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Best Halloween Online Casino Web Design; Vote for Your Favorite!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

From all of us here at OnlineCasinoSuite, Happy Halloween!!!

Now that it’s almost over, for some of us today is kind of a bitter-sweet moment. Of all the holiday’s, Halloween seems the most conducive to online gambling. Bringing out the theatricality in all of us (most of us that is), Halloween has the perfect combination of being celebratory but not taking itself too seriously – kind of like online gambling, if you know what I mean!

USA online casinos especially know how to get in the spirit of Halloween, hosting all sorts of special promotions (see our previous blog post), and breaking out with the spooky decorations. In fact, some of this virtual Halloween decor is really fantastic and fun, and for me, when I see an online casino decked out with Jack ‘o lanterns, tombstones and sexy witches, it gets me all riled up for Halloween!

That said, OCS has decided to host it’s first annual Best Halloween Web Design for an Online Casino. We’ve done our best to keep up with all the going-on’s at player favorite casinos, and have come across many a great Halloween themed graphic, whether for a particular promotion or a temporary homepage banner design. In the end, we found some ten different Halloween-themed designs that you can Vote for at the following link: OCS Best Halloween Online Casino Design. But first, check out the ten contenders below and take note of the corresponding casino.

Oh, and one more thing. While there were some fun Halloween banners this year, I am calling forth a challenge right now for all online casino web designers and operators to go even further with their Halloween graphics next year. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t need anymore gore. I have the Saw series for that. I’m talking the Headless Horseman kind of Halloween. C’mon guys, there’s more to Halloween than just pumpkins, black cats, witches and bats.

That said, in no particular order, the nominations for Best Halloween Design are:

CRAZY SLOTS – Crazy Slots churned out a very impressive homepage banner with what looks like a very “maude” Halloween. Gotta love that pumpkin with the snake pipe.


SLOTS GALORE – Pumpkin cherry bombs perhaps? One thing is certain – they look like they bite. Kudos to Slots Galore for this very cherry, I mean scary, slots tournament promo.


GO CASINO – Go Casino’s web designer did a great job digitally carving the pumpkins in their homepage banner, don’t ya think?


ONLINE VEGAS – Reminiscent of “Beetle Juice”, Online Vegas did a fantastic job with the Halloween graveyard incorporated on their homepage.


SLOTO CASH – That’s one great haunted house at the center of SlotoCash’s Halloween welcome bonus promo. Not sure what slot machine is portrayed below with the zombies, but it looks pretty creepy!


CHERRY RED CASINO – Cherry Red has a nice full Halloween moon and flying bats on their homepage banner – an understated, yet fun and evocative graphic.


RUSHMORE CASINO – Sometimes all you need is a “Happy Halloween” and a little fake blood splash to invoke the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve. It’s understated, but is it too understated?


SILVER OAK CASINO – You have to give Silver Oak Casino’s design team credit for breaking out the slime…..I mean ectoplasm. The way it oozed it from the top of the screen over the homepage was a brilliant touch.


VIP SLOTS CASINO – Invoking Halloween and sexual desire at the same time is what Halloween is to many folks. I have to admit, Vampire Vixen and her wolf are doing a great job (well, maybe not the wolf).


Last Minute Halloween Bonuses Still Available at USA Friendly Betting Sites

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

There’s only one more day to Halloween, which means time is running out to take advantage of some of the great Halloween bonuses and promotions taking place right now and through this weekend. In a recent post, we mulled over the largest Halloween slots tournaments catering to U.S. players, and now it’s time to talk about the most important thing of all – free money!

There are a handful of really good offers out there right now (see further below), however, if OCS had to pick just one place to spend this Halloween weekend online, it would be the highly-rated RTG casino, Silver Oak, where they are giving away an extra 50% free on top of their regular welcome bonus worth 100% up to $1,000 Free. That’s an extra $150 Free for anyone who claims this bonus to the max amount (Coupon Code 150EXTRA). The other good part is that the play-through is a reasonable 30x and 60x if exclusively used to make wagers on Blackjack and/or video poker.

Another promotion set to expire at the end of this month is Silver Oak’s “What the Puck” Challenge. Celebrating the game of hockey and RTG’s “Hockey Hero” video slot at the same time, “What the Puck” is giving away four casino credit prizes of $750 and one main prize worth $1,000 every week in October. Players need only wager $500 in a given week to be entered for a shot at winning one of the prizes, which really isn’t that difficult when coupled with one of the three “What the Puck” bonuses worth 100%, 150% and 210%.

For anyone unfamiliar with “Hockey Hero”, it is a 5-reel video slot with 25 paylines with a top payout of 20,000 coins and two progressive jackpots. Offering wilds, 2x multipliers, bonus spins and a feature offering up to 18 free spins, this is one of RTG’s more loaded games. Unfortunately, the game isn’t available in Flash, but a download of RTG’s software is a quick fix, needless to say. Wager denominations range from a penny to $5, with a max bet of $125 suited to high rollers. (very high rollers, that is).

Some of the best Halloween-only offers right now are at Aladdins Gold Casino and Slots Galore (both open to USA players). At Aladdins Gold (through Sunday, October 31st) players can claim a 150% bonus up to $250 for slots (Bonus Code HALLOWEENSLOTS) and a 75% Bonus up to $100 for Blackjack and Video Poker (Bonus Code HALLOWEENBJVP). On Halloween day only,Slots Galore is giving away a 150% bonus with redemption of 2x up to $300 Free per account.

So, what are you waiting for!? Promotions like these only come around every so often. Of course, there’s always next holiday, but I have a feeling that many of you will be home on Sunday night, passing out candy, drinking a little Halloween tonic and looking for some online gambling entertainment. See where I’m going with this?

Seven Days of Unlimited Bonuses

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Is there really such a thing? Is it truly possible for an online casino to not only offer an unlimited bonus but offer it for seven days?

It is true. And the online casino that is making such an offer is Aladdin’s Gold.

For the first seven days a player new to Aladdin’s Gold will be able to choose a bonus, such as a 200% deposit match bonus, to be applied to each deposit that they make. And I do mean each. Do you want to make six deposits in one day and get a bonus for each one? Sure, go right ahead. Your bonus chips will show up in your player account as soon as your deposit is approved. You can then have your chosen welcome bonus.

Each of the first seven days is unlimited in terms of bonuses, meaning that new players can claim however many bonuses that they can proverbially carry. No limits on how many per day or how many in the seven day period.

Also good to know is that there is not a maximum cashout from all these shiny bonuses that you will be receiving.

Did I mention choosing which bonus you want? Yes, I did. That is because there are two different welcome bonuses to choose from each time you make a deposit:

If you are an online slots player you will probably go with the 200% Slots Offer. The reason for the specifics on this one being a Slots Offer is because of its wager requirement. Yes, there is one—no such thing as a free lunch, perhaps a free trip to the casino buffet, but not a free lunch. In order to make any with requests for a withdraw on bonus winnings you must wager the amount of your deposit plus the amount of the bonus on that deposit twenty times. Which should be easy for a slots player.

But slots games are not the only casino games you must play for the 200% Slots Offer. If you accept the 200% Slots Offer the only games you can play with that bonus at Aladdin’s Gold are slots, video slots, keno or scratch cards.

The other welcome bonus available to choose from is the 100% offer. True, this welcome bonus does not give you as much in bonus money but it allows you to play more games to fulfill the fifty times wager requirement. In fact you can play any of the casino games offered at Aladdin’s Gold EXCEPT for baccarat, craps, roulette and sic bo. Otherwise you can play anything.

It seems you really can get an unlimited bonus and for all seven days. A nice play on the part of Aladdin’s Gold. The only true downside to this welcome bonus is that if you take too many bonuses you will be playing for a long, long time.

Casino Boats Coming to North Charleston

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Playing in an online casino can make playing your favorite casino enjoyable. You can kick back, maybe put your feet up on your desk or couch, have whatever snacks and drinks you want and where your PJs. Online casinos are probably the only ones in which bunny slippers are okay with the dress code.

Now take a moment away from online gambling and think about Dr. Seuss’s’ “Green Eggs and Ham:”

“I do not like them in a boat,
I would not, could not, with a boat.”

Now, I definitely “would not, could not” play my favorite casino game with a goat, but I could definitely play it on a boat. No idea why that guy in “Green Eggs and Ham” could not deal with a boat.

North Charleston has made playing your favorite casino game in a boat a possibility.

Thursday was the final reading on the new law that would make boats made for gambling a possibility. North Charleston city officials were behind the package that Mayor Keith Summey had put together as the casino boats could bring in an approximate $700,000 in revenue for the city.

The casino boats will be sailing out of the former Navy base and shipyard on the Cooper River. Their launching points will begin south of Riverfront Park and continue down as far as Shipyard Creek.

The package that legalize the casino boats required that a 199 ordinance be repealed that prohibited gambling devices within the North Charleston limits, as well as amend the North Charleston business license category so that it now includes gambling boat coverage. The package also created a surcharge for all gambling cruises.

The surcharge is where the $700,000 potential revenue will come from. There are two options right now for the city to receive their money. The boat owners could pay a rate that is equal to 10% of the face amount of each ticket that is sold, but they would also have to pay 5% of their gross income from each boat as well. Or the boat owners could establish a $7 flat rate surcharge on each passenger.

The timeframe for the casino boats could have them launching as soon as within ninety days, around January of next year.

According to the portion of the package pertaining to the casino boats, companies may apply for a business license to run gambling boats. If their license is approved they then have to negotiate with local companies to figure out where they will launch their boats from, as well as negotiate where their passengers will park and how they will get to the casino boats.

Once a company has established their launching point and settled their parking, they can then begin to take on passengers, and once they have sailed outside of North Charleston’s boundaries the gambling can begin.

While I like the idea of the casino boats and playing my favorite casino game while over-looking the water, imagine casino boats that had Internet connections. With an Internet connection and banks of computers, passengers could play their favorite casino games online while still being “in a boat.” Granted you probably would not be allowed your PJs and bunny slippers, but it does combine online gambling with a nice boat ride.

Online Casinos Using Gimmicks to Stand Out

Friday, October 29th, 2010

sexystarscasino_slots_919I’ve been seeing this trend more and more. New online casinos will use some sort of gimmick to help them stand out. It makes sense, because there are so many different casinos available on the Web. Branding and coming up with something that separates you from the competition are some of the most important aspects of a successful business.

Sometimes I think they go a little too far. For example, there’s this online casino called Sexy Stars Casino. Its gimmick is that the website is full of – you guessed it – sexy stars. When you play online slots, there are hot strippers/models/porn stars/girls that I swore were in my dream last night on the side of the reels. The girls are also symbols in the games. Also, some of those symbols are not safe for work, as they are wearing very little clothing or, in some cases, no clothing at all. Yes, it’s that kind of website.

Not only are the sexy girls present in the games, but you can also view videos of those girls. Are they playing poker or blackjack? Nope. They’re doing things like chatting with you in their bedroom wearing lingerie or dancing for you. There are also photo galleries. The big promotion on the website right now is a contest to win a date with one of the sexy stars. The games themselves really take a backseat at this casino.

sexystarscasinoThen on the complete polar opposite is an online casino like Blush Bomb. That casino is made by women for women, kind of like the Lifetime Network but without all of that annoying feminism stuff. This is a “fabulous” casino started by a woman who wanted to make an online casino that caters to women’s tastes. That means that you can take a break from playing slots and bingo on the site to catch up on some gossip and celebrity news. No, that wasn’t a joke. If you’re going cross-eyed from staring at that bingo board for too long, simply head to the gossip section and find out from which third-world country Angelia Jolie has adopted a kid now.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but why can’t your gimmick be offering a casino with fun games and great promotions and rewards? Take Go Casino for instance. Their site may not be as flashy or clever as Sexy Stars or Blush Bomb, but they offer a welcome bonus of a free $20,000. Let’s see, I can have $20,000 or I can stare at sexy women while I play my casino games. Hmm…Actually, I’ll have to think about that. But that isn’t the only thing that Go Casino has to offer. They are also well-known for their impressive suite of Vegas Technology software and their never-ending selection of exciting casino tournaments. So that means I can either get $20,000, great Vegas Tech games and exciting tournaments or I can stare at sexy women while I play. Um….Still thinking about it. aladdin-s_gold_casino1

Having a theme isn’t a bad thing. I love the Arabian theme at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. I just don’t think a gimmick should take the place of offering great games, deals and customer service. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe offering a great casino website is actually a gimmick itself. In that case, I will take that gimmick every time. Now that I’ve thought of it, I’d rather play at a site like Go Casino. Don’t worry, though. I have a handy magazine subscription that will fulfill my sexy women needs.

Big Online Casino Promotions and Tournaments Taking Place This Halloween Weekend

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I don’t know what it is about Halloween, or maybe it’s just this Halloween, but I’ve never felt such a buzz about slots tournaments before – and I’m not even a big slots player! It seems like every online casino I visit these days is hosting a great Halloween inspired slots tournament. Sure, the promise of winning a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 at VIP Slots or $66,666 at Online Vegas’ Halloween Weekend Madness (this weekend) is alluring by itself, but I have to admit all these Halloween graphics are making me feel like a kid again – some are even getting me all bothered…In a good way!

VampireVixenTake the image to the right of the hot Vampire chick, err, Vampire Vixen. I don’t know what it is about purplish-black lipstick, Rosaries and corsets, but they bring out the Jack O’Lantern in me! Granted, the corset is looking a little too stiff and symmetrical for my liking, and I don’t know how I feel about that dog looking like he wants to have a beer and talk politics with me. However, there is no denying Vampire Vixen makes me want to trick and treat….oh and of course, play some slots!

Open a Real Money Account at SlotoCash for a Shot at Winning 1 of 4 iPADS

Open a Real Money Account at SlotoCash for a Shot at Winning 1 of 4 iPADS

So not to get off track or anything, or rather, stay off track, let’s talk about Halloween promotions shall we? In terms of free money, SlotoCash has the best Halloween/October offer right now in our opinion. Not only have they doubled the initial bonus on their welcome offer to 200% up to $200 Free, they are giving an additional free $15 chip to anyone who deposits $200. On top of this, all new depositing players in October 2010 are entered to win one of four iPads. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want an iPad. Actually my wife wants one even more, so that means I need to get her one first. A great offer all the same! For anyone unfamiliar with SlotoCash, they are one of the highest rated Rival Gaming powered online casinos here at OCS and on the internet period. Being an independent white-label operator under a Rival licensing agreement, SlotoCash has an impeccable reputation and stands out from the rest of the Rival pack. Go ahead – Read our Sloto Cash Review for more information.

As for Halloween slots tournaments, at this stage in the game you are probably better off not even trying to make the leaderboard in EHGV’s “Scary Money” slots tournament on the Black Magic slots. Sure, I know $100,000 sounds like a lot of money, but if you are reading this right now (who wouldn’t be reading this right now?….nevermind), you’re a little late in the game. Scary Money is a month-long tournament, and so all those players who have been competing…well…all month long, have a major edge over you. Of course you could always get lucky on a single spin, and then there’s the fact that you’ll only be one click away from playing “Vampire Vixen” at EHGV online casinos like VIP Slots, and finding out if Miss Vix has any different outfits to model on the reels, so……

But if you really want a shot at winning big, I would recommend heading over to Online Vegas Casino and competing in their $66,666 guaranteed Halloween Weekend Madness Tournament. It probably would have been more fitting as the $666 Halloween tournament, but that’s not enough money now is it? Halloween Weekend Madness is a three-day tournament beginning Friday, October 28 at 8 a.m. sharp (EST) and wraps up the following Monday, Novemeber 1st at 12 pm sharp (EST). Now, when I say sharp, I mean as sharp as the grim reaper’s sickle. I know, I know, I just had to get in at least one more Halloween reference – shoot me dead (ohhhh he scores again!!! and the crowd of zombies goes wild!!!!)

Speaking of crazy, Crazy Slots Casino’s Halloween header banner is one of my favorites. In fact, if I may allow myself to come full circle with this post, all of these great Halloween graphics should be honored with a contest. I’ve got it: Which of the online casinos listed in the Top 10 here at OCS has the best Halloween themed website? Dear God, see I told you I’m reverting back to being a ten year old. Somebody get me some candy dammit!

But seriously folks, check back in 24 hours at this page to vote for your favorite Halloween inspired online casino graphic!

Online Gambling Popularity Increasing Among Youth

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

There have been two recent reports – one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom – showing that online gambling is growing among the youth. Though anti-gambling special interest groups and the politicians in their pockets would have you believe otherwise, online gambling is not only popular, it is becoming more and more popular.

facebookThe first report is a study by Nielson Media Research showing that last year 3.2 million people in the UK visited various online casinos, online poker rooms and sports books, which is an increase of 40% from 2008. In comparison, only 2.2 million people visited Facebook and other social networking sites.

This news may surprise some people, since Facebook is hugely popular and it seems like everyone uses it. It even has its own blockbuster movie now. Still, gambling was popular way before telling people about buying a cow, posting passive-aggressive status updates and uploading photos from your party to prove to the world that you’re fun. As networking, banking, researching and basically everything else that used to be done in person are increasingly resigned to the internet, it only makes sense that hobbies like poker and blackjack would do the same. Today’s youth is incredibly internet savvy, so jumping on something like online gambling shouldn’t be surprising.

A separate study by the National Annenberg Survey of Youth found that the popularity of online poker has surged among college-aged Americans, especially boys. The study reported that 16% of college-aged people play at online gambling sites at least once a month. That is an increase from just 4.8% in 2008.

Put the two studies together and I think what you learn is that gambling is not a hobby of the past. Some would think that as<img Pong01 technology advances, today’s generation would no longer be entertained playing a card game. I don’t think that gives people enough credit, though. Sure, people are used to sophisticated technology due to a generation raised on video games. On the other hand, isn’t playing Wii Tennis pretty much the same as playing Pong? Maybe not. I think Pong had better graphics.

The more important thing the studies say is that the government can’t legislate trends or popularity. Only MTV and the Disney Channel can do that. Many lawmakers in the U.S. want to do away with online gambling, but it is more popular than ever. Of course, many things that Congress tries to make popular are rejected by the people, such as Obamacare and “green energy initiatives.”

Another Millionaire (Well, Almost) Paid Out Playing Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Visit Go Casino to Find out how you could be next! or Not!

Visit Go Casino to become the next big winner!

Go Casino, Go Casino, Go Casino, Go! In case you couldn’t tell, 1) that was my rendition of being a cheerleader; and 2) I am all giggles for Go Casino. So why all the praises and cheers? Well, how does a $990,529.74 jackpot sound? And no, I don’t just mean the jackpot by itself – I mean a jackpot winner, ie., someone who gets to spend all that money.

Technically, I don’t think you can say this was a millionaire’s jackpot, but come on – I don’t think another $10,000 is going to keep the lucky winner (Catherin M. from California) from retiring, paying off her mortgage, buying a new house on top of that, a new car or two or three, taking a vacation around the world and putting her kids, grandkids and great grandkids through college. Well, maybe not the college part. Did ya hear? Tuition is reeeedonculous these days!

When asked what she plans to do with the money, Catherine M. said she would be buying a house for herself and her mother, who is getting on in years. Catherine also happened to mention that she is a bookkeeper by trade, but is currently out of work. Out of work and gambling online? Now that’s the American Spirit!

Anyhow, so yes, Go Casino just churned out a millionaire and turned an out-of-work American into an out-of-work American with a whole lot of money. Obviously, this was a progressive slot jackpot that paid out such a large sum. Specifically (and fittingly) it was the “Red, White and Win” slot machine that dished out the precise combination of symbols at the exact nanosecond Catherina M. clicked the Spin button with her mouse (all on a $7.50 bet, mind you). FYI, the other progressive jackpot slots offered at Go Casino are Mega Money Mine, Pay Dirt, Treasure Trail and Win Place or Show.

For anybody who is unfamiliar with Go Casino, they are one of a handful of well known online casinos who accept wagers from U.S. players (apparently). Being powered by a lesser known, albeit highly respectable software platform – Vegas Technology – one might be inclined to wonder where all this money came from. Well, that’s where the benefits of doing business in the US come to play. With an increasing number of larger software developers dropping out of the US market, that means there is more money being funneled into the few remaining online casinos smart enough to keep doing business in the States.


And Go Casino certainly deserves the business. With a proven track record paying out U.S. players, Go Casino knows how to get things done. Furthermore, unlike some operators preying upon the desperation that many U.S. residents have just in finding a place to successfully process real money deposits, Go Casino takes the opposite stance and willingly goes one step further to ensure player trust.

They do this by submitting to a monthly audit carried out by the highly respect, third-party Certified Fair Gambling (CFG). By reviewing actual deposits with paid out winnings made to players, CFG is able to determine the payout percentage on all of Go Casino’s games. Visit the Go Casino Homepage and click on the CFG logo at the bottom of the screen to see for yourself. If you’re too lazy to do that (sheeeesh people!), take it from me….errr… from me, from CFG. September 2010’s payout for Slots was 93.45%, for Blackjack 97.58%, for Video Poker 96.84%, for Table Games 96.2% and for all games averaged across the entire platform the payout percentage was 95%.

Needless to say, that there’s some damn good payout. As for Catherine M’s big win, since this was a progressive jackpot across a wide area network of multiple online casinos, Go Casino can’t use these numbers to figure October’s payout. However, since I am a betting man, I’m betting they will be just as good if not better, than September. Oh and one more thing – if you are actually thinking about signing up at Go Casino, they also are guaranteeing over $410,000 in tournament winnings this month. And that’s the norm. Like I said, Go Casino is a very popular place.

American Legion: No Casino in Gettysburg

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

There are many advantages of playing your favorite games at an online casino rather than the brick and mortar variety. Some are obvious, such as the lack of traveling costs, the fact that you can play in your pajamas and the lack of distractions. When playing online blackjack, you can have a nice big strategy chart, a calculator and a statistics textbook on your computer desk if you want. Playing online poker but find the strategy difficult? You can consult gambling websites while you play.

Another advantage of playing casino games online is not as obvious, though. The lack of a physical casino building means you don’t have to worry about where to put it. No land is necessary and no neighborhoods are disturbed. Given the recent controversy surrounding plans to erect a casino in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, that is a big advantage indeed.

gettysburg1Pennsylvania has been expanding their casino industry for some time and new plans include placing a new casino within a half-mile of the Gettysburg National Military Park. As you can imagine, some people are quite upset. The war memorial site is one of the most hallowed locations in the United States. Over 70,000 Union and Confederate troops lost their lives on that battlefield, which was a turning point in the American Civil War.

Opponents are petitioning to stop the plans to build a casino in that site and have created a website, According to the group, the proposed casino site is on a path that cuts through Pickett’s Charge as well as the area where the Union cavalry marched through on their way to the battlefield. The group says that “people visit here because they can relax in a family-friendly community. We don’t want the identity of our town changed to a ‘casino town.’”

The American Legion, the largest veteran’s group in the U.S., has recently spoken out in opposition of the casino. Though they say they have no problem with casinos and are okay with other casinos in the state, they do not want one that close to the Gettysburg National Military Park. They also remind us that President Abraham Lincoln declared that land “consecrated ground” after the war.

Oh no! They played the “consecrated ground” card! Putting a casino there would now seem disrespectful to those who shed their blood in 1863. I mean, what’s next, a mosque on Ground Zero? A Stalin statue at a D-Day memorial?Stalin_Statue_closeup

I have to say they have a point. A big, flashy casino that close to the battlefield would seem to distract from the somberness of the scene. The Gettysburg battlefield is a memorial dedicated to one of the darkest times in American history, and casino with loud machines, neon signs and a thriving nightlife doesn’t seem appropriate.

If the developers were instead planning on an online casino, they wouldn’t have this problem. Currently, however, there are no online gambling sites based in any U.S. state, due to fear of the toothless and unconstitutional UIGEA.

How Much do you Know About Real Time Gaming Software? Here’s the Lowlowlowdown

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Allright folks, class is in session. How many of you think you know all there is to know about Real Time Gaming Software? Lame question, I know. However, I am going somewhere with this. Not sure exactly where that is, but it’s somewhere, nonetheless. Ha! I knew I could make you laugh. Or scoff. Whatever.

Anyhow, back to Real Time Gaming – let’s call ’em RTG for now. In terms of the sheer number of online casinos being powered by this longstanding software developer, RTG is as prolific as the largest and most prestigious software developers in business today. I’m talking the likes of Microgaming, WagerLogic, Wager Works, Playtech – the usual suspects.

What makes RTG different than the aforementioned, however, (besides the fact that RTG casinos are the only bunch of the lot still accepting wagers from USA casino players) is that RTG has something of a disassociation policy with many of their online casino licensees – that is, the ones that cause a ruckus with players. In other words, while the normal protocol in a legitimate player/casino dispute would be to go through the software provider, RTG has oftentimes said in the past that disputes are between the player and the casino operators.

Well, we all know that’s hogwash. Since software providers lease/license their software to independent casino operators, it stands to reason that if said casino operators are not behaving ethically, the software developer should revoke the license. Otherwise, this looks badly on both the casino and the software developer.

So yes, after what seemed like at least half of RTG-powered online casinos had been blacklisted a couple years back on several reputable affiliate portal sites and forums, the software company stepped in and launched the Central Disputes System. CDS, as it is affectionately called amongst the gaming community, serves as a direct channel for posting complaints and player dispute moderation requests. After a lengthy, lengthy, lengthy (did I say lengthy) investigation, the player is deemed to be in the right, RTG will step in and strong-arm the casino to fix the wrong. If the casino doesn’t comply, well then, you would assume their license to use RTG’s software platform would be revoked.

So, what’s the difference between RTG and other USA-facing software providers like Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology. Mainly, its that RTG does not act as a white label platform, thus abstaining from providing any centralized support to the online casino licensee. Vegas Technology and Rival Gaming both actually own/manage many of the online casinos bearing their flag. RTG, however, is simply a “gaming software company“, and therefore, can’t be held liable for the antics of its licensees. Remember that reference to the disassociation policy?

But with CDS in effect, RTG has changed its stance and is now taking a more active, albeit quiet role keeping its licensees in check. But that’s only when “issues” come up. RTG does not place standard regulatory mandates on its licensees, which essentially means that you could be playing at an RTG casino that is not even licensed and regulated. Granted, nor do the other USA friendly software providers, which is a testament to how the black market will thrive if the US government doesn’t pull their thumbs out of their butt and regulate online gambling.

But that’s another another session altogether, class. I guess the moral of this class session is that RTG online casinos should always be considered on a case-by-case basis. There are some really, really good RTG sites out there – Aladdin’s Gold is a gem (pun intended). Some RTG casinos take responsibility in acquiring the proper regulatory credentials to ensure a safe and fair hand, while others do not. Some operate stellar customer service support centers while others do not. That’s why sites like Online Casino Suite are a valuable resource to players – so long as they’re not in cahoots with the crooks (which we’re not 🙂 by the way) you are going to get solid advice about which RTG casinos to play and which to avoid. Since RTG isn’t going to do anything about it, somebody does, right? Well, at least there’s CDS. Cheers to that RTG!