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Record Breaking Wins Totaling Over 800,000 Euros go to Lucky Casino Tropez Player

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Big Money Brawler Racks up $800,000+ Euros at Playtech's Casino Tropez

Big Money Brawler Racks up $800,000+ Euros at Playtech's Casino Tropez

Jackpots in the thousands are won every day at online casinos. But jackpots in the hundreds of thousands are, understandably, not quite as prolific. Nonetheless, big jackpots are paid out to lucky players every month. What makes January 2010 an especially impressive month in terms of big payouts is that not only did many of January’s newsworthy wins take place within a single online casino, they were won by a single player. Just how many, you ask? Try eleven.

That’s right. A player in Spain by the name of Jose M., who calls the popular Euro online casino, Casino Tropez, home, has walked away with an amazing 800,527 Euros spanning eleven wins in the first week of January. Now, I know what most of you are thinking (because I thought it myself). How can someone get that lucky. There’s no gambling odds possible to produce betting  results like that on slot machines, right? You heard, right. Not only did Jose M. hit eleven different large wins, he did it on the slot machines.

Now I know why there’s so many slots fanatics out there. But seriously, this does almost seem unbelievable to me. However, here’s where it makes more sense. Unlike most other gamblers out there who place some wagers here and there, perhaps occasionally laying down a risky bet, Jose M. is apparently a high rolling wheeler-n-dealer whose betting activity could account for several players. Now, by no means am I encouraging anyone to go on a gamble frenzy. The fact of the matter is that Jose M. still got lucky. He happened to be in the right place, with the right bankroll (making larger wagers) at the right time.

It does go to show that “you have to be in it to win it”. And in the case of Jose M., he was really into the slots, “Thrill Seekers”, “Desert Treasure”, “A Night Out” and the popular “Lotto Madness” – all of which helped earn Jose his combined winnings of $800K+ Euros. Jose also apparently knew how to get around using the various betting platforms offered by Casino Tropez, including his mode of choice – the instant, no-download Flash platform at Tropez. Although he didn’t win on Tropez’s mobile casino, that didn’t stop Casino Tropez from recently receiving an independent Gold Award for “Top Mobile Gaming Platform” in 2009.

Now part of the highly reputable Euro Partners brand (for all you affiliates out there), Casino Tropez Mobile certainly has made a huge impact on the European facing mobile gaming industry, and rightly deserves to be included amongst the best euro online casinos in business today. The Casino Tropez brand itself, which has been around since the early days of online gambling, not to mention one of Playtech’s oldest and most reputable online casino licensees, is doing quite well these days in the European market. And with a newly launched comprehensive online roulette tournament package, live dealer gaming, and record setting wins like those of Jose M. this month, things look as if they are only going to get better for Tropez.

Read the OCS Tropez Casino Review for more information.

Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) to Implement Community Certification of Programs

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Affiliates Have a Say at CAP

Affiliates Have a Say at CAP

Just as (CAP) announces the introduction of a new community certification program that allows affiliates to offer input and have a say regarding which affiliate programs are approved and listed in CAP’s directory, one such recently approved program was at the core of a scandal unearthed by players posting on the Casino Meister forum board. In a way, you could say the introduction of the program hasn’t come at a better time.

Not going into too much detail about the drama on the forums, let’s just say that the Jackpots Heaven online casino was recently given the green light by CAP, only to be found out by players of running a questionable business, if not a sham online casino altogether. What matters now is that CAP does indeed get this community certification program off its feet and the participation of it’s 10,000+ affiliate members.

The way the system will work is that in order for a new affiliate program to be considered for approval, the program must be established for a minimum of six months, and have a dedicated affiliate program manager who is active in the CAP community. A handful of programs meeting such criteria will then go up for a vote before CAP’s affiliate community. After 30-days of voting, if the affiliate program has received an 80% approval rating, it will be endowed with CAP’s Community Seal to display on it’s property websites, and will also be highlighted on the CAP website. Each month, new programs will go up for a vote, with those not receiving 80% approval permitted to resubmit at a later date.

CAP is also implementing a new complaints program allowing affiliates to post complaints about affiliate programs, ie, slow/non payment of earnings, player abuse etc., out of which private mediation services will be provided by CAP representatives.

From the perspective of a player, news like this is not only good, it’s relevant. In the world of affiliate marketing, it’s difficult to keep bias, ie., money, out of influencing which online casinos get promoted the most. The same is true for affiliate programs seeking a listing in the CAP directory, or any affiliate network for that matter. With the new community certification program, the bias-factor is greatly reduced, for it allows approved affiliates to each have their say.

Affiliates, albeit middle-men, hold great sway in the success of online casinos – those which the affiliates promote or review, at least. Dominating the search engines and being highly skilled in the affairs of Web technology, the best affiliates help to make the entire online gambling industry go round and actually drive the bulk of revenue that goes into the thousands of internet betting destinations out there.

So, when an online casino is acting up and threatens the good name of the online gambling industry which many of the 10,000+ affiliate members of CAP have worked hard to develop, enough affiliates can make sure that online casino goes out of business, whether it be via a mass blacklisting or simply a collective choice to abstain from doing business via the casino’s affiliate program. Think of CAP as being a giant union with tremendous bargaining power. With the introduction of the community certification system, CAP proves why it is the most respected and trusted (albeit a few slipups over the years) online casino affiliate programs in business today.

Will Hill Online Calls Bingo for Virtue Fusion Alderney

Friday, January 29th, 2010

virtuefusion_williamhillIf William Hill Online ever had any reservations about staying in the online bingo industry, they certainly don’t anymore. As of this week, Will Hill has extended it’s agreement with Virtue Fusion Alderney – an industry leading licensor of online bingo games and thriving bingo player network. A deal equally serving both companies, the relationship means that Virtue Fusion will get to continue boasting the respected Will Hill brand as one of its clients and that Will Hill players will have access to a large pool of tournaments and popular bingo games like “Deal or No Deal”. So, to capitalize on the opportunity to use a pun, I guess you could say the “deal” went down once again.

Will Hill, which is one of the oldest and most reputable gaming brands in the UK (now licensed in the premier regulatory jurisdiction of Malta – Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority), has long been associated with providing fixed odds bookmaking services. Their launch, last year, of a Playtech Software powered online casino and the Will Hill Online business entity as a whole, ushered in a new direction for Will Hill, now resulting in a strong online presence across the boards, including a 70% asset share with Playtech. Not only is Will Hill into sports betting, bingo and online casino games, they also offer an arcade and Vegas Casino subdomain, live dealer casino, skill gaming and lottery.

If you ask me, it all gets a little confusing. For what we are concerned with here at Online Casino Suite, however (being that we specialize in reviewing online casinos), we like to tell UK and European players about the William Hill Casino Club, which is the aforementioned Playtech-powered online casino with the best free cash bonus offers Will Hill Online has to offer. As opposed to a £100 welcome bonus and £25 no-deposit offer (which is offered through, Will Hill Casino Club ( offers a £150 welcome bonus and £30 no-deposit bonus.

As for Virtue Fusion, well, they have been doing some serious expansion of their own. Not only is Will Hill a major client in their network, Ladbrokes and the ever popular Virgin Gaming (which operates the UK favorite, Virgin Online Casino), are tapped into Virtue’s platform of 30,000+ players (7,000 peak concurrent players; 1,001 concurrent players at time of publication) generating over 100 Million Euros in stakes per month. Adding to their good name, Virtue Fusion is licensed and regulated by the UK white-listed Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Jackpots Heaven Online Casino Under the Knife at Casino Meister Forum

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Jackpots Heaven Casino Gets Prodded!

Jackpots Heaven Casino Gets Prodded!

For anyone out there who thinks the days of lawless online casinos are no more, think again. Sure, it’s certainly not as bad as it used to be, but the fact remains there are rogue online casinos out there in the business of stealing your money, your identity, and certainly your peace of mind. This is no scare tactic folks. Them be dangerous waters out there!

While OCS is not here to deliver any guilt or innocence in regards to what this post recounts, players need to make up their own minds based on the information that is out there. Case in point was the recent turn of events that brought about the micro-surgery of Jackpots Heaven Online Casino. Nevermind the fact the casino is still online and taking player’s money, as far you should be concerned – since you are reading this – well…you need to think carefully before playing at Jackpots Heaven. Here’s why:

A player and longtime forum member of the highly respected online casino watchdog portal, Casino Meister, started off by making a forum post – innocently enough – expressing doubt that Jackpots Heaven Casino was not delivering fair odds on their Baccarat game. This prompted other forum members to give a closer look at Jackpots Heaven, and ended up revealing a whole lot more than unfair odds!

The irony of the situation is that the original forum post to begin with was not entirely justified, considering the player’s test sample of the Baccarat game was not large enough to accurately verify a discrepancy in odds. In other words, there was no “proof” per say, that Jackpots Heaven Casino was delivering unfair odds – the player was merely raising suspicion. But, considering what was dug up thereafter, it’s certainly understandable why the red flags were drawn.

The “thread” that started undoing the sweater of Jackpots Heaven was wielded by a Casino Meister forum member who decided to do some fine-print investigation by means of reading over the terms and conditions posted on the Jackpots Heaven Casino website. What this gumshoe found was certainly concerning. In one section of the terms, it was stated that Jackpots Heaven was licensed in Costa Rica under a company registration license #, followed by a random chain of digits, yet in another section of the terms a different set of numbers was used for licensing credentials. That’s worthy of an eyebrow raise.

On top of this, the terms also stated that Jackpots Heaven was regulated by the “Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Costa Rica”, when in fact, there is no such entity. Apparently, the owners, who are virtually based in the UK, were either trying to ride off the credibility of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, which is one of the most respected online gambling jurisdictions in operation today, or simply did not know any better. Turns out it was the latter.

Here’s the catch – Even with Jackpots Heaven being licensed in Costa Rica, there is no regulation of online casinos in Costa Rica – the Costa Rica Commerce, Industry and Economy Ministry merely hands out operator licenses, but does not enforce regulatory standards. In other words, unless there’s a history of trust and a good reputation, playing at a Costa Rican based online casino poses more risk on average. The fact that Jackpots Heaven casino servers are not even based in Costa Rica, but rather, registered in the UK, where the server address is being sent to a cloaked dns server leading to Panama (which a Costa Rica gambling licenses does indeed allow, mind you – a remote license of sorts), will understandably draw suspicion – especially when there is no transparency about such a trail of redirects.

As more Casino Meister forum members began to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, an increasing number of red flags were revealed about Jackpots Heaven. Another member found a passage in the terms directly lifted off the website of another questionable online casino, Casino Riva, thus bringing about suspicion that Jackpots Heaven was associated with Casino Riva. The player then proceeded to engage a customer service rep via live chat and asked if the two online casinos were indeed associated, to which the rep replied “Yes”. As the player began to dig more, the rep mysteriously turned on a dime and said the two were not associated – definitely something that makes you go hmmmm? Furthermore, screen shots of the software being used by Jackpots Heaven reveal graphics trademark infringement against top-shelf software developers, Playtech and Microgaming.

At one point, a rep/manager for Jackpots Heaven going by the name of Raphael Taub stepped in and embarrassingly tried to offer an explanation for the blunderings of the casino customer service rep. Getting nowhere with the players on Meister’s forum who persisted to ask the simple questions that Taub either could not or would not answer, he only dug a deeper hole for Jackpots Heaven, and eventually resorted to making legal threats.

The fact of the matter is that not every online casino, sportsbook or poker room based out of Costa Rica or Panama is a crook. We can’t for certain say that Jackpots Heaven Casino are crooks. Although regulations are more lax in Costa Rica, there are a good handful of top tier online gambling operators doing a fine job to ensure they are regulated by third parties. It all comes down to the history of the operator of their standing in the online gambling industry. But considering the fact that Jackpots Heaven went out of its way to hide where it’s based from, not to mention suspicion of association with Casino Riva and trademark infringement of Playtech and Microgaming Software, OCS believes this warrants a warning. And thus Jackpots Heaven Casino goes onward to the OCS Online Casino Blacklist for the time being.