

The action packed 25-payline online slot features a chilly forecast but a sizzling scheme containing several different ways to cash-in on the frozen fun. The 5-reel slot machine comes with all the rich, graphical content of gaming provided by WGS software, which Liberty Slots proudly uses.

The game’s very Siberian theme boasts symbols like blue eyed husky dogs, a seal, Eskimo boots, igloos and a beautiful Eskimo. The Arctic Queen’s scatter symbol is an animated Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis view, which triggers a free game feature loaded with prize potential.

Liberty Slots is extremely easy to sign up with, even if you simply want to try many of the casino games prior to depositing or simply want to play for free; Both a no-download version and casino download are available. And unlike many other online casinos offering free games, Liberty Slots lets you play just about all of their games for real money or free.

Joining the email list (part of free sign up) is advantageous for these looking to be notified when new and email-exclusive promos are offered. You will not be inundated with massive amounts of casino emails either.

Whether your bankroll allows for penny bets for each line or an impressive ten bucks per line ($250 max bet), the action on screen is enough to…(sorry, we can’t help ourselves)… keep you out of the cold.

If you are not a huge fan of all things chilly, there are eleven other 5-reel slots new to Liberty Slots, including 5-reel bonus slots like Agent Cash, Mile High and Wataa. Liberty Slots offers over 100 different online slots games as well as a full casino suite of table games that includes blackjack, roulette and craps. Many of its unique slot games are only available at Liberty Slots.

The online slots tournaments at Liberty Slots are some of the most jam-packed events online and boast a wide variety of events like the 3-Reel Early Riser (6AM start) that let’s you select from 7 different slots while playing, the Daily Free Slots boasting a different game each day of the week, the Funky Friday event featuring the Funky Chicken slot games, and literally dozens of other tourneys taking place throughout each day.

A favorite draw for slots tourney fans at Liberty Slots are the two monthly tourneys stacking up between $5,000-$10,000 in prize money. These events start with the first two weeks of every month, so plan accordingly.

The new Arctic Queen slot is played in the Late Night Slots event 12AM Sundays, where a $2 buy in has you playing for the pot!

The licensed version of WGS Liberty Slots has obtained an official fairness approval through Certified Fair Gambling (CFG), which is an established and highly esteemed independent online casino software certification outfit. More than subjecting operations to a single test on the performance of the software RNG (which governs wagering results), Liberty Slots willingly subjects itself to a monthly audit of software-generated, non-alterable betting logs that keeps operations valued and properly executed.

Whether you want to check out the new arrivals at Liberty Slots or are interested in one of the handful of current promotions available today, including a 100% deposit match up to $100 in value on your first slots play deposit, be sure to stop in at Liberty Slots and see for yourself. We’d even love your input on our Liberty Slots casino review.