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Cryptologic to Offer Marvel Slots Mobile Platform Following Dispute Settlement

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Cryptologic gets Hulk to turn on Marvel and shake things up!

Cryptologic gets Hulk to turn on Marvel and shake things up!

When online casino software developer, Cryptologic, first filed legal proceedings against Marvet Enterprises some five months ago, I don’t think there was any intent to sever relations with Marvel and thus squash Cryptologic’s quasi-exclusive licensing rights (it was supposed to be exclusive) to brand Marvel comicbook characters into video slots. We all know that Cryptologic’s Marvel Slots have become way too popular with players for that to happen.

The real motivation behind such a move was more likely to get Marvel to relinquish the rights it gave to rival online casino software developer, Playtech, to likewise brand their own version of Marvel’s most popular characters into slot machines. And while the results of said legal proceedings did not accomplish this end in mind, per say, Cryptologic still walked away the better.

Seemingly staying on good terms with Marvel, Cryptologic has instead opted to settle with a modification of business terms regarding its current licensing agreement with Marvel. Now officially a “non-exclusive” agreement, Cryptologic has extended it’s deal with Marvel by twelve months until January 2014 all at a “reduced cost”. Furthermore, giving Cryptologic a foot up on Playtech, the company will be permitted to launch it’s Marvel themed games on a mobile online casino platform.

In other words, that means Marvel Slots will soon be coming to a mobile phone near you. Considering the growing popularity of mobile games, not to mention the innovation behind such a trend, this is big news, folks. Online Casino Suite just reported on Research in Motion’s answer to the iPad – Play Book – and I have to say that judging by the name alone, not to mention the Flash capabilities of Play Book – Marvel mobile slots could very well be the next hottest thing in the online casino gaming world.

Even more exciting is that Cryptologic has also announced it is developing new Marvel casino games based on The Avengers comicbook series, as well as other popular characters originally written into the deal with Marvel. If you want a sneak peek of what is to come, OCS highly recommends giving Inter Casino a visit. They are one of the oldest and most respected online casinos in business today, and yes, they offer Cryptologic’s full suite of Marvel video slots, as well as a mobile platform that I highly suspect will be one of the first to come out with Marvel mobile slots.

Sign up with InterCasino today to receive a 100% Match bonus worth $250 Free (Bonus Code: IC250), which has a very low 12x play-through, and can be wagered on practically all games, including Marvel slots, certain forms of Blackjack and Video Poker.

Research in Motion Unveils Sneak Peek of Play Book

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Introducing the first multiprocessing, multitasking, uncompromised browsing, enterprise ready, professional tablet. At least that’s how Blackberry developer, Research in Motion (RIM), put’s it. In layman’s terms, what we’re talking about here is the answer to the iPad. Just as the Blackberry was to the iPhone, PlayBook is to the iPad. Yes, you heard right – they are calling it the Play Book. Now, for someone who works in the betting business, my first thought was, “oh, a new mobile app for online casinos”. I had no idea what the Play Book was, other than it’s some new device that was the topic of a news article I just happened to be reading at the time.

The word “play” can mean a number of things. In the context of digital tablets, that can range from making photo montages and playing videos to playing around with graphs and charts (I guess). It can also mean video games and gaming in general. In fact, I think the word “play” probably connotes images of the latter for most people. People play video games. They don’t play Power Point. And then there’s the word “Book”. Last time I saw play and book in the same sentence, let alone combined into one word, it had something to do with betting at a sportsbook.

So, after watching the teaser video of Play Book (that’s your cue to watch it, if you haven’t already), it looks like RIM isn’t marketing one iota of the gaming component. Perhaps then, my mind is just played out? Or perhaps it’s simply that RIM knows it couldn’t do something so controversial as encourage people to play online poker. While that may very likely be the case, I still don’t know if Play Book is the most appropriate title, given how it’s being marketed.

But wait, shut up Devon! (says the voice in my head). Perhaps the name of the device will actually encourage people to use it to play. And by this I mean playing games. And by that, I mean gambling online. See where I’m going with this. Just as I thought the Play Book was some contraption built specifically for internet wagering, I would think that many “gamers” out there – who very likely also play online poker – would be inclined to make the same correlation.

To say that Research in Motion (or whoever came up with the title Play Book) is playing to the subconscious of the gaming generation is probably a stretch. That’s like saying the Blackberry was named such to drive up sales of fresh blackberries and blackbery pie, albeit I am now highly curious about blackberry crop yields in the last five years, not to mention whether or not any Motorolla stock holders own a blackbery farm. Oh Dear God, if nobody reads this article for it’s instrinsic informative value, at least it will serve as a case study for how conspiracy theories are formed.

And yet there’s more to the story. Not only does Play Book sound like some kind of new online mobile gambling device, it is actually more online gambling friendly. Unlike the iPad, which does not support Flash, the Play Book is a no-download lovin’ Jumpin’ Jack Flash of tech wizardry. In other words, all of the no-download online casinos, poker rooms, sports book (and just about every other manner of online gambling site) are going to look picture perfect on the Play Book. Maybe RIM really is thinking about us gamers after all?

PlayBook2aWhat makes the Play Book sound even better than the iPad (assuming it does everything else the iPad does) is that it allows for free access by means of accessing cellular networks via linking to a Blackberry phone. In other words, if you have a Blackberry, you might as well get a Play Book. And if you like to throw down bets on the internet, well then, you can pretty much do it anywhere you want. This would seem especially useful to the active online poker player and punter.

Just as the iPhone (smart phones in general) brought about huge advances in the online mobile gambling sector, I think the Play Book is going to take mobile wagering to whole new level. The iPad is already doing it to a certain extent, what with the likes of Rank Interactive developing an iPad compatible online sportsbook. With the added capability of streamlining no-download Flash online casinos, I think we are about to see mobile gaming become a lot more popular.

Look out for the Play Book to hit stores in Spring, 2011. According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy is moving very aggressively to ensure it has plenty of Play Book’s on its shelves in time for the post-holiday season. The first model will not be able to connect to cellular networks, so don’t plan on seeing it at cellular carriers or even at Best Buy mobile stores (of which 50 more are being opened by Thanksgiving). However, RIM says that 3G and 4G models are already in the works.

More Affiliate Awards to Recognize the Best in Casino Gaming Review Sites

Monday, September 27th, 2010

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iGaming Business Affiliate Magazine is one of the best online gaming trade publications in circulation today. Nevermind the fact that it is primarily geared toward affiliates – whom if you didn’t know – bring in the lion’s share of traffic to internet betting destinations vying for top billing on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the chockful of “industry” articles professionally published in each bi-monthly issue, is sure to engage anyone with their fingers in the gaming business.

As for me personally, I prefer to read the write-ups discusssing promising, new forms of online wagering, as well as regulatory updates on the many betting jurisdictions the world over. What is true in the UK, may not be true in Malta, and vice versa. As a publishing outlet for the industry, Online Casino Suite certainly has a responsibility to stay abreast of such changes and updates and notify players and the betting community at large when such changes will affect them.

So, if I can be so brash as to toot our own horn, I suppose you could say this is one of the factors that makes for a great affiliate site like your’s truly. And that, my friends, is exactly what the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards aims to pay respects to. Even if OCS doesn’t win next year’s awards, the fact that the affiliate sector is being recognized by a highly respected trade publications is a pat on the back for affiliates who aim to bring more accountability and transparency to the online gambling industry.

Another great online gaming trade publication in business today is eGaming Review (eGR) Magazine. Largely focused on the European sector (let’s face it – that’s where most the legal action is these days, albeit there’s great news fodder for the up-and-downs of regulation in the States), eGR dishes out timely news articles and in-depth special reports pertaining to many areas of the industry. Likewise mindful of the role that affiliates play, one of eGR’s special reports for 2010 is the Affiliate Report. I’ll give you one guess what it’s about.

As for awards, until now, the eGR Operator Awards primarily recognize operators and developers – basically the B2B side of internet betting.  aims to pay some respect to. Not to be confused with iGaming Business’ Affiliate Awards, which judging by the name, obviously centers around the affiliate industry, the eGR Operator Awards now includes four new affiliate categories for the first time in six years. These categories include “Gaming Review Site of the Year”, “Innovative Gaming Site of the Year”, “Best Gaming Comparison Site of the Year”, and “Best Gaming Community Site of the Year”.

eGR Magazine’s Publishing Director, Seb Timpson, said it best: “We are not looking just to reward the biggest affiliates. Entrepreneurialism and a professional approach are attributes that the judges will also be looking for. We hope these awards will be a benchmark for affiliates, and a badge of achievement that affiliates will be proud to shout about to their users and partners.”

The awards ceremony, which is expected to draw a sell-out crowd of 800, will be held over dinner (as is the tradition), at the Artillery Garden at the HAC in London on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. In similary vein to the entertainment industry’s Golden Globe awards, the eGR Operator Awards is a black suit, white tie affair befitting the best of what the online gambling industry has to offer.

Check out this years eGaming Review Business 2 Business Awards Ceremony:

Ireland to Double the Tax Rate on Internet Betting Operators?

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Seemingly following in the footsteps of Great Britain, lawmakers in Ireland are apparently considering reaping more revenue from online gambling activity. And just like the UK, Ireland could be setting itself up for a loss in business if said “reaping” is too much for online betting operators.

As reported by the Irish Examiner, Ireland’s Finance Minister, Brian Lenihan is considering doubling the current tax rate on remote gaming revenue with a 2% tax on all wagers made through Ireland-based and regulated betting sites. Of course, the operative word here is “speculation”. But considering the history of online gambling regulation, if Ireland does indeed impose a 2% winnings tax, it certainly wouldn’t be a big shocker.

When you have the likes of Paddy Power and the Irish Bookmakers’ Association (IBA) voicing concern about such a tax, the reality is that there is indeed some truth behind the speculative claims that Minister Lenihan is, himself, seriously considering the tax spike. IBA’s chairwoman, Sharon Byrne, commented, “We believe that 400 of the 1,200 would shut up overnight. It would kill jobs in the industry”, while a Paddy Power spokesperson said that passing the tax would be “insane”.

Not surprisingly, all of the betting sites and online bookmakers operating out of Ireland, highly oppose the tax. The one exception could possibly be land-based horse racing and dog tracks, which the Irish government has apparently shorted some 30 million Euro’s in government funding.

The idea behind imposing such a spike is that it could generate 60 billion Euro’s in tax revenue per year. Therefore, it would seem the online betting industry would be the most conducive place to turn to for generating some badly needed funds. The gamble, however, is that by increasing the tax rate, many operators will either leave Ireland to do business elsewhere, or simply shut their doors for good. It has been estimated that some 33% of operators will have no choice but the latter.

U.S. Government Regulates Internet Betting With Get out of Jail Cards

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Dethroned U.S. powerhouse sportsbook, Sportingbet has settled with the U.S. Department of Justice, agreeing to pay $33 million in exchange for not facing prosecution charges. Well lookie here Mama! Money can buy justice after all! Yippie!!!!

Well, good for Sportingbet. But you know what? It’s cases like this that cause me to believe the United States is never going to regulate online gambling. Maybe it will trickle in on a State level, i.e., online poker in California and Flordia, but when you look at what the feds are doing to “enforce” the UIGEA, it definitely makes me go hmmmmmm.

Just to fill you in, Sportingbet is a long-running online sportsbook that used to do lots of business with United States citizens. In fact, like most other internet betting sites before the passing of the UIGEA, Sportingbet did the bulk of its business with Sportingbet. However, that came to a screaching hault when some of Sportingbet’s top brass were detained after stepping foot on U.S. soil.

In actuality, this was before the passing of the UIGEA, which goes to show that nothing has really changed other than a lot more reputable online casinos dropping out of the U.S. market, only to have their stead filled by rogue operators in the business of cheating players, or at least not paying out when times get rough – if you catch my drift. 🙂

What’s most interesting is the fact that the (former) charges looming over Sportingbet applied to before the passing of the UIGEA (before 2006). Apparently this all falls under the Wire Act (passed in the late sixties, I believe), which in itself, is said to be a very grey piece of legislation in regards to online gambling.

If you really stop to think about it, the federal government has been making a killing with cases like this. Not too long ago, Party Gaming agreed to dish out a whopping $105 million for uncollected gambling taxes. But wait, online gambling is illegal in the U.S. There is no tax. And why should there be with seizures like this. At this rate, the U.S. government stands to reap way more than they would letting State governments tax gaming revenue.

Then again, perhaps this is all just a precursor to regulation in the States. Says the feds: Let’s get all the money we can on “illegal” activity from the past, THEN we will regulate. It’s their way of admitting they should have been taxing gaming revenues all along, in a way. If they were just to make it illegal right now, all the past stuff could potentially become null and void. Okay, no I’m confused. Just regulate for Christ’s sake!

Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Legislation to Ban Internet Betting

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

It was a long shot – some would even say pointless. Yet, the fact that Washington State attorney, Lee Rousso, was able to get a Washington Supreme Court to rule on whether or not a relatively recent imposed ban against online poker is unconstitutional, goes to show that a fight is on…and it’s far from over.

Rousso’s got some balls, if you ask me. An avid online poker player himself, Rousso has been pursuing the case for roughly three years to this point. Unhindered by the court’s ruling that the 2006 legislature enacted to ban online gambling did not overeach public policy, nor violate the Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution, Rousso says he will now appeal the decision on a federal level with the U.S. Supreme Court. And he wants the online betting community to help him fight the ban.

Rousso had the following to say: “Unfortunately, the court has upheld an unpopular prohibition,” Rousso said in a statement. “Poker players in this state need to make their voices heard. Now more than ever we need to rally together to fight this outrageous law. I hope the poker community will stand with me as I appeal this decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The upside to all this is that Justice Richard B Sanders said in his ruling that the “evidence is not conclusive” and that a decision to uphold the ban should not be taken as an endorsement of the legislation itself, but rather, as an endorsement of the State Legislature’s ability to do so. In other words, there are pros and cons for both regulation and prohibition, and nobody really knows whether one will prove more effectice than the other. Well, at least the people in charge, I mean.

Online Vegas Makin’ News With Bonuses and Tournaments

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

If you like online casino slots, blackjack and video poker tournaments, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Online Vegas. Hosting a wealth of tournaments, many of which are either free to join or cost chump change (excuse my French), Online Vegas is an approved and highly recommended online casino here at OCS. Not that it’s hard to “make news” in the world of online gambling – what with just about every play-for-money site out there billing their welcome bonus as “news” – Online Vegas certainly qualifies for newsworthy status right now.

Yes, Online Vegas does indeed offer a generous welcome bonus to new players. Worth over $5,000 on the first 10 deposits ($500 just on the first), it is one of the best out there. In addition to this, Online Vegas offers a fantastic loyaly promotion giving up to 20% cashback on losses and weekly deposit bonuses. In short, over $11,000 is given away here every month – no matter if players opt for reload bonuses or not.

But what’s even better about Online Vegas – if you ask me (thanks for asking) – is the deluge of free tournaments taking place here all the time. In fact, there is a free slot tournament offered here every day. Of course, what’s the value in a free tournament if there isn’t plenty of cash to be won? Well, that’s where Online Vegas’ reputation and experience comes into play. In business for several years running, Online Vegas has managed to attract quite the following – so much so that it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say it is one of the most popular U.S. facing online casinos in business today.

You see, with more players participating in tournaments, Online Vegas is able to guarantee more…well…guaranteed winnings. For the month of September this tally was worth over $425,000 in guaranteed tournament winnings. In fact, it’s still not too late to stake a share of the prize money this month. The last of the Weekender Madness tournaments guarantees $30,000 in winnings, and goes down from Friday, September 24th to Tuesday, September 28th.

And September isn’t a fluke either. It’s been like this at Online Vegas for as long as I can remember. Granted, my memory isn’t the best (no thanks to my…err…habits), however, for at least the last two years Online Vegas has been guaranteeing hundreds of thousands of dollars in tournament winnings every month. Fueled by a large wide area progressive jackpot network that includes the likes of Go Casino and Crazy Slots (linked via Vegas Technology’s CFG fairness certified software platform), the winnings here are for real.

Naturally, the slots tournaments are the most popular and more frequent, yet there is also a great selection of daily video poker and blackjack tournaments paying out pot percentage winnings, as well as guaranteed bonus bucks. Everything from pot percentage 24 hour $0.99 Blackjack tournaments to three-day Jacks or Better video poker tournaments are available round the clock. So what are you waiting for? Don’t say more news, because let me tell you brothers and sisters (to quote my cousin from the backwoods of Tennesse) it ain’t get no better than this.

iGaming News Reports on the Return of Curacao as a Formidable Regulatory Jurisdiction

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

curacao_egamingIf you work in the online gaming industry, there’s a chance you have a subscription to iGaming News. If not, what are you waiting for? Anyhow, if you’re totally cool like me (I’m talking Lady Gaga coolness here) and already have a subscription 🙂 then you will have noticed the latest issue has a good chunk of information about Curacao.

For all the online bettors reading this, Curacao probably rings a bell. And no, I’m not talking about it’s appeal as a beautiful place to vacation at (FYI, Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island, and consequently, a beautiful place to vacation at). But Curacao is also a key player in the “international” online gambling industry.

Being one of the first jurisdictions to regulate online gambling (1993), Curacao has steadily developed into one of the most sought after jurisdictions for online casino operators looking to set up shop while offering some degree of regulatory credibility to their players. These days, as pointed out in iGaming News, Curacao is being viewed as a top contender for betting site operators looking for more reasonable licensing costs and tax solutions (without being a tax haven). Curacao does not impose separate taxes on gaming revenue, while only subjecting an operators net revenue to a 2% tax rate.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Being a jurisdiction where many operators chiefly do business with U.S. players (much like Antigua & Barbuda), the passing of the US online gambling ban, aka UIGEA, not to mention being left off the UK Gambling Commission’s white-list, sort of put a dambper on Curacao’s rise as an internationally recognized regulatory jurisdiction, albeit a handful of popular U.S. facing online casino operators have been holding up here since the beginning.

However, now that the UK’s bilateral regulatory policies, which permitted white-listed operators to do business with UK citizens without requiring them to hold a UK license, are not being embraced in other EU countries like France (where a National regulatory policy is serving to protect State-run interests), Curacao is being seen in a new light. With the possibility that operators will likely need to hold multiple licenses in order to do business in EU countries with non-bilateral regulation, Curacao could very well become the “go to” destination for operators looking to expand.

So, if you’re a player and have ever wondered why so many online casinos are setting up shop in Curacao, that’s why. It’s not because there is no regulation (which is currently the case in Costa Rica, although that could very well change in the near future). Curacao’s “State Ordinance concerning the exploitation of hazard games on the international market by means of service lines” aka, P.B. 1993 no. 63 has you covered in that area (Contact the Netherlands Department of Justice and or if you want more info).

Essentially, it all comes down to affordability, while maintaining credibility. In a market where national regulation is fueling State-run monopolies and overrunning a more internationally friendly regulatory regime, Curacao’s E-zone co-location services (which permits online casinos to operate in other regulated markets – pending, of course, on the laws of said regulated markets) is looking very promising. With the chances of a UK white-listing very likely, as well as e-Commerce Parks approval to host online gaming operators licensed by the Alderney Gaming Commission (which is already white-listed in the UK), as iGaming News points out, “The Return of Curacao” is imminent.

Looking for a Curacao licensed and regulated online casino to wager with. OCS highly recommends Go Casino, Aladdin’s Gold and Online Vegas.

Victor Chandler Casino Licenses Best of Wager Works Software

Monday, September 20th, 2010

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

The Victor Chandler website just got a bit more expansive now that a deal with Wager Works Software has procured a lineup of some of the funnest online casino games out there. Given even the twenty-something, drop-dead-gorgeous dealers who help run Victor Chandler’s live dealer online casino, this new lineup of games is sure to spice things up (abeit I wouldn’t mind if one of Chandler’s dealers – the oldest of whom was born in 1984, by the way – was to spice things up in however she sees fit. 🙂

Now, before I get myself into trouble, let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we? International Gaming Technology (IGT) subsidiary, Wager Works, is to owe for the innovative selection of slots that now call the Victor Chandler website home. Well, not all of them. Victor Chandler uses software from several developers – showcasing the best that each has to offers through the innovative “Open Bet Platform”. In the case of Wager Works, these include Monopoly (With Pass “Go” Bonus & On a Roll), Wheel of Fortune, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, Elvis Top 20 and Ca$hino.

If you are an avid land-based casino player, you may very well recognize some, if not all of these slot machine titles. That’s because all of them were originally developed into brick ‘n mortar casino slot machines and brought to the land-based industry by IGT. Having sole licensing rights to turn these titles into their virtual counterparts, Wager Works has become a niche developer, if you will, offering what no other software developer can – popular, branded games.

I take that back – there certainly are other software developers in the business of branding slot machines. Need I mention Marvel Slots? (Albeit the games you can find at Cryptologic and now Playtech online casinos were not initially developed into brick ‘n mortar games). However, the fact remains that Wager Works casino games have a history that – call me crazy – almost make you feel as if you actually are inside your favorite brick ‘n mortar casino – minus the cocktail waitress, lack of clocks and tacky carpet, of course.

If you’re NOT from the U.S., give the Victor Chandler website a visit to see for yourself. Or you could just as well give a call to the OCS top Wager Works site, Virgin Casino. But then again, how bad do you want to interact with Silvia from the live blackjack table?!

Sega Casino Shuts Down in Less Than One Year From Launching on the Web

Monday, September 20th, 2010


Yours Truly will be the first to admit when I’m wrong. I will also be the first to admit when I’m right. It’s only fair, is it not? Now, aside from digging up some old articles and forum posts that I dished out about Sega Casino (okay fine, I alread dug them up), let me just say, “I told you so, I told you so, I told you so”. Okay, now I’m annoying myself. And not that anyone was disagreeing with me, it just seemed like when Sega Casino was first launched online earlier this year (they have already closed up shop), there was a lot of what I like to call “misplaced hype”.

Basically, Sega Casino began recruiting affiliates in preparation for launching it’s real-money online casino using software powered by Playtech. Yes, they tried to recruit Online Casino Suite. Obviously, we did not buy into their promise of being a “premiere online gaming” destination. For one, there was no proven track record, other than the riding off the popularity of Playtech and Sega. Secondly, besides the fact that we were a little concerned Sega could potentially attract an underage gambling crowd (yes, it’s the same SEGA that brought you Sonic the Hedgehog and a spew of cool video games), people involved with management were spamming our forums with the most ridiculous and annoying spam that you can think of.

And not that spam just by itself isn’t annoying, but in this case, we were hit by a deluge of that mindless kind of spam that just makes you want to poke your eyes out (or rather, the eyes of the spammer). But since that doesn’t solve anything, your’s truly was left to police the forum and wash away the stain that was Sega Casino spam.

Let me give you an example, because I don’t think anyone can appreciate just how bad it was. Let’s say there was a thread discussing the finer points of Blackjack strategy. One of these spammers would sure enough enter the convesation and directly respond to a question like, “Should I split a pair of sevens?” with “Go to Sega Casino for an unheard of slots bonus worth thousands in free money!. I call Sega home and never want to leave!! There’s so much to play here!”

After giving repeated bans to a few members (who were probably the same person), I gave gave them a golden chance to just be up front about their association with Sega Casino, and then in time (after making some real forum posts and helping other members), we would think about letting them to post more promotional things. Heck, at that point OCS might have thought about becoming an affiliate. But no! The spammer actually had the lack of sense to deny the association. They claimed to be a player. And pray do tell, what player repeatedly posts SEO links to online casinos with car-salesman lingo?

Anyhow, considering this run-in, I am not at all surprised that Sega Casino has already called it quits after only being online for less than one year. Let it be a lesson to anyone out there thinking about starting an online casino. Don’t resort to shady marketing tactics. Invest in your product, do the right thing, and the Casinos Edge will pay off in the end. For God’s sake, the odds are in your favor! And for all the players reading this, let it be a lesson to only play at online casinos recommended by OCS 🙂 I hate to say it (okay, maybe I don’t) but I’ll say it anyways: I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!