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Promo’s, Jackpots & Big Winners at Club World

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Club World Casino is the top-rated online casino here at OCS. Judging by all that is going on at Club USA, it should be no surprise this UK-managed, Curacao licensed/regulated internet casino has earned an outstanding reputation with U.S. online gamblers. Below is a breakdown of this week’s daily promotions, slot tournaments, current progressive jackpot tallies and the recent big money winners at Club USA Casino. See the OCS Club World Casino Review for further details.

As of Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @ 11:22 am EST

Today’s Daily Promotion:

Pick the Game You Like!  The perfect bonus for high rollers, using coupon code PICK75, players receive a 75% bonus up to $1,000 Free that can redeemed up to three times. The play-through is only 25x for slots, keno and Caribbean games, with 40x play-through on Blackjack, Video Poker and multi-hand Video Poker. The only game exclusions, i.e. DO NOT PLAY THEM WHILE USING THIS BONUS, are Roulette, Bingo, Baccarat, Craps, Poker and Sic Bo.This promotion ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST.

Tomorrow’s Promo (through Sunday):

Coming up from September 1-4 are the new month bonuses, consisting of a Slots-only match bonus worth $100 Free (25x play-through; Bonus Code: EXTRA100) an unlimited Slots/Keno/Scratch Cards bonus worth 65% Free (20x play-through; Bonus Code: SLOTS65), and an unlimited Table Games Bonus worth 55% Free (40x play-through; Bonus Code: OTHERGAMES55).

The latter is these bonuses deserves to be highlighted as it is a legitimate table game bonus that can be used to wager on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Blackjack and Video Poker. While it’s not too uncommon to find bonuses allowing bets on BJ and VP, it is very rare (especially for U.S. players) to find a legitimate bonus that can be used on Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo. With a 40x play-through, this is one bonus not to pass up. Again, the code is OTHERGAMES55 and can be claimed here starting tomorrow, September 1 through 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, September 4, 2011.


Click to Join the $500 Free Roll Tournament at Club World

Upcoming Slots Tournaments (see schedule to the right):

They take place throughout the day, spanning 8 to 10 minutes of playtime and ranging from 6K to 10K credits. These tournaments are an excellent way to become familiar with Club USA’s slot machines (powered by Real Time Gaming) while putting down minimal risk for a chance at winning hundreds in guaranteed prize money.

Progressive Jackpots:

Mid-Life Crisis/Shopping Spree: $1.06 Million
Shopping Spree II: $223,000
Caribbean Stud/Draw/Hold’em Poker: $74,820
Jackpot Pinatas: $1.7 Million
Aztec’s Millions: $1.3 Million
Let’em Ride Poker: $160,000
Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold: $273,000

Recent Winners:

Player Jackie B. won $9,058.63
Player Joseph P. won $12,945.42
Player Jason P. won $7,269.27
Player Bobbie M. won $10,978.77
Player Kary T. won $8,347.09
Player Mike S. won $7,645.24
Player Debra D. won $10,850.60
Player Harry P. won $7,521.69
Player Steven H. won $7,082.87
Player Kathryn C. won $10,978.77

New Online Bingo Software Announced

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

BingoTwo of the top online casino software developers in the industry have announced new bingo software. Both Microgaming and Rival Gaming announced new bingo games that will be available at select casinos soon. The new games will offer unique spins on the traditional game of bingo.

Microgaming has bingo software that it calls Bingo+ Plus. The new bingo software is customizable, so each online casino that carries it can make it their own and differentiate themselves from the other casinos that carry the software. The Bingo+ Plus software was rolled out in June but will be licensed to more online casinos starting in September.

Meanwhile, Rival Gaming has also announced new online bingo software. According to the company, the new instant bingo software will allow players to play bingo with 30, 75, 80 or 90 balls. The different number of balls gives the game a different speed and type of gameplay. 75-ball bingo is most popular in the United States, while 90-ball bingo is more popular in Europe.

In addition to the variations in number of balls, the new online bingo software will have a wide range of payout tables, will feature either automatic or manual daubing (marking of your cards) and adjustable speeds. Players will be able to play up to 100 cards at once. To keep track of all of those cards, the software features automatic card ordering that moves the cards that have the best odds or the most wins at the top of the set of cards.

Though bingo used to be a game associated with the elderly, it is quickly becoming popular with the young gamblers. With the help of new software from Rival Gaming and Microgaming, it should continue to grow and become one of the most popular online casino games.

Why Online Casinos Have Wagering Requirements

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Wagering requirements are something that a lot of new online gamblers don’t understand. They look at it as a way of taking the good deal away from the bonus or they look at it as a way of the casino being greedy. Here at, we are dedicated to setting the record straight. Sure, casinos can be greedy (making money is their goal), but that’s not the reason for the wagering requirements.

Your average new player sees a bonus and is excited. Wow, a free $2,000! What a great deal, they think. But then they see the terms and conditions. What, I must wager the bonus 25 times before making a withdrawal? Why?

To answer the average player’s question, I will show you what a scheming, fraudulent person thinks when they see a bonus. Whoa, a free $2000. That’s great. I’ll just join a bunch of online casinos, take the free money and then laugh my way to the bank! Oh, wait. I can’t do that because I must wager it at least 25 times.

In the early days of the online casino industry, the casinos offered sign-up bonuses and did not have any wagering requirements. People took advantage by signing up for casino after casino without ever playing at any of them simply so they can take the bonus money. The wagering requirements are to protect against that. The purpose is simply to get you to use the bonus as they are intended: to wager on casino games. The bonuses are a reward for joining or playing at a casino and are intended to help you play more games for less money. Taking that into account, the wagering requirements are (usually) not bad.

The Economoral Debate of Online Gambling Regulation

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

These days, there is no shortage of debate on whether the United States government, even State government’s for that matter, should or should not legalize and regulate online gambling. Two years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find a single piece from the likes of Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes or Huffington Post talking about the issues surrounding the legalization of internet betting sites.

While debate on the subject of legalizing online gambling is certainly welcome, let’s just say that the way things are going, this debate is beginning to take on the “hamster wheel effect”.

For years, the debate over gambling has been one of morality and economics, with more power going to the former. If the legalization of gambling looked right for economics, it still needed to get past the moral roadblock of being a risky and dangerous pastime. In other words, no matter how good the economic prospects of regulating internet betting look, the moral resistance will unwaveringly stand.

The Huffington Post recently published an op-ed exploring these two issues, and while the tone of the author, Dana Radcliffe, gave the anti-online gambling camp the upper hand, the article itself, titled “Should States Raise Revenues by Expanding Legal Gambling“, gives an eloquent and impartial description of the two voices emanating form opposite sides of the camp.

While Mr. Radcliffe believes that lawmakers will have a difficult time arguing that legalizing online gambling is morally justified, he also recognizes that the economic benefits of expanding gambling will be a positive boost for the economy. He also recognizes the moral double-standard that exists. For example, comments made from Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation Executive Director, Les Bernal, are not only sensational, they ignore the double standard given to State-run lotteries. Bernal is on record stating that legalizing online gambling is, “the equivalent of opening a lottery retailer inside every home, office and dorm room in America”, and yet the lottery is legal.

Perhaps then, this isn’t about morals after all? Clearly, a lottery ticket has no better odds than a hand of online blackjack. While there certainly are justified moral objections to the act of non-tempered gambling, perhaps the act of regulating new forms of gambling stirs up the most opposition from those whose financial interests could be jeopardized, such as land-based gambling operators and State-run lotteries?

Irene Couldn’t Shut Down Foxwoods Casino

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

connecticut-location-mapSince its opening in 1992, Foxwoods Casino has never closed. The rumor is that it was originally planned to close at 2:00 a.m., but on its opening day it was so crowded with gamblers who didn’t want to leave that management decided to make it a 24-hour casino. While that may not be true, it is a fact that the casino has never been shut down by weather, renovation, lack of business or any other problem. That includes Hurricane Irene.

When Irene, then a tropical storm, came through the U.S. northeast, there were mandatory evacuations of parts of New York and New Jersey. All eleven Atlantic City casinos closed for only the third time in history. However, the popular Connecticut tribal casino remained open. Even the storm couldn’t force Foxwoods Casino to breaks its streak.

Business and residents all around Foxwoods lost power in the storm, but Foxwoods used backup generators to keep the electricity running. Some parts of the casino, such as some restaurants, were closed, but a skeleton crew of employees served customers as they continued to play slots and table games during the storm. Unfortunately, the Liquid Sundays outdoor pool party was canceled, so I guess even Foxwoods couldn’t find a way to keep that open.

On Monday, the additional power sources went online and Foxwoods was able to resume normal operations. With fewer customers, they lost money over the weekend, but not as much as the casinos that had to close due to the storm. Even with a small customer base of those who didn’t evacuate and a skeleton crew of employees, Foxwoods says that they continued to offer “5-star service to the guests that were here.”

Current Aladdin’s Gold Casino Promotions

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

aladdin-s_gold_casino1You need to act fast when it comes to the promotions at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. Like the genie in the story and on the website, they can disappear with a flash. There are only two days remaining on a currently weekly promotion, but once that ends there is another one to take its place.

Right now Aladdin’s Gold is running one of their best online casino bonuses. If you deposit $50 or more, the casino will offer a 75% match bonus on that deposit. The bonus has a maximum value of $1,000. The bonus can be redeemed up to three times, meaning you can receive up to $3,000 total in bonus money. The coupon code for that bonus is EXTRA75 and the wagering requirements count toward online slots, keno and scratch cards. The bonus and deposit must be wagered at least 25 times before a cashout is allowed. The promotion ends on Wednesday, August 31.

As Thursday brings in the next month, it also brings in a new deal at Aladdin’s Gold. The online casino is offering a promotion where you receive a 100% match bonus for depositing a minimum of $100. The bonus is only for playing slots and it can be redeemed up to two times. The coupon code for that bonus is AGC100. The promotion runs from Thursday, September 1 to Sunday, September 4. The deposit and bonus must be wagered at least 25 times before you can make a withdrawal.

These promotions and other permanent promotions can be found at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. To find out more information, check out the promotions page. Aladdin’s Gold Casino is licensed in Curacao by the government of Netherlands, Antilles and uses Realtime Gaming software.

Freaky Cowboys Slot at Bodog Casino

Monday, August 29th, 2011

freaky_cowboys1Bodog Casino has a new entry in the Freaky series of slots. This time, it is set in the Old West. The new online slot is called Freaky Cowboys and it is available now at Bodog.

The titular cowboys in Freaky Cowboys actually are freaky. I’m not sure what they are, but they seem to be aliens or monsters or something. They are cartoons, though, so they’re kind of like aliens or monsters made by Pixar. Freaky Cowboys is a 5-reel online slot that lets you play up to 30 paylines. The slot has a 20,000 coin jackpot when you bet the maximum amount on the maximum lines.

The online slot features symbols of four different freaky cowboys, a cowboy hat, boots, lasso, gun, money bag and sheriff’s star. Each freaky cowboy becomes animated when used in a winning combination. They do things like shake a money bag or twirl a pistol, which then accidentally goes off, shooting a buzzard flying through the sky.

There are several bonuses available in the slot game. The bank bonus symbol unlocks a second-screen game where you try to stop bandits from robbing a bank. There are 15 bandits trying o rob a bank and you shoot as many of them as you can. Players can also win multiplier bonuses and free spins. During free spins, winnings are multiplied by five or ten times.

To play the newest online slot on the site, visit Bodog Casino. This online casino game and more can be found online. The game is available as a free trial. If you are not a Bodog member, you can take advantage of the $200 welcome bonus as well.

Atlantic City Casinos to Reopen Today

Monday, August 29th, 2011

new_jerseyToday at noon, the Atlantic City casinos are set to reopen after being closed for a storm over the weekend. It was only the third time in history that all eleven casinos were closed at the same time.

It was one of the many overreactions to Irene, the once-hurricane that was a tropical storm when it hit New Jersey. While it’s true that the American northeast isn’t used to getting hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, the level of hype that the media and politicians tried to stir up seemed inappropriate to anyone who is used to the storms. In the end, a lot of people ended up without power, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg violated people’s civil rights as usual, but there wasn’t much else that the storm did to the northeast. Well, aside from shut down the casinos.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was one of the politicians that overreacted to the storm, and he continues to say that the government’s response saved lives. Whether you agree or not, the mandatory evacuation of coastal areas of New Jersey, including Atlantic City, put the economy at a standstill. Though the storm caused some flooding, none of the casinos are believed to have been damaged and all are expected to reopen for business at noon today.

According to authorities, though, it may be difficult for gamblers to get to the casinos. Many of the highways heading into Atlantic City are blocked by flooding or downed trees. If the residents hadn’t evacuated they would be able to get to the casinos but getting from outside of the area back to Atlantic City could be difficult.

Good Weekend Bonuses at Lucky Red Casino

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Here’s hoping you have big plans this weekend. If you’re like me, you’re going to spend most of today at a water park, then head out of town for some birthday celebration. If you’re not like me, you might be sitting on your computer playing casino games online. That’s okay, too, if that’s what you want to do over the weekend. If so, you might want to check out the weekend promotion at Lucky Red Casino.

Lucky Red is a favorite here at for a variety of reasons, but one of the big reasons is the promotions. From Friday, August 26 to Monday, August 29, the online casino is running a promotion where you can win five bonuses worth $5,000. If you deposit $100 or more, you can receive a 100% match bonus on your deposit, with a maximum bonus amount of $1,000. That bonus can be collected up to five times, for up to $5,000 in total bonus money. Before you can withdraw the bonus money, you must wager it and the deposit a minimum of 25 times, with only wagers on slots, keno and scratch cards counting for the wagering requirements. The coupon code for that bonus is GIFTS4U1.

That isn’t the only bonus available to you this weekend. In addition, Lucky Red continues to run two regular bonuses. One is unlimited 65% match bonuses for playing slots, keno and scratch cards. The other is a 55% match bonus that can be redeemed an unlimited number of times for playing other games, such as blackjack and video poker.

All of those promotions can be found at Lucky Red Casino this weekend. If you play, also be sure to check out the tournaments.

Massachusetts Casino Expansion Coming Soon

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

massachusetts-location-mapThe controversial and long-planned Massachusetts casino bill should be signed into law by the governor within two months, says House Speaker Robert DeLeo. The speaker says that he is “fairly confident” that the bill will become law before winter.

The bill would allow three resort-style destination casinos as well as one slot parlor at a state racetrack. It is a compromise between DeLeo and Governor Deval Patrick, who opposed a bill last year that would have created two slot parlors in addition to the casinos. Patrick called the slots “no-bid contracts” and refused to sign the bill. He recently said that he will accept one slot parlor if there is competitive bidding for the contract.

DeLeo estimates that the gambling expansion bill will create 7,000 permanent jobs, 6,000 temporary construction jobs, and other 3,000 ancillary jobs in the community that will support the gambling industry, such as hotels and restaurants. Some have said that DeLeo’s original bill was self-serving, since it called for slots at racetracks that are located within his district. Opponents said that he was simply trying to gain support from his constituents, who would return the favor by reelecting him. DeLeo said that his only concern was “to protect people who work at tracks. I am very, very pleased that this is a good jobs bill no matter where these facilities are located. This is about jobs.”

In the new bill, any racetrack in the state, regardless of location, can big on a slot parlor contract. In addition, 9% of gross gaming revenue from the racetrack slot parlor would go to a racehorse development fund, which would be used to increase purses at various tracks.

As states are looking for ways to chip away at the debt, expanding gambling operations for additional tax revenue has been one common response. Other states have also considered regulating online casinos, though to this point is has not been seriously discussed in Massachusetts.