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Sunday Storm Tournament at PokerStars

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

PokerStarsSquareThings are changing at PokerStars, the most popular poker room on the Internet. They have long been running poker tournaments each week with big money up for grabs, but they are now upping the ante. The Sunday 1/4 Million tournament have been given a new name. It will now be called the Sunday Storm tournament. That may not be a big deal to you, but this next part should have your attention. They are also upping the prize pool – quadrupling it, to be exact.

On the first Sunday Storm poker tournament, PokerStars is offering a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. If you got lost in all of those zeros, let me point out that it is one million dollars (imagine that in a Dr. Evil voice). The first Sunday Storm tournament, with $1 million up for grabs, will be on Sunday, March 27.

The entry fee for the poker tournament is $11, but it is also popular to get into the tournament for free. There are two different ways to earn free admission into the Sunday Storm tournament. The first is if you are a new member. If so, make a deposit of $20 or more and input the coupon code of “STORM.” Doing so will earn you a ticket to the tournament.

The other way to earn free entry is by playing your way in. Starting back on March 15 and ending at noon on March 27, PokerStars is running freeroll tournaments every hour. Players who enter those free tournaments and finish in the top ten will win seats in the Sunday Storm tournament.

The $1 million prize pool is only for the first Sunday Storm tournament, taking place on March 27. After that, from April 3 on, the tournament will have a $300,000 prize pool. That’s a significant drop-off, but it’s still an increase from the prize pool previously associated with the tournament, $250,000. To take part in the free satellite tournaments or buy your way into the main event, visit PokerStars.

Charitable Slots Tournament Good Example for Online Casinos to Follow

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

It is very difficult to find any “good” news relating to the triple disaster in Japan. An unfathomable catastrophe, thousands of lives have been lost, and over $200 billion will be needed to rebuild earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Japan. On top of all this, there is the looming threat of a nuclear fallout that is already beginning to show in the water and food supply.

The international response to this disaster has been nothing short of an outpouring. Many nations have pledged aid, while thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations the world over have given financial support to relief efforts such as those overseen by the Red Cross.

Here in the online gambling community, an outpouring of support has also helped to bring some light to the end of the tunnel. Online casino operators, software developers, B2B entities and affiliates have all pitched in to help Japan with financial aid. Just this weekend, the popular Jackpot City Casino hosted a free slots tournament, with all proceeds going to a charity organization in Japan. Details about the charity slots tournament can be read here.

The exact turnout and revenue generated for the free tournament is still being tabulated (it wrapped up just hours ago), but we will be sure to update in the comments section just as soon as we find out. In the meantime, OCS hopes the Jackpot City tournament will serve as an example for other online casinos to follow.

If you too are searching for a way to help Japan, which not apportion some of your gambling bankroll as a charitable contribution. Either set your losing limits shorter than you normally would, or give generously if you happen to win big at the online casinos in the coming days, month’s even years. It will certainly take years for Japan to recover and rebuild from this unthinkable tragedy.

Online Casino Holding Charity for Japan

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

helpjapanIn the wake of one of the worst natural disasters in the history of Japan – actually, one of the worst natural disasters in the whole world – many are wondering what they can do to help. Thousands are dead or missing due to a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami and, just to top it off, concerns of a possible nuclear meltdown. Food, water and supplies are short and the people of Japan, despite their surprising calmness and civility, need help.

If you’re sitting at home far from the Land of the Rising Sun, you might be wondering what you can do to help. Aside from prayers, charitable donations are needed and appreciated. You want to be weary of charity-looking scams and anything brand new concocted by a grandstanding celebrity (those celebrity charities are usually inefficient, at best). Websites such as can help direct you to reputable charities providing relief for the people of Japan. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

After an event like this, everyone wants to help, including online casinos. That is why Jackpot City Casino is holding a charity tournament to benefit Japan. The great thing about the charity is that is requires nothing of you except joining and playing in a slot tournament, which there’s a good chance you enjoy doing anyway. That makes it more accessible and easy, so the hope is that it will generate a lot of interest.

The Japan charity tournament is called “Help Japan.” If you are a member of Jackpot City Casino and log onto the promotions page, you will find a large Japanese flag and information on the tournament. The slot tournament begins Friday, March 18 and ends on Sunday, March 20. There is no entry fee for the tournament, but once you run out of the initial credits you are given, a re-buy costs $2. At the end of the slot tournament, the top five players will each get 10,000 loyalty points.

That’s not the important part of the tournament, though. This is a charity tournament, so the important part is how it helps Japan. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the tournament will be donated to a charity organization in Japan. That means each re-buy by each player gives more money to the relief effort. The charity tournament is expected to have a large turnout and can accommodate up to 5,000 players.

The only downside to the tournament is that, because Jackpot City Casino does not accept U.S. players, Americans cannot participate. If you live in the United States and want to help the people of Japan, I suggest finding another good charity. In fact, I encourage that even for those who do participate in the charity slot tournament.

For more information on the Japan charity slot tournament, visit Jackpot City Casino.

Microgaming Running Grand Slam of Slots II

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The Grand Slam is a term that signifies excitement and importance. In baseball, it is the biggest and most important hit: a bases-loaded home run. In tennis, it is winning the four biggest tournaments of the year: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. At Denny’s, it’s a breakfast feast you can get for one low price. Microgaming casinos tried to leverage the connotations of the term with the original Grand Slam of Slots tournament in 2009. Now it is back for its second installment, the Grand Slam of Slots II.

grand-slam-of-slots-356As the name indicates, this is a big tournament – one of the biggest of the year, in fact. It begins March 15 and doesn’t end until June 6. The prize pool is deep, with the first-place winner walking away with $100,000. If that prize isn’t exciting enough, try this one: $2.43 million of gold bullion. Now are you interested? The tournament takes place in two parts and can be found at any Microgaming casino, such as Platinum Play Casino.

The first part of the tournament takes place from March 15 to May 22. During that time, players earn points for the money they win and the top 120 players at the end of that tournament earn tickets granting them free admission to the Grand Final, which takes place from May 27 to June 6. You definitely want to earn one of those tickets, because if you have to buy your way into the Final, it will cost you $200.

During the first part of the tournament, players can also win prizes such as a year of Diamond status in the VIP club. Like the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, each section has many different match-ups. A large suite of popular Migrogaming slots are available to play. Some of the mini-tournaments are invitation-only, though, so be sure to check your email.

To take part in the tournament, all you have to do is register for a real-money account at a Microgaming casino, such as Platinum Play, and join the tournament. It’s that easy. Of course, you don’t have to play at Platinum Play. You can try others, such as Roxy Palace or Crazy Vegas. It’s up to you. Every casino in the Microgaming network is carrying the tournament.

Note: Microgaming casinos don’t accept U.S. customers. So if you’re in the United States, sorry guys. Now Hosting Exclusive Daily Slots Tournaments

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

RushmoreSlotsTournamentsRushmore Casino is no stranger to the world of online gambling. Successfully catering to the U.S. market – and by that I mean being able to efficiently process deposits, pay out on time and keep a good rep all the while long – Rushmore has what it takes to run an online casino. The only thing I can say they ever lacked IMHO (in terms of service and the overall gaming package) was a large selection of slots tournaments.

Well, say goodbye to those days. Rushmore (as you can see in the banner over there to the right) is hosting “new and exclusive slot tournaments every day”. Sure, it would be nice to know when, where, why and how, but I guess you’ll just have to open an account to find out now wontchya? Well, yes….that’s what Rushmore would want you to certainly do. I personally could really care less, although I will say Rushmore is as good an online casino as any.

While their slot tournament schedule isn’t as comprehensive nor guarantee as large of winnings as some of the other networks vying for U.S. tournament traffic (which is probably why they don’t post the schedule) it’s large enough to keep a serious tournament player busy. Let’s face it – there’s new tournaments every day.

If you’re a fan of Real Time Gaming powered online casinos (well, not ALL the online casinos…but the one’s that aren’t shady), Rushmore stands out from the pack. Not many RTG casinos offer tournaments for US players. There’s hardly any other that I know of, so if you’re reading this (and have gotten this far…why God Blesses you) then please do leave your comment.

I should also mention for all the bonus players out there, Rushmore has one of the largest lineups of free cash that I know of.  Taking a quick peak at the OCS Rushmore Casino Review, it looks like they are still offering a match welcome bonus worth up to $888 Free on two deposits, a solid 400% slots bonus worth up to $2,000 Free and a Blackjack bonus worth 200% up to $1,000 Free.

Fortune Lounge’s Grand Slam of Slots Tournament Coming up in Mid March

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

OCS recently blogged about the $100,000 March Madness guaranteed slots tournament currently going down at VIP Slots Casino. U.S. friendly, you can bet your slots bankroll that U.S. players will make up the bulk of participants and likely dominate the leaderboard in true March Madness style at VIP Slots. As for non-US bettors, there is another tournament that is equally as loaded as March Madness. In fact, it’s more loaded. Surprise, surprise.

Introducing the Grand Slam of Slots…for the second time in two years. Yes indeed, two years in the running, the Grand Slam of Slots has quickly become one of the most sought after guaranteed slots tournament’s with European online gamblers who simply want to play slots. With a guaranteed first place prize of $100,000, it’s easy to see why. Oh, and let’s not forget there’s also a jackpot prize of $2.43 gold bullion. As long as it’s gold, right?

Beginning June 6, 2011, and spanning ten weeks, the Grand Slam of Slots will play out as a series of weekly scheduled online slots tournaments, with all sorts of prizes being handed out along the way. Everything from triple comp points to a share of 100,000 casino credits is up for grabs during these weekly tournaments, although I personally would be more interested in receiving Diamond loyalty status for a full year. There are also 120 tickets being given away that will cover the $200 entry fee to the grande finale tournament taking place May 26-June 6.

So where can you go to take part in this awesome slots tournament online? Well, here’s where things get a little tricky. Just like there are several internet slots tournaments named “March Madness”, Grand Slam of Slots isn’t entirely unique either. There’s the HUGE Grand Slam of Slots that is integrated with the wide area network of Microgaming Software’s most popular online casinos and which dished out $1 million to the first place finisher alone! Well, sorry to bust your bubble, but this is different.

The Grand Slam of Slots referred to in this post is actually the second addition of a tournament that was started in 2009 and hosted by the Fortune Lounge group of eCOGRA approved online casinos. It’s still being hosted by Fortune Lounge, and in fact, can only be played at five select online casinos. If you need some help choosing, OCS gives its highest recommendation to Platinum Play Casino. Be sure to check out their International Slots League page, as well as the International Casino Games and Blackjack League page if you like to go both ways – table games and machines folks…table games and machines. Geez you all have dirty minds (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then your mind is obviously clean and clear and you have nothing to worry about).

There is a comprehensive monthly tournament schedule published live at Platinum Play, as well as several free cash bonus offers worth the taking. Check ’em out and get early dibs registering for the second installment of Fortune Lounge’s Grand Slam of Slots.

VIP Slots Hosting $100,000 March Madness Real Money Online Slots Tournament

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Click Here to Open a Free Account With VIP Slots & Enter the March Madness

Click Here to Open a Free Account With VIP Slots & Enter the March Madness

It’s that time of year again folks. As winter makes room for incoming spring, the winds pick up, the rain comes down, flowers start blooming, basketballs start flying and online slots start spinning. C’mon, you knew I would bring it back to online gambling at some point, right? Anyhow, just like the most anticipated collegiate basketball tournament all year, there’s another form of March Madness that takes place at online casinos – EH Gaming Ventures popular network of USA online casinos to be exact.

The largest guaranteed online slots for real money tournaments during the month of March (and one of the largest all year long), EH Gaming’s March Madness gives away $100,000 in winnings over the course of a single month-long tournament taking place right now. In fact, as long as you are reading this in March, it’s still not too late to sign up. OCS recommends doing so at VIP Slots Casino. As their name implies, VIP Slots is all about the online slot machines. While they also carry a full suite of casino games, their specialty is catering to slots players.

If you happen to be reading this early in the month, you should seriously consider taking part in March Madness. Here’s a little inside scoop: Approximately 300 people had signed up for the tournament by the end of the first day. While there is expected to be 1,000 or more players taking part eventually, these are still good numbers considering how much money is being guaranteed. In case you need a reminder, it’s $100,000. Some of the winnings will be awarded as bonus credits, but the fact of the matter is that the 2011 March Madness needs players.

A telling sign is how much less March Madness 2011 is guaranteeing in winnings than the two previous tournaments. In 2009, March Madness guaranteed $300,000 in winnings, with $100,000 going to the first place finisher alone! 2010 was an even better year, with $300,000 in guaranteed winnings and a whopping $150,000 going to first place.

As for 2011, first place is tagged to receive $25,000 and second place will take home $10,000 in cash. The big drop in winnings for 2011 has been due to an expected lower turnout, which is already proving the case. But you have to admit, $100,000 is still very good for an online casino slots tournament. I guarantee you won’t find anything better in March – especially at US friendly online casinos.

The cost to enter is just $10, with $10 rebuys. To give you an idea of what it will take to win one of the top ten prizes worth over $1,000 each, you will likely need to earn around 10,000 credits. Considering how competitive some of the slots tournament players are out there, it’s a good chance the top winner will hit around the 100K mark on the leaderboard. Still, with far fewer players in the pack, this year’s March Madness is for the taking.

See the OCS VIP Slots Review for more information.

VIP Slots Joins in the Valentine’s Day Festivities

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

A couple of days ago we announced Go Casino’s Valentine’s Day online slots tournament. Now another Valentine’s Day online slots tournament has been announced: Slots of Love. And it is happening–or is going to happen–sooner than you think.

VIP Slots is gearing up to launch their Slots of Love online slots tournament, which will commence this coming Monday, February 7th, at 10:30 am, and will run through the Friday after Valentine’s Day, February 18th, ending at 10:30 pm that night.

VIP Slot’s Slots of Love tournament is not a freeroll like the one that Go Casino is offering. But then VIP Slots is not giving away Bonus Bucks in the prize pool. Instead of bonus money, VIP is awarding $25,000 in cash prizes to the top placing players in the tournament. So while those who wish to play in the tournament at VIP Slots will have to pay a $10 entry fee when they register, they at least know that they are playing for cash.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with playing in a freeroll and winning Bonus Bucks. It all depends on what you as a slots player are comfortable with. For the players who are new to playing in tournaments, they might want to go with the freeroll at Go Casino rather than investing money in a tournament when they are still learning how to play in an online slots tournament.

There is one more thing that Slots of Love has in common with the Valentine’s Day freeroll at Go Casino…other than the prize pools having the same amount of money being given away–albeit in different currencies so to speak. That similarity is the online slots game that is being used in both tournaments. Keep in mind that VIP Slots and Go Casino are owned by two different online casino groups. So about that online slots game. It is the five reel Cupid’s Arrow created by Vegas Technology.

Now here is my thing about two separate online casino groups having to use the same Valentine’s Day online slots game for their two different tournaments: if they are having to use the same slots game that should be a cue to software developers to perhaps create at least a couple more online slots games with either a lovey-dovey theme or a Valentine’s Day theme. I mean, online casinos should not all be using the same slots game for their tournaments. At least that is what I think.

Commentary on software developers and the themes of online slots games aside, both tournaments offer online slots players a nice choice. If you do not want to invest money in a tournament there is the tournament at Go Casino. But if you have your eye on a piece of the $25,000 cash prize then VIP Slots‘ Slots of Love is the tournament for you.

Valentine’s Day is Upon Us; Slots Tournaments are Being Rolled Out

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

There is nothing online casino companies love more than a holiday. It can be a big holiday or a small holiday, it really is not too important. Granted, a big holiday is preferred because it generates more excitement, but the point is that any holiday will do. The reason that holidays are so well loved in the online casino world—both by the businesses and by players—is because special tournaments are rolled out. And guess what. Another holiday is on its way in: Valentine’s Day.

While not as exciting as Christmas, unless you are a girl waiting for an expected engagement ring, Valentine’s Day is still a fairly major holiday in the online casino industry. And since it is more widely celebrated than, say, President’s Day (which I think only banks and the post office celebrate), software developers will create new themed online slots games. And online casinos will of course host online slots tournaments to mark the occasion.

The first one announced for the Valentine’s Day season is one being hosted by the Vegas Technology powered Go Casino. And guess what, this one is free.

That is right; the Valentine’s Day themed online slots tournament that Go Casino is hosting is a freeroll. They have dubbed it the Valentine’s Day Week Long $25,000 Bonus Buck Freeroll. And the name mostly says it all.

This one, while being free, is not exactly seven days long. But typically when an online casino says ‘week long’ they mean Monday through Friday, sometimes only Monday through Thursday. But this particular freeroll will begin at 10:30 am on Monday, February 14th, and players can spin the reels up until 10:30 pm on Friday, February 18th.

Players will start out with seventy five free tournament credits to play with. Should a player hit the low balance threshold, rebuys are available for $5.75 to recharge one’s tournament bankroll. And what reels are being spun? The five reels of the Vegas Technology created Cupid’s Arrow. Naturally this is a Valentine’s Day themed online slots game.

Players will be playing for a share of the $25,000 Bonus Bucks prize. While this is not a cash prize, this is a significant amount of bonus money that players can use to boost their bankrolls, which can in turn potentially boost their winnings. I know, I would much rather have a cash prize, but something is better than nothing and this is a free tournament.

This freeroll slots tournament at Go Casino is only the first of what is sure to be a great many Valentine’s Day themed tournaments that the online casino industry is going to offer up. It is definitely a player’s market, so to speak.

English Harbour Casino Hopes to Begin a New Slots Tournament Tradition

Friday, January 28th, 2011

They are calling it the Big Free Weekend. And that is exactly what is happening at the English Harbour Online Casino. Beginning tonight, online slots players will start spinning the reels to climb the leader board of the Big Free Weekend towards winning a piece of the $1,000 prize pool.

Yes, I know $1,000 is not a huge stupendous amount for a prize pool, but you have to compare it to the amount of the prize pools on their other freeroll online slots tournaments and that $1,000 looks pretty good. Typically English Harbour offers a $300 prize pool on their freerolls, so a more than doubled prize pool is more than welcome.

Online slots players have from Friday night until Monday, January 31st to spin the reels and climb the leader board. And just what reels are online slots players spinning away on this weekend? Why it would be the Fire Hawk slots game reels that is. Fire Hawk is a five reel online slots game with twenty paylines. It offers players a Native American Indian theme and free spins to help boost bankrolls.

English Harbour is hoping that this will be only the first of what they would like to be a new online slots tournament series. Now the Vegas Technology powered online casino offers their players a variety of tournaments including tournaments dedicated to roulette, blackjack and video poker. But online slots are is where their widest variety of tournaments can be found. They already offer standard slots tournaments as well as weekend and dailies and the aforementioned freerolls.

But it seems that English Harbour was looking to offer more in terms of slots tournaments, give themselves another notch to climb in the rankings of online casinos. And with many online casinos only offering bonus money as the prize of regular freerolls, English Harbour offering $1,000 for their freeroll will certainly give them an edge. We will have to see if the Big Free Weekend slots tournament becomes a regular happening at English Harbour.