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Playing Video Poker On Line

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

video poker on lineWe need to talk. No, it’s not about the birds and the bees. But sort of. What we need to talk about is video poker, and more importantly, video poker on line. It’s a conversation that is bound to happen, so we might as well get it over with so you can start winning money sooner than later.

I mean, if you are breezing through a casino and do not want to sit down with strangers at a table (who might very well take all the good cards), and you want to play an easy game, but hate slots, then video poker is the game for you.

Seriously though, video poker (like slots) allows for a bit of privacy and you actually have a better chance at winning than you do when playing other video casino games. Yes, you will have to make decisions, very few, and a certain amount of strategy and understanding of poker in general will be necessary.

Video poker offers better odds of victory for you than many other casino games, whether you are playing it on line or not. The House Edge is one of the lowest, making this a great game for winning money as long as you invest some application and understanding of poker in general.

And there’s no other better place to do this than on line. For me personally, video poker is one of only a couple casino games I’ve enjoyed much more playing at home than in a brick and mortar casino (at Club USA Casino, to be exact). I like being able to concentrate, make decisions on my own (I have a great understanding of strategy though), and not to be rushed or worried that some joker (pun absolutely intended) is going to sit down next to me at the casino and take cards he/she has no business taking. It’s like black jack, where everyone hates the guy that sits down at the table and takes all the cards that should have been dealt to you!

So you get it. Now you’re interested in video poker games on line right?  Like any poker you’ve played before (or not), video poker offered at the most worthy casinos always includes the games of Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and a favorite with regulars, Power Poker – all of which use the basic hand ranking rules.

Jacks or Better is a simple five card game, where you must have two Jacks or a better ranking hand to win the game. It is super easy to learn and very simple to play. Learning hand rankings is the most important part of poker no matter what video poker variation you are playing on line. Strategy comes naturally once you get hand rankings down.

Deuces Wild mixes the game up a bit. This five card game is played with 2’s being a wild card. Again, same hand ranking is involved, but the strategy will shift a bit as many higher ranking hands are possible and inevitable in this game.

My absolute favorite is Power Poker. This game involves playing multiple hands at once. This is one video poker game played well when you have concentration, speed, skill and a great understanding of poker rules and strategy. I’m not saying you have to be a numbers pro to play this video poker variation, however, you will only prevail if you are able to fully invest your brainpower, or are just really, really lucky. And well, some of us are just lucky aren’t we?

Now that we’ve covered the most commonly played video poker games, it’s time to jump in. If you are new to poker, playing at home (on line), is a great way to get your feet wet. Again, this is a game that is best played at home or in a casino where no one is standing over your shoulder. Something else that needs explaining is that most people do not play this specific casino game for atmosphere and sheer excitement. Video Poker is played for winning. Sure we all play casino games to win, but this a game that offers variable odds based on your decisions. The bottom line is that you can control the outcome to favor your wallet if you are playing with a head on your shoulders.

In other words, video poker on line is a game of another type of enjoyment. Duly noted, as I personally have been known to enjoy playing table poker in a brick and mortar casino, but for completely different reasons. As for video poker, playing on line is not going to kill you to try. Good luck!

Live Online Roulette at the Best Online Casinos

Monday, January 21st, 2013

live dealer roulette 2

When it comes to roulette, most people imagine themselves inserted into some sexy scene splashed on a movie screen – You know the part where the guy is about to get the lady and put the bad guys in a smack-down while walking away with the winnings, or that section of the casino where the players are all decked-out in their finest and onlookers gaze with envy, yet they are hesitant to join.

Come on, James Bond right?

What’s not to be attracted to when it comes to the casino excitement of roulette? Think about the luck, the lure, the strategy, odds. You just don’t get the same feeling from many other casino games whether you are in a casino on The Strip, or at home playing online. Unless we’re talking about a striptease slot machine, there are some casino games that are just not as engaging as others.

Truth be told, roulette can be exciting no matter what you are wearing (even those boxers you seem to love to lounge around in at home). Thanks to some serious software advancements like live dealers, you can partake in the same virtual excitement that rivals Vegas, without the need to be timid or get dressed up (heh, heh).

Of course there will be times when you get the chance to go to brick and mortar casinos (and yes you CAN wear jeans in Vegas), and by all means go, but until then there’s some serious action taking place at many casinos on the internet. Some much better than others, I will be the first to admit.

If you are looking for live roulette online, with live dealers that look like they might actually pop out of your computer screen, there are more casinos than I can possibly mention here and now, but for your money and time, a few, come to mind. After reviewing stats, payouts, licensing, awards, and independent auditing, Bet365, 888 Casino and Go Wild Casino are what we consider to be the absolute best. More of the best online casino sites can be found here.

We all know that roulette does not necessarily boast the best odds (not the worst either), but you’ll find that above the chance of a win, the entertainment factor of live dealer roulette is outstanding.

live dealer roulette 1Take GoWild Casino for instance. This online casino offers live roulette, the dealers are, shall we say, not bad to look at, and whether you are male or female, you’ll appreciate the physical attributes of these gals. The actual interaction is quite amazing. Even for live roulette online standards, Microgaming software has really stayed in the game when it comes to development and advanced interaction in gaming.

Whether you want to bet $1-$1000 at a time, this live roulette experience keeps you entertained for the money at stake with new game updates each and very month. Do not take our word for it – If you cannot get to a casino on land, check GoWild Casino and see why live roulette online is the very next best thing to being in Vegas or any other gambling hot spot. For many of you, it is better. Honestly, it’s our number one pick for live roulette game-play online today.

Be sure to consider 888 Casino for the simple fact that they offer similar software to GoWild. In fact, the screen shot images in this post are from Evolution Gaming (which powers a dedicated 888 live dealer casino). Known as an amazing poker casino, 888 Casino has a generous bonus for new clients that is hard to shun. Depending on your bankroll, there is up to $1400 free bonus money to be had. But I will caution that unless you are about to drop some serious money on your initial deposit, $1400 will not compute in your wallet. Alas, bonus and perks-wise, this is my recommendation for those looking for money deals up front. You will not be bored here by any means – It depends upon your needs as with anything else in life, right?

Last but not least, Bet365 encompasses live roulette online as well as a sportsbook for those looking to mix casino games with sports betting (and bingo). Bet365 is convenient in the fact that your account can cover both types of online wagering under one virtual roof. You will not get flashy glitz at Bet365, instead you will find a huge variety. I would say that I am not big on sports wagering, but this is a worthy casino for great reputation and top-notch software, courtesy of Playtech. Be sure to check out both Live Dealer Roulette and the VIP Live Roulette options.

If you haven’t taken notice of table gaming software development, live roulette online is much more exciting than even the other live dealer table games. To each his own, but just look for yourself. There’s nothing like the sound of that spinning wheel, bouncing ball… and the prospects of winning in the air.You may decide it is not for you, but you will not know until you look! Best of luck.

The Gamesys Acquisition of Virgin Games

Monday, January 14th, 2013

VirginGames_GamesysAs successful as Richard Branson’s Virgin empire has become, it makes you wonder why on earth Virgin Games will be selling off its assets. Did Branson get in over his head for once? Has the high stakes world of gambling simply become too competitive for the Virgin brand?

Well, judging by the immense popularity of the Virgin Games online casino, it’s safe to say that Virgin Games isn’t short on gambling revenue. But see, that’s the thing about Branson. When he sees an opportunity, he takes full advantage and makes the most of it.

Truth be told, the fact that Gamesys is acquiring the assets of Virgin Games, doesn’t mean Virgin is stepping out of the gaming industry. It simply means the two companies are partnering up, with Gamesys using its leverage in the world of social gambling to capitalize on the popularity of the Virgin brand.

As Branson said himself, the idea is to “expand further internationally”. And this they certainly will with the help of Gamesys, which was the first company in the world to strike a deal with Facebook for offering real money online gambling.

Some folks are now wondering if Gamesys will become the go-to developer in the booming social gambling world of Facebook. Creator of the immensely popular Jackpot Joy Slots app on Facebook (with nearly 1 Million “Likes”), and more recently, the real money online gambling app, Jackpot Joy Casino, Gamesys is giving app developers the likes of Zynga a run for their money.

Needless to say, Gamesys and Virgin make for the perfect match. Virgin Games, which uses Wager Works Software (acquired by IGT), has a similar look and feel to the innovative graphics behind the Gamesys brand. In fact, the success of many Wager Works and Gamesys titles can be largely attributed to the actual playing experience afforded by both platforms.

As the social online gambling realm continues to develop, be on the lookout for Virgin Games titles being powered by Gamesys. A new UK Virgin Games online casino re-launch is expected in the first quarter of 2013.