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The Pro’s and Cons of Flash Casinos Online

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

If you’re searching for a flash casino to wager real money or fun money with, you’re just a couple minutes away from doing so….literally. Being flash-based, there is no downloading of software required to begin taking part in the betting action at flash online casinos. As long as your computer has the necessary ActiveX controls installed for viewing Flash, you’re ready to go. Playing at no-download Flash casinos not only saves you some time, it also frees up some extra hard drive space and RAM.

Granted, if you are running on a highspeed broadband internet connection and have at least 50% free space on your hard drive, it isn’t going to make that much difference whether you are playing on the Flash version or not. If, however, you have accounts at multiple online casinos or are a heavy “downloader” to begin with, it’s probably going to end up being more efficient to do your online gambling at Flash casinos. And if you’re a Mac user, you have no choice (at the current time) other than no-download flash casinos.

There are pro’s and con’s for playing at no-download online casinos, but what it really comes down to is each player’s individual needs.

The Pro’s of Flash Casinos

Touching back on the issue of computer hard drive space, while a typical download is just 30MB (about the size of a twenty second video), that only represents the initial download. The way that download casinos work is that the initial software download just includes the casino lobby, cashier and main navigational screens, if you will. Every time a new game is selected to play, that game must be downloaded through the operating system the first time it is accessed. Therefore, if you like to wager on several different games and like to play slot machines, your computer’s RAM will be gradually used up the more games that you decide to play. This can potentially take up a lot of your computer’s RAM.

Another pro about flash casinos is that you can test out the games and platform before committing to making a real money deposit. If you find, for example, that you do not like the video poker paytables or that the selection of slot machines is too limited, you can move on to another online casino without having to do a software uninstall.

To get started, just click the Instant Play or No-Download link (usually located on the online casino’s website homepage) and you will have immediate access to games that can be played in either fun-money practice mode or the real thing. Please note that when we say immediate, you will first be required to register an account. This usually requires a valid email address, mailing address and phone number. You will not have to supply a credit card, but keep in mind that some personal information is required before you can play fun-money, instant games.

An exception to this is Drake Casino, where you can partake in a truly instant Flash casino. Drake happens to be one of the highest ranked online casinos at OnlineCasinoSuite, and we highly recommend giving them a test run for not only experiencing the best that BetSoft ¬†Software has to offer, but also to have an opportunity to claim some of the best free cash bonus offers available on a regular basis to U.S. players. For non U.S. players searching for an alternative to RTG software, we recommend Mr. Green Casino, which is as dedicated to the Flash gaming experience as you can possibly get, for they don’t even offer a downloadable casino! Mr. Green truly is a unique casino, and is highly rated for their commitment to the highest standards in responsible gaming practices.

The Con’s of Flash Casinos

Fortunately, there are just a couple of drawbacks about playing on a Flash casino (which many players do not even consider to be a drawback). As opposed to their downloadable casino counterparts, flash casinos offer a fewer selection of casino games. Depending on the size of the downloadable platform, this can range from hundreds of games difference to just a handful. Large software platforms like Microgaming will offer hundreds of fewer games on the flash version. However, considering that Microgaming has well over 400 casino games to begin with (the bulk of which are slot titles and variations of the same game), you’re very likely not going to need that many games in the first place. Most players don’t.

The other con you will sometimes hear about flash casinos is that they incur disconnects more often than a download casino online. While this can be the case on a slower internet connection, for those players who are using broadband internet, disconnects are a rarity. Even if one was to happen, software platforms have a memory that will continue to play through the wager at the time of disconnect and log the final results.

Best Online Casino Internet Roulette Games

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Bet365 Live Dealer RouletteSee our top recommendations for best online casino internet roulette at the preceding link or at the end of this article. Updated September 21, 2012.

Just about every online casino offers internet Roulette games. In fact, we’ve yet to come across an online casino that doesn’t offer Roulette. A quintessential betting game, Roulette offers the perfect mix of bad bets and good bets. In other words, Roulette is suited to the interests of both the casino and the player.

Obviously, for bettors who are just playing internet roulette “for the heck of it”, there’s a good chance they will be making some bad bets, i.e., those wagers with the Highest House Edge. And while there is always a chance of getting lucky betting on the Double Zero of an American Roulette table, and consequently, hitting a big payout – for those players who stick to the right bets (which includes playing European over American Roulette any day of the week) and who do not follow betting systems that involve the act of chasing after losses (i.e., the Martingale), the odds of coming out on top playing internet roulette are much better.

So, if every online casino offers Roulette, should bettors be concerned with one game being better than the other? In other words, is there a place to go online to play the best internet roulette games? Well, the short answer is yes, especially if it’s real-money roulette we’re talking about.

But what is it that makes one real money online casino better than another? Obviously, a casino consistently returning a significantly higher payout percentage would and should be in the running. But in the world of online gambling, when there are many online casinos offering the same payouts (the best generally hovering above 95%), there are other factors that weigh in during the selection process. At OCS, we give precedence to the software platform running the roulette games (the actual playing experience) and to those online casinos offering roulette-friendly bonuses and promotions.

For U.S. players, we recommend playing roulette at Real Time Gaming (RTG) powered online casinos. RTG software offers cutting edge graphics, user-friendliness, and is accredited by Gaming Labs International. Our top-ranked US-friendly, RTG online casino is none other than Lucky Red Casino. Not only do they offer a bonus (use code OTHERGAMES55) that can be played through at the roulette table, Lucky Red offers daily table game bonuses that allow the same. In other words, there’s a steady stream of free roulette bonus money available at Lucky Red.

For UK and European online gamblers

Royal Vegas Casino is our top choice for best download/no-download RNG casino roulette and mobile roulette. Powered by Microgaming, there are many different versions of Roulette to choose from, including high limit games. Royal Vegas is eCOGRA certified for safety and fairness, and unlike many other Euro casinos, allows Roulette to go toward the play-through on a 1,200 Free welcome bonus (as well as reload bonuses). Royal Vegas is also one of the few online casinos with a dedicated Roulette app at iTunes for iPads and iPhones. The mobile version of the casino is compatible with all phones and offers several games to choose from, including Roulette.

For the best live dealer online casino roulette games, we recommend the renowned Bet 365 Casino. There are plenty of tables (and dealers) to choose from, and the playing experience is about as close to the real thing as you can get. Furthermore, Bet365’s ongoing bonus offers are the largest around (100x play-through on Roulette) and a steady stream of roulette tournament called “Spinner Winner” give players a chance to share in 10K winnings.

PLEASE NOTE: When attempting to meet the play-through requirement of a bonus, do not make one kind of bet, i.e. all even money bets. Some online casinos have stipulations that do not allow this. Always read the FULL bonus terms and conditions.

Play Blackjack Online for Money

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

ClubUSA-BlackjackHere at OnlineCasinoSuite, there’s only one other game that we’re more obsessed with than Slots. And that game is Blackjack. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, considering that Blackjack offers one of the lowest House Edge’s in the casino. Heck, when your obsessed with playing slot machines – a game traditionally referred to as the one-armed bandit – you have to offset that high House Edge somehow, right?! Since Blackjack gives players the opportunity to employ strategy (courtesy of the Basic Blackjack Strategy chart), it’s kind of no-brainer Blackjack is the game of choice for so many gamblers.

Blackjack can be readily played online, and in many different forms. There’s Pontoon, Double Exposure, Vegas Downtown and Atlantic City Blackjack, just to name a few. So, why all the Blackjack variations? While this is definitely open to debate, a big component is likely due to giving casino’s the chance to change up the rules enough to get some of that House Edge back in their court. You see, Blackjack is one of the only casino games that players can actually have advantage over the casino when played with mathematical strategy.

Some Blackjack games will allow for early surrender, while other’s do not. Some pay 6 to 5 for a Natural while others pay 3 to 2. Some games use more decks than others. Some require the dealer to stand on Soft 17, while others require the dealer to hit. Any slight variation in any of these rules can raise or lower the House Edge drastically. And there is a myriad of rule variations – recipe’s if you will – that give each Blackjack game it’s own pro’s and con’s.

So then, what’s a gambler looking to play blackjack online for money to do? The first (and most important) step is to pick out a reputable online casino that is offering real money online blackjack. And by reputable, we mean a licensed and accredited online casino offering Blackjack games that keep the rules fair.

Needless to say, it can be difficult sorting out the best real money blackjack casinos from the rest of the lot. This is precisely why OCS published the definitive Real Money Play Online Blackjack Guide for fans of Blackjack searching for internet destinations that accept both fun money and real money blackjack chips. Our guide picks out the best international blackjack casinos from the rest of the lot, detailing the different types of Blackjack games offered, as well as rule variations that affect House Edge. We even have a Blackjack strategy chart available, which can be printed and used while you play blackjack online for money. Be sure to check out the link and study our guide from top to bottom.

Play Free Casino Slots Online – No Registration Required

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Slot machines do not get called the “one-armed bandits” for nothing. While most slot machines of today do not even have an arm (the lever on the side of a machine used to initiate a spin), they still very much act like bandits. Slots are the casinos #1 money maker. With a relatively high House Edge to begin with and not much strategy allowance, slots account for the majority of winnings pulled in by online casinos.

Granted, the largest multi-million jackpots ever won at online casinos have been from slot machines. There are certainly lots of winnings to be had. With proper bankroll management, informed play and a little luck, you can come out on top playing slots. Online slot machines especially offer a great opportunity to win, as payout percentages generally hover in the mid-nineties percentile, which is better than what you will find at brick ‘n mortar casinos on average.

If you are new to playing slots or simply want to partake in the entertainment factor afforded by slots (it’s more than you might think), there are some online casinos in operation that will let you play for free – no registration required. You may even be seeking to give slot machines a test-run before making any kind of commitment (especially a financial one) with an online casino – in which case, the option to play free casino slots online should be taken advantage of in full.

Most online casinos will allow you to open an unlimited fun-money account, as well as play slots on a no-download, instant Flash platform. However, 99% of the time, you will be required to open an account – which entails filling out a registration form with your personal details – namely, your date of birth, address, phone number and email address. There are hardly any online casinos that will actually let you play free (fun money) casino slots without registering an account. Of those that do, approved and reviewed Silver Oak Casino and Bovada Casino get our topmost recommendation.

Aztec's Treasure Slot_BovadaBovada – One of the most well-known online casinos in business today, Bovada is an all-in-one internet betting destination offering the most popular Real Time Gaming Slots for instant-play, as well as there very own proprietary games. Bovada offers 35 instant-play free casino slots – no registration required. Several progressive jackpot slot games are available on the instant Web platform, including Aztec’s Treasure (as seen in the picture). In fact, there are 37 free play progressive jackpot games available through Bovada’s website, as well as 14 table games and 17 video poker games. Like Silver Oak, Bovada offers unlimited practice play with the option of upgrading to real money mode at any time. To make this more worth your while, Bovada offers a $500 match bonus for use on slot machines. Download Bovada at this secure link for access to their entire suite of casino games.

Another option for playing free casino slots online is to give Online Casino Suite’s very own Facebook Slots App a visit. Offering hours of entertainment, these games come from software developers the likes of BetSoft and Viaden. Play them as much as you like…for free!