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Cyprus Raids While Fate of Bill is Still Undetermined

5 April 2011 by admin

Cyprus is still on its quest to try to end crime that they believe to the direct result of online gambling in their country. But there is still some political unrest about the bill to ban online gambling with operators. In the meantime police raids are still happening.

The bill to ban online gambling in Cyprus is still not finalized. For the most part, this is the result of online gambling operators who have set up shop in Cyprus—and there are a great number of them, make no mistake—who have noticed that the bill seems to have missed including OPAP. OPAP is the Greek state gambling company who runs the country’s gambling, for the most part, including the Greek lottery. While some people may not see what the big deal is, a bill favoring OPAP is a big deal.

Historically speaking the island of Cyprus is split into two camps, the Greeks and the Turks. To pass a bill that excludes OPAP from the online gambling ban would mean that OPAP could still operate on Cyprus, thus giving them a monopoly on online gambling. So it is a big deal. A very big deal. Such a big deal as to come to the point where lobbyists and those who are pro-online gambling have gone on to suggest that the bill was crafted by politicians who are in the pocket of OPAP. Naturally this has caused a lot of argument and a lot of injured dignity. Political figures have stormed out of proceedings. All of this has contributed to a slowdown I the passing—or not passing—of the ban on online gambling.

In the meantime police forces on Cyprus continue to raid online gambling operations and seizing equipment. Granted these operations are not legitimate operations—these are not the online casinos that are operated out of Cyprus that many online gamblers the world over play on. Thankfully they are raiding smaller illegal operations whose purpose is to fleece players. So while these raids are good for players, they still shine a negative light on online gambling.

A recent raid saw the seizure of computer hardware, money, title deeds, decommissioned rifles and even frozen rabbits. No, I do not know what the significance of the frozen rabbits is. What gets me is that the ban is on in place yet. These raids can happen because they are bad operations, illegal even, but what worries me is that police forces in Cyprus could become too zealous in their attempt to rid their country of online gambling, and raid a legitimate operation. That could have a big impact on the online gambling industry.

And I do not necessarily think the legitimate operators are entirely safe, mostly because of a statement made by the Justice Minister, Loucas Louca: “We hope that parliament finally passes the relevant bill so as to offer the police further ammunition to radically deal with this phenomenon, which has turned into a social problem.” The aim is anti-online gambling rather than entirely anti-illegal activity. And that is what worries me about the political situation in Cyprus in regards to their bill to ban online gambling.

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