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New Belgium Online Casino by WMS

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Williams Interactive LLC, a partner with well-known gaming technology developer WMS Industries Inc., has launched a new online casino in Belgium called that will be operated by the biggest land-based casino in the country (as well as France) – Groupe Partouche SA.

Many of you reading this are familiar with the UK-based internet casino, Jackpot Party. In the past few years or so, Williams Interactive (via WMS) has been developing additional interactive gaming sites to answer growing demand and further legalization of online gaming for real money throughout various locations of the world.

The latest of these sites is the new online casino, now being geared toward Belgian players in both French and Dutch languages. With geo-restrictions tightly in place, bettors will not be able to play here if attempting to join via any restricted locations, such as the US. This goes for all JackpotParty casinos in general.

The most convenient part of this localized version of JackpotParty for Belgian players is that customer service (multilingual) and banking options are all local and simple to use. The game selection is what you would expect from any top online gambling website offering real money wagering.

In the press release announcing the new launch, WMS asserts that now provides players in Belgium a fantastic selection of free online casino games, including nearly 30 different slot games like Jungle Wild, Super Jackpot Party, Reel ‘em In, and Alice and The Mad Tea Party. Players also have access to the Progressive slot network available at Jackpot Party.

WMS has made a lot of headlines during it reign as one of the largest casino gaming technology developers in the world. WMS was recently purchased by Scientific Gaming in a cunning move to dominate the gaming industry by coupling its technology with Scientifics’ ability to move-and-shake within the lottery world.

Based in Waukegan, Illinois, WMS has long been a champion in the online gaming industry and responsible for developing some of the most amazing advances in mobile gaming, particularly slots for mobile. Recently, WMS launched plans for 100 new casino slot games at a trade show in Las Vegas. Soon to be featuring many attributes of its partners massive content availability and future successes, there is little doubt that JackpotParty’s new internet casino will go unnoticed by the iGaming industry.

The move is the latest for WMS in its grand scheme to dominate the world of gaming technology – both offline and online. Social online casino gaming especially looks promising for WMS. And with ongoing development of much broader legalization of internet-based gambling, we are now witnessing a great number of gaming company’s teaming up and pitching in together to benefit from a combined effort to evolve themselves into and within the world of online and mobile gaming for real money.

WMS was first known for creating slots and lottery devices in the brick ‘n mortar gaming industry. Now boasting a highly innovative software platform, WMS is beginning to concentrate more of its energy in the iGaming front. Currently, WMS boasts a vast social connection through its Facebook page and the Jackpot Party Casino page. Players at will definitely benefit from these social tools, WMS connections and software as well as a bright future for internet players in Belgium.

The Real Value of Playing Free Internet Casino Games

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Play Free Casino GamesWhether you are just learning how to play casino games or you are a seasoned gambler, there are plenty of reasons to play free internet casino games. The first reaction many of you real money players are asking is why? How could you possibly gain anything, let alone real money winnings, by playing free internet games? Read on friends, and you too shall see the light.

For all you die hard must play for cash players out there, how do you tackle a new game? Do you just jump in and throw your money away until you have the hang of it? Well, hopefully not. Or, might you consider learning the game by playing the free internet version first? Hopefully the answer is yes to the latter question, because whether you’re learning new games, brushing up on strategy (to help you win more of the real thing) or you simply want to give your bankroll a rest, consider using an online casino’s free version of games.

All online casinos provide free unlimited casino games. This is how potential players decide if they like a certain casino. But let’s just say you are not in the market for an online casino, but simply want to learn how to play craps. This is not the easiest game to learn at internet casinos when real money is being wagered. There is a lot going on at a Craps table, with lots of action and a ton of wagers to consider. In other words, learning to play craps with real money is likely to end up being a very expensive lesson.

Drake Table Games

Also consider the fact that you can go back and forth between real money and free internet casino games. Some days you may want to focus on strategy and sheer entertainment and on other days you may want to use your newly found skills to participate in an internet tournament for real money.

Drake Casino GamesHere at Online Casino Suite,
our recommended site for free internet games is Drake Casino. While you can certainly play with real money at Drake, this is the only BetSoft-powered casino we have listed within our recommended casinos online that provide free internet play without all the hassles. Drake Casino provides a variety of instant games that you can use. What stands out in particular is that Drake Casino does not require players to sign up for a complete real-money account or provide an email address to play the free games. At Drake, you simply click on the Online Casino Games link (found easily at the top and bottom of the main casino page). Once you click, you will see a selection of games such as Bonus Poker (a multi-hand poker game that is fun and very entertaining) and the popular After Night Falls video slot (to name just a few). Table games are also available and the no hassle free internet casino feature is made for entertainment and excitement.

Whatever your interests may be for playing online casino games, the ability to hone your skills and preview a real money game before you play with your hard earned cash is the true value of hitting up a free internet casino like Drake.

Practice makes perfect. While gambling is a pastime of luck for the most part, practice will certainly make it the best experience it can possibly be. Where strategy trumps luck, practice also makes for better game play. Playing casinos games free is a win-win situation. The only issue we can possibly find with playing casino games for free without cash involved is that you can’t walk away with any winnings. But you certainly will not walk away uneducated or down on your bankroll!

Online Slot Machine Games 101

Monday, April 15th, 2013

slot madness slot machine games

Ever wonder exactly what makes a slot game a slot game, other than its theme, that is? Perhaps you’ve found a new interest in playing online slot machines. Maybe you’ve been playing the same slots for years and want to venture out into a new type of machine. Whatever your interest is in slot machines, online or offline, this article contains useful information for you to consider when playing at your next online casino.

In the past ten years of online gambling, slots have risen to new popularity thanks to software development and the addition of new game styles. These days, you are less likely going to find a slot machine that will display three cherry symbols across a straight line to win money. Today’s slots have distinct themes and a lot of extras all in the name of entertainment and intrigue. There are even new slot machine games that involve a bit more thought to play, making them desirable to those who want a bit more interaction and intensity.

Like lottery systems, slot machines use random number generators that generate a random sequence of numbers. In the case of a slot machine, based on the number sequences needed, the generator displays an indeterminable sequence of numbers (symbols) continually at the rate of up to thousands per second. As soon as the player clicks the play, start or spin button, the most recent random number sequence determines the result. This means that the result will vary depending on exactly when the game is played. This means even a millisecond earlier or later, the result would, in fact, be different.

progressive jackpot slotsThere are many, many different online slot machine games available for play. The easiest way to keep up with them all is to group them into their appropriate category, which are 3-reel slots, multi-line video bonus slots and progressive slots.

The classic 3-reel slot is the simplest form of all slot machine styles, but not the most intriguing. It’s a good slot for beginners, as wagers are easy to make and the payout schedule is the easiest to comprehend. In most cases, wild card symbols are prevalent here too.

Multi-line video slots with bonus rounds are very popular and provide a lot more excitement and entertainment value. There are more potential winning sequences, and players can win an increased amount of prizes based on revealed sequences on more than one line. For example, there can be diagonal matching symbol sequences as well as straight line winning sequences. Games vary, but the main concept is that there are multiple lines of symbols revealed. Refer to the payout chart to see each line, which on the playing window are identified by different colors and generally a corresponding number in a colored circle.

In addition to free spin features and winnings multipliers, a very popular bonus game feature is available with online video slot machine games, The payout for each type of feature is also revealed within the payout schedule. Bonus rounds are generally entered after an accumulated achievement or specific symbol combination. Bonus feature games generally amount to a “pick and choose” round in which the player selects a hidden prize, revealing either free spins or coins.

Progressive slot machines provide the most potential for huge payouts (If you hit the major jackpot, that is). Progressive slot machine games are played in a variety of styles and themes. You are able to win a variety of under-jackpots and smaller prizes, yet there is a separate, ever-growing main jackpot that is contributed to via a feature that connects this game to a variety of different casinos that also feature the game. This is called a wide-area progressive jackpot network. For example, there is a progressive slot machine named The Price Is Right that is played at several casinos located in different areas and locations. Each machine is played by a different person, but there is a single, huge lottery jackpot that can be won by anyone who is playing this slot machine at any of the locations offering it. This particular slot game is connected electronically to all of the other Price Is Right games. The same goes for many progressive jackpot online slots that are connected over the World Wide Web. In this case, online casinos using the same software platform will offer the same progressive slot machine games, which have indeed paid out millions of dollars at a time.

SkyBet Offers Mobile Bingo

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Playtech Mobile BingoSkyBet has announced the launching of a large mobile bingo selection for its players at SkyBingo. The new Bingo iOS app comes from the highly popular online gaming software company, Playtech.

Mobile gambling is becoming quite popular now that software companies the likes of Playtech have been making steady improvements to mobile platforms, resulting in game play that is easy and engaging. Beyond access to nearly a dozen virtual bingo rooms, SkyBet players have a couple of slot games to choose from as well.

Those who have an online account at SkyBet will have quick access to playing the mobile app, which is now more interactive by means of a feature that enables players to chat each other up during live play. Bingo is, after all, a very social casino game and easier to play on your smartphone or other mobile device than the majority of the other casino games currently available on a mobile platform.

At this time, SkyBingo at SkyBet is offering an exclusive bingo player bonus, which is “Play £5 Get £10 Free”. This gives players £10 free with a £5 bet, as well as a half dozen other generous offers and featured events. Even non-bingo fans will agree that there are enough daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing events taking place here to attract all types of casino fans – both online and on the go.

Mobile gaming features at Sky Bingo include all the player favorite bingo rooms such as Value, Lucky Numbers, Pennies, Premium Anytime and Deal or no Deal. The most popular games here are Clover Rollover, Instant Scratch and Bingo Gems – where you redeem your gems for a Bingo Bonus. Not bad.

Not only does SkyBet provide the largest online bingo network, players can now play on the go. We’ll be the first to admit that playing bingo versus more complicated table games from a mobile standpoint is super easy. We all know how distracting things can get with mobile devices now don’t we.

Play online bingo with the same confidence of safety and security you would from your home computer when using the mobile platform at SkyBet’s new mobile bingo games.

Understanding Online Casino Reviews

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

When it comes to finding the best online casinos to wager real money at, a really good online casino review can be your best friend. If you are not already in the habit of reading reviews to better gauge the reputation and ratings of online casinos, it’s nigh time you start doing so. This is no overstatement. In an industry besieged with new betting sites every day, not to mention a lack of uniformity in licensing and regulations, it’s imperative that you read up on what other people have already dug up and are saying about each and every online casino you are considering playing at.

But there’s a catch. Not every online casino review is equal. In fact, the majority of published reviews circulating on the Web are nothing more than marketing sling, with the sole intention of getting you to sign up and deposit money. Needless to say, a review written with this sole purpose is anything but impartial or unbiased. You’re not getting the real picture. So then, how does one find the best reviews – the one’s that will be your best friend in pursuit of finding the best destination for depositing your cash? Thought you’d never ask. The following bit of advice is aimed at helping you better sort through the muck and understand how to read through an online casino review.

First and foremost, it’s important to learn how to spot biased review marketing. While there is no specific formula for doing so, there are telltale warning flags to look out for. The biggest flag is flowery sales talk, which probably doesn’t need explaining. A good example would be, “This casino has the best games imaginable with lots of free cash that keeps players coming back for more!”. While this sounds good and well, the information being passed isn’t really helpful. Nor is it qualified. What exactly entails “the best games imaginable”? If the review goes on to qualify the statement, then that’s a good start. But even then, the slickest of these reviews will qualify it with even more sales pitch.

The only problem with all of this is that sometimes the online casino in question actually deserves all the flowery praise. If you run across a review like this, don’t necessarily rule the casino out. This is the point when you should read additional reviews. In other words, it’s time to start scrolling through the Web search results. By reading through additional reviews, you will better gauge what folks are really saying about the casino as a whole.

The second thing to look for in potentially biased review marketing, is a review that doesn’t have anything bad to say about a casino. This is generally more subtle than a flowery sales pitch, and yet, it is still possible to detect an air of “marketing” talk (albeit less aggressive) in this type of review. Granted, there are online casinos that deserve to score high marks across the boards. And there are some review sites (such as your’s truly) that specializes in only reviewing the best of the best. Our view is that if the casino doesn’t have a high enough score to begin with, then why bother. Nonetheless, the wording in these types of reviews should be informational, straight-forward, and always minus the flowery sales talk.

Now that you know what not to look for in an online casino review, here are the components of what make for a good online casino review:

Software and Games – At a minimum, a good review will mention the software platform, whether it’s available in flash and/or download, and how many games are available. Casinos that are powered by more wellknown and reputed software platforms, such as Microgaming or Playtech, need not go into great detail, however, it is important that a lesser known software be examined in depth. Some reviews will actually list the exact number of games offered in each category, which can be helpful if you are seeking out a specific type of game to play.

Credentials – This often goes hand-in-hand with mention of the software, as it is the software platform itself that lends credentials to the online casino. Where the casino is regulated and licensed should always be mentioned, as well as a brief summary of the jurisdiction itself.

Bonuses – It goes without saying, most online gamblers are looking for free bonus money. A truly helpful online casino review will, at a minimum, list the welcome bonus offers for new players, and and even more helpful review will list all of the ongoing bonus offers that are available on reload deposits. An even better review will also list the terms and conditions governing each bonus.

Promotions and Tournaments – Many online casinos now host ongoing tournaments and special promotions, such as raffle giveaways. If it’s being offered, a solid review will tell you about it. A breakdown of a casino’s loyalty programs is also very helpful to include in this section, if not in a section all by itself.

Banking – Nowadays, most online casinos offer several methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. While it is not necessary to go into detail for each and every method offered, a brief summary of the most common methods, as well as security protocols used, is helpful.

Customer Service – When all things are said and done (i.e. proper credentials and promotions in place), customer service is probably the most important factor in rating an online casino. At a minimum, a good online casino casino review will list the modes of contact offered through customer service and overall availability and responsiveness. Any industry awards, player loyalty and overall customer service ratings/feedback if available should also be mentioned in this section.

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Slot Madness Casino Instant Play

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Slot Madness Instant Play Casino BonusFor some of the most entertaining slots online that do not require a download, the Slot Madness Instant Play (flash) casino is a fantastic place to start. Those of you looking for top-of-the-line slots to play from home with real money – without having to take up additional space on your computer – Slot Madness is highly recommended by OnlineCasinoSuite.

First things first. Your computer must have Macromedia’s Flash Player version 6 or above installed to use the instant-play casino at Slot Madness, which is more than just slots; There are table games, a great selection of video poker games and even arcade style games. All in all, there are more than 130 titles to choose from on the Flash platform. While the Slot Madness Casino’s instant play version may not contain all the games available on the download platform, there is plenty enough to keep you busy and entertained. If not, you may want to take a closer look at your gambling habits.

If you choose to have access to all the casino games, the download only takes a few moments and is free. Whichever you choose, the playing experience is smooth and realistic – both platforms being powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), which is known for its truly interactive gaming experience.

If you are just interested in sampling the casino first, which is a smart move in our opinion, playing at Slot Madness in your browser is a simple process. Just click the Instant Play button, sign in, and wahlah. In fact, the best online casinos of today will provide a no-download version for players to use should they not desire to keep the casino software on their computer.

Besides the fact that Slot Madness offers a great instant-play casino, what really helps to give it a top rating here at OCS are the bonuses. Not just a large selection of large bonuses, Slot Madness goes the extra length by offering bonuses with low wagering requirements and minimal game restrictions. And by that, we mean some of these bonuses do not impose any wager requirements or game restrictions whatsoever. Even progressive jackpot slots can be played with select bonuses. Loyal players are also provided with a 5 level VIP feature than earns you Loyalty Points, which in turn, earns you free money and exclusive prizes.

Slot Madness is US player friendly with a higher concentration of US players than many other online casinos today. They offer a wide variety of deposit methods, and all promotions and events at Slot Madness are scheduled Eastern Standard Time (EST).

No-download tips:

The Slot Madness Casino instant play platform is – unquestionably – safe and easy to navigate; However, for the full experience of the casino, you will want to download the software. As stated, the no-download version contains a great variety of casinos games – yet, the full lineup is included in the download version. Consider whether you just want to try it out first, as you can always download later. Chances are that you are not ever going to play all 130 games that Slot Madness provides. But, if you plan on using this casino frequently (i.e. take advantage of all the ongoing bonuses), you may want to download. Instant Play is great for those who are “on the go” , and/or who are looking to save some disk space on their computer.

Lastly, if you are using the flash/no-download casino format, RTG software provides smooth game play even if you have interrupted internet. Many players wonder if they lose the game when interrupted online. The fact is, if you are in the middle of a game and you lose connection, the software will finish the wager that you were in the middle of playing, and your session will begin exactly where you left off upon reconnecting.

Once you have considered the type of player you’ll be (infrequent player or loyal customer), the decision to download or use Slot Madess Casino’s instant play version will be easy.