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Playtech Software Continues Expansion in Europe; Ten New Licensees for 2011

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

playtechsoftwarePlaytech announced this week that ten (count ’em, 10) new licensees of its dynamic software platform are thus far on tap for 2011. Granted, most of these sites will be joining Playtech’s iPoker network, which if you didn’t hear already, is one of the largest and most active online poker networks running today. However, Playtech has confirmed at least some of these yet-to-be-named licensees will be turning to the renown software developer for a casino and bingo offering.

With the expansion of online gambling in France and Italy going into effect next year, business opportunities are certainly available in the European B2B igaming sector. And Playtech is, no doubt, well poised to capitalize on this opportunity. In just the last two years, Playtech has become the largest software developer in Italy, having earned a 16% market share overall, including a 25% market share in online bingo alone. With the launch of poker and online casino games in early 2011, Playtech could soon be dominating across the entire boards in Italy.

While France has resulted in losses and setbacks for Playtech this year (the French government having reversed earlier moves to regulate on a non-monopolistic basis), opportunities in France could still come next year. By adopting a “quality before quantity” strategy, Playtech is hoping to make connections with local operators in France, thereby slipping in the backdoor and ultimately funneling French poker players and punters into the Playtech network.

Two other active European iGaming markets where Playtech is hoping to experience major growth is Finland and Serbia. In fact, this already appears to be imminent in Finland, for Playtech has signed a deal with the Finnish gaming monopoly. Despite the fact that Finland’s population is more than ten times smaller than Britain, there are just half as many slot machines in Finland. In other words, it would seem the Finnish like to spin the reels – which are always the top revenue producer for online casinos.

To make a long story short, Playtech is doing well in Europe, in particular, the UK and Italy. What is traditionally a slow time for online gambling operators, daily betting activity was up 7% in October, while Playtech’s gross income for the quarter ending September 30, 2010 was up 30% from last year. Although poker revenue was down 30% to 5.7 million Euros, Weizer told eGaming News that online poker activity was up for the period.

Why I Love Live Dealer Games

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

There is a trend that has been sweeping through online casinos lately and I am a big fan of it. No, I’m not talking about giving away live Bengal tigers (I only know of one casino crazy enough to do that). I’m talking about live-dealer games.

There are a lot of advantages to playing at an online casino rather than the brick and mortar variety, such as being able to play in your pajamas and having fewer distractions. You also don’t have to worry about whether Celine Dion will start singing while you play. Still, the one thing that online casinos have always been lacking is that personal touch.


When you walk into a land-based casino in Las Vegas or Macau, you are greeted by friendly staff, given free drinks, and you get to chat, joke and interact with the dealers while you play. I’ve always liked that personal touch and it’s something you can’t get from playing games at home on your computer.

Or can you?

live-dealer-blackjackLive-dealer games are the latest attempt to capture the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino in a gambling website. Instead of simply looking at graphics of your cards, you can actually watch a real live person deal your cards to you. That makes the games instantly more exciting. Oh, and did I mention that the dealers usually aren’t too bad looking?

The online casinos that use live dealers incorporate them into many different games. For example, at All Slots Casino you can play live-dealer baccarat, mini baccarat, roulette or blackjack.  In most cases, the live dealer is actually dealing at the moment you are playing (rather than using pre-recorded video). In those cases, as an added bonus, you can usually chat with the dealers as you play. That allows you to not only see them, but also interact with them just like if you were physically at their table.

PartyCasino is one of the best places to play live-dealer games. They have over 30 tables with over 300 dealers, with the tables available 24/7. They have live-dealer games for European roulette, French roulette, blackjack and baccarat and also have separate live-dealer tables for high rollers.

I know watching a video and chatting while you play online roulette on your computer isn’t the same as going to a casino. For one thing, there are usually way fewer hookers waiting outside to help you spend your winnings. However, with a good website presentation, fun games and live-dealer software, these high-tech online casinos are the closest you can come without leaving home. That’s good if you hate Celine Dion but bad if you’re looking for hookers.

Wizard Gaming Software Goes up for Public Auction Until November 29th

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


In the world of online gambling, there is nothing more satisfying than a tried and true software platform. Much like a fine wine, the longer it’s around, the better it gets. Well, that’s the theory anyhow. Depending on who’s doing the tasting, a newer wine can actually taste better than an aged, overrated vino. Similarly, a brand new software platform straight out of the developmental stage, can easily satisfy a demanding gamer’s appetite.

Okay, maybe the wine/software analogy is a little bit of a stretch. However, the truth remains that just because a software platform has been around a long time, doesn’t mean it’s better. There are plenty of proprietary software platforms that make Atari video games look like the movie Avatar. What keeps these particular establishments in business for so long is that they are either very good at providing a rewarding experience to bettors, i.e., excellent payouts, or they’re just really good at ripping people off.

For some software platforms, the road to success comes at a higher price. And when I say price, I mean a few million dollars. To be more precise, I am referring to Wizard Gaming Software, which put over $5 million into developing its cutting edge suite of online casino games, and has recently opted to put itself up for public auction until November 29th, 2010. Not likely to get a fraction of the development costs back, it goes to show that the online gambling business has no surefire formulas of success for operators.

Well, I take that back. I suppose there are certain things that if done properly can guarantee the success of an online casino. However, if we’re talking software – which is the essence of any online casino – we are entering much less chartered waters. The best software platforms in business today could probably be counted on two hands (possibly add a foot or two), while the best online casinos likely number in the hundreds (give or take a few core features).

What apparently got in the way of Wizard Gaming’s development (which first began in late 2006) was the make-it-or-break-it ingredient for practically all profiteering enterprises: Money. As mentioned, $5 million went into Wizard Gaming’s software platform. Considering they were a small start-up with just a couple of investors to begin with, it’s impressive Wizard Gaming even made it this far. And despite the negative connotations that sometimes come with public auctions, what is equally impressive – if not more – is the software platform itself.

Anyone who had the opportunity to test out All Star Slots Casino before they moved over to Real Time Gaming software, got to experience the sharp graphics and fast playing speed that characterized Wizard Gaming from the beginning. The only problem was that Wizard did not have as large a game selection as its competitors. In fact, Wizard was initially a platform specializing in online slot machines, with plans to roll out table games at a later date. Those plans apparently couldn’t be seen through; however, Wizard Gaming was able to release over thirty outstanding online slots – each tested for core RNG fairness by iTech Labs of Australia.

It goes without saying that Wizard Gaming certainly deserves to power online casinos. The timing of their launch, coupled with changing trends in the iGaming industry didn’t serve the company well. However, for anyone looking to invest in the internet betting sector, the Wizard Gaming software platform could end up being the best bet in the House.

How Much do you Know About Real Time Gaming Software? Here’s the Lowlowlowdown

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Allright folks, class is in session. How many of you think you know all there is to know about Real Time Gaming Software? Lame question, I know. However, I am going somewhere with this. Not sure exactly where that is, but it’s somewhere, nonetheless. Ha! I knew I could make you laugh. Or scoff. Whatever.

Anyhow, back to Real Time Gaming – let’s call ’em RTG for now. In terms of the sheer number of online casinos being powered by this longstanding software developer, RTG is as prolific as the largest and most prestigious software developers in business today. I’m talking the likes of Microgaming, WagerLogic, Wager Works, Playtech – the usual suspects.

What makes RTG different than the aforementioned, however, (besides the fact that RTG casinos are the only bunch of the lot still accepting wagers from USA casino players) is that RTG has something of a disassociation policy with many of their online casino licensees – that is, the ones that cause a ruckus with players. In other words, while the normal protocol in a legitimate player/casino dispute would be to go through the software provider, RTG has oftentimes said in the past that disputes are between the player and the casino operators.

Well, we all know that’s hogwash. Since software providers lease/license their software to independent casino operators, it stands to reason that if said casino operators are not behaving ethically, the software developer should revoke the license. Otherwise, this looks badly on both the casino and the software developer.

So yes, after what seemed like at least half of RTG-powered online casinos had been blacklisted a couple years back on several reputable affiliate portal sites and forums, the software company stepped in and launched the Central Disputes System. CDS, as it is affectionately called amongst the gaming community, serves as a direct channel for posting complaints and player dispute moderation requests. After a lengthy, lengthy, lengthy (did I say lengthy) investigation, the player is deemed to be in the right, RTG will step in and strong-arm the casino to fix the wrong. If the casino doesn’t comply, well then, you would assume their license to use RTG’s software platform would be revoked.

So, what’s the difference between RTG and other USA-facing software providers like Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology. Mainly, its that RTG does not act as a white label platform, thus abstaining from providing any centralized support to the online casino licensee. Vegas Technology and Rival Gaming both actually own/manage many of the online casinos bearing their flag. RTG, however, is simply a “gaming software company“, and therefore, can’t be held liable for the antics of its licensees. Remember that reference to the disassociation policy?

But with CDS in effect, RTG has changed its stance and is now taking a more active, albeit quiet role keeping its licensees in check. But that’s only when “issues” come up. RTG does not place standard regulatory mandates on its licensees, which essentially means that you could be playing at an RTG casino that is not even licensed and regulated. Granted, nor do the other USA friendly software providers, which is a testament to how the black market will thrive if the US government doesn’t pull their thumbs out of their butt and regulate online gambling.

But that’s another another session altogether, class. I guess the moral of this class session is that RTG online casinos should always be considered on a case-by-case basis. There are some really, really good RTG sites out there – Aladdin’s Gold is a gem (pun intended). Some RTG casinos take responsibility in acquiring the proper regulatory credentials to ensure a safe and fair hand, while others do not. Some operate stellar customer service support centers while others do not. That’s why sites like Online Casino Suite are a valuable resource to players – so long as they’re not in cahoots with the crooks (which we’re not 🙂 by the way) you are going to get solid advice about which RTG casinos to play and which to avoid. Since RTG isn’t going to do anything about it, somebody does, right? Well, at least there’s CDS. Cheers to that RTG!

Kentucky Government Laughingly Claims Microgaming Must Pay up 25% of Their Profits

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Okay, Kentucky, okay. Whatever you say, Kentucky. Whatever you say. Sure thing.

Yes, so if you caught some sarcasm or belittlement in that little exchange, your instincts were spot on. The State of Kentucky apparently thinks it is going to take on the likes of the world’s largest gaming software developer, Microgaming. Not that Governor Steven Beshear’s antics weren’t already a little bit – scratch that – a lot of crazy to begin with, what having attempted to seize the domains of over 140 online gambling websites (most of which are owned and maintained by perfectly legit, reputable offshore companies), now the mighty State of Kentucky has added Microgaming, Full Tilt Poker and Party Gaming to its budding lawsuit.

Apparently, the attempt to seize domains of companies that had allegedly accepted real money wagers from Kentucky citizens, is not panning out as expected. I mean, come on – I always heard Kentucky was a little backwoods backwards, but this is taking the cake. Who, when, where has anyone had the gall to believe they could get away with such a chirade. No offense to all the Kentuckians reading this. While some of you do indeed deserve to be called out for sheer stupidity, this is mainly for your crazy governor.

stevebeshearkentuckyderby01It would seem that Governor Beshear knows nothing about how the online gambling industry works – or the internet for that matter. Needless to say, Microgaming dropped out of the U.S. market, or rather, being that Microgaming does not own nor operate any of its 100+ online casino licensees, they instructed all licensees to cease taking bets from U.S. citizens shortly after the US online gambling ban, aka UIGEA, went into effect.

A highly accredited and renowned software developer who helped shape the course of the entire online casino gambling industry, Microgaming has done more to improve operator transparency and responsible gaming standards than any other gaming company. That’s my opinion of course, however, I think many people in the business would agree. Not only was Microgaming a founding member of the industry’s leading trade body committed to fostering fair and responsible gaming standards – the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) – Microgaming was solely responsible for founding the premiere non-profit player advocacy group, eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

But I suppose that’s all jelly cake to Governor Beshear. No really folks, the Kentucky government is so out of touch, it’s not funny. Not only are they taking on Microgaming, they are claiming that 25% of the software developers profits earned from September 29, 2005 through October 23, 2008 all came from doing business with Kentucky citizens. Now, I don’t know what it’s really like in Kentucky, but if that many Kentuckians were gambling at Microgaming online casinos, there would have been a lot more problems taking place in Kentucky.

It’s just absurd the Kentucky State government actually believes it is entitled to 25% of Microgaming’s gross profits. But then again, this is the same State that tried to seize 141 domain names. All I can say is that Kentucky must be really strapped for cash. The irony of it all is that tax payers will likely be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars toward this utterly crazy and absurd lawsuit that just about eclipses the stupidity of the UIGEA, aka, “the stupidest law ever passed”.

Click to read more about the Kentucky Online Gambling Ban

Microgaming’s New QuickFire Software Platform Allows Easy Integration for Operators

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

MicrogamingcasinosFor anyone unfamiliar with Microgaming, what rock did you just crawl out from? Okay, I know – ‘nough of the sarcasm. Newbs are people too, are they not? 🙂 That said, if you are new to the world of online gambling, yes, Microgaming is a name you should know about.

A quick history lesson: Microgaming is frequently credited as being one of the founding fathers of the entire iGaming industry. Sounds like a big claim, does it not? Well, Microgaming is a big deal. It’s just too bad they’ve been scared #%*#less to do any business with USA players since the passing of the UIGEA. Well, too bad for US players, that is.

The fact of the matter is that Microgaming online casinos are some of the best managed, most transparent betting destinations on the World Wide Web. A founding member of the non-profit player protection and gaming fairness group, eCOGRA, no other software developer has understood the mindset and needs of bettors than Microgaming.

Don’t get me wrong – there are other software developers doing some great things for the reputation of the industry, not to mention busting out with some very excellent casino games. However, when it comes to setting a good example and leading the way, Microgaming gets my vote.

And now that Microgaming has come out with a new software platform, I stand by my vote even more. Called QuickFire, the new software system just so happens to cater to operators more so than players, which will no doubt trickle down to players all the same. Billed as a “constant stream of fresh content” with seamless integration capabilities, QuickFire is all about giving players the most comprehensive variety of games in as mainstream a manner as possible.

Allow me to elaborate – One of the trends taking place in today’s iGaming market is the integration of multiple casino software platforms under one roof, resulting in a wide variety of casino games from a multiple of developers. The OpenBet platform (formerly Orbis Technology) is one such software setup, providing integrated content from the likes of Cryptologic and Wager Works.

QuickFire is the same thing. Whereas before, an installation of Microgaming’s Viper platform into an existing platform was not possible (Microgaming’s portfolio consists of well over 300 games, mind you), QuickFire gives online casino operators the ability to seamlessly integrate just over 150 of Microgaming’s most popular games into an existing platform. Some of these titles include the classic Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck and the more recent Lord of the Rings.

QuickFire has already been granted with a betting license from four of the most respected regulatory jurisdictions – Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney and Kahnawake. Where’s the UK Gambling Commission you ask? Well, let’s wait and see if the UK opts for a more lenient taxation policy and then maybe we’ll see them too. In the meantime, check out QuickFire at some of the leading Euro betting sites online, including Virgin Games.

iGaming News Reports on the Return of Curacao as a Formidable Regulatory Jurisdiction

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

curacao_egamingIf you work in the online gaming industry, there’s a chance you have a subscription to iGaming News. If not, what are you waiting for? Anyhow, if you’re totally cool like me (I’m talking Lady Gaga coolness here) and already have a subscription 🙂 then you will have noticed the latest issue has a good chunk of information about Curacao.

For all the online bettors reading this, Curacao probably rings a bell. And no, I’m not talking about it’s appeal as a beautiful place to vacation at (FYI, Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island, and consequently, a beautiful place to vacation at). But Curacao is also a key player in the “international” online gambling industry.

Being one of the first jurisdictions to regulate online gambling (1993), Curacao has steadily developed into one of the most sought after jurisdictions for online casino operators looking to set up shop while offering some degree of regulatory credibility to their players. These days, as pointed out in iGaming News, Curacao is being viewed as a top contender for betting site operators looking for more reasonable licensing costs and tax solutions (without being a tax haven). Curacao does not impose separate taxes on gaming revenue, while only subjecting an operators net revenue to a 2% tax rate.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Being a jurisdiction where many operators chiefly do business with U.S. players (much like Antigua & Barbuda), the passing of the US online gambling ban, aka UIGEA, not to mention being left off the UK Gambling Commission’s white-list, sort of put a dambper on Curacao’s rise as an internationally recognized regulatory jurisdiction, albeit a handful of popular U.S. facing online casino operators have been holding up here since the beginning.

However, now that the UK’s bilateral regulatory policies, which permitted white-listed operators to do business with UK citizens without requiring them to hold a UK license, are not being embraced in other EU countries like France (where a National regulatory policy is serving to protect State-run interests), Curacao is being seen in a new light. With the possibility that operators will likely need to hold multiple licenses in order to do business in EU countries with non-bilateral regulation, Curacao could very well become the “go to” destination for operators looking to expand.

So, if you’re a player and have ever wondered why so many online casinos are setting up shop in Curacao, that’s why. It’s not because there is no regulation (which is currently the case in Costa Rica, although that could very well change in the near future). Curacao’s “State Ordinance concerning the exploitation of hazard games on the international market by means of service lines” aka, P.B. 1993 no. 63 has you covered in that area (Contact the Netherlands Department of Justice and or if you want more info).

Essentially, it all comes down to affordability, while maintaining credibility. In a market where national regulation is fueling State-run monopolies and overrunning a more internationally friendly regulatory regime, Curacao’s E-zone co-location services (which permits online casinos to operate in other regulated markets – pending, of course, on the laws of said regulated markets) is looking very promising. With the chances of a UK white-listing very likely, as well as e-Commerce Parks approval to host online gaming operators licensed by the Alderney Gaming Commission (which is already white-listed in the UK), as iGaming News points out, “The Return of Curacao” is imminent.

Looking for a Curacao licensed and regulated online casino to wager with. OCS highly recommends Go Casino, Aladdin’s Gold and Online Vegas.

Victor Chandler Casino Licenses Best of Wager Works Software

Monday, September 20th, 2010

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

The Victor Chandler website just got a bit more expansive now that a deal with Wager Works Software has procured a lineup of some of the funnest online casino games out there. Given even the twenty-something, drop-dead-gorgeous dealers who help run Victor Chandler’s live dealer online casino, this new lineup of games is sure to spice things up (abeit I wouldn’t mind if one of Chandler’s dealers – the oldest of whom was born in 1984, by the way – was to spice things up in however she sees fit. 🙂

Now, before I get myself into trouble, let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we? International Gaming Technology (IGT) subsidiary, Wager Works, is to owe for the innovative selection of slots that now call the Victor Chandler website home. Well, not all of them. Victor Chandler uses software from several developers – showcasing the best that each has to offers through the innovative “Open Bet Platform”. In the case of Wager Works, these include Monopoly (With Pass “Go” Bonus & On a Roll), Wheel of Fortune, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, Elvis Top 20 and Ca$hino.

If you are an avid land-based casino player, you may very well recognize some, if not all of these slot machine titles. That’s because all of them were originally developed into brick ‘n mortar casino slot machines and brought to the land-based industry by IGT. Having sole licensing rights to turn these titles into their virtual counterparts, Wager Works has become a niche developer, if you will, offering what no other software developer can – popular, branded games.

I take that back – there certainly are other software developers in the business of branding slot machines. Need I mention Marvel Slots? (Albeit the games you can find at Cryptologic and now Playtech online casinos were not initially developed into brick ‘n mortar games). However, the fact remains that Wager Works casino games have a history that – call me crazy – almost make you feel as if you actually are inside your favorite brick ‘n mortar casino – minus the cocktail waitress, lack of clocks and tacky carpet, of course.

If you’re NOT from the U.S., give the Victor Chandler website a visit to see for yourself. Or you could just as well give a call to the OCS top Wager Works site, Virgin Casino. But then again, how bad do you want to interact with Silvia from the live blackjack table?!

Jadestone Launches Liar’s Dice; Expanding Online Casino Platform

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

jadestone01Jadestone Networks has announced a new dice game, called “Liar’s Dice” has been launched live and is now available in multi-player mode throughout the European online betting demographic. In actuality, “Liar’s Dice” isn’t as new as you might think. Dating back to the travels – or rather – conquests of the Spanish conquistadors in South America, Liar’s Dice achieved popularity in the “New World”, only to receive a recent surge of interest after being featured in Disney’s hit movie, Pirates of the Caribbean (which your’s truly actually had the pleasure of playing an extra in!).

This is precisely why Jadestone – to celebrate the launch and generate buzz – is giving away a vacation trip to “pirate waters”, aka, a beautiful, resort destination somewhere in the Caribbean. All cash money players who play “Liar’s Dice” (available at Bwin, BetFair and Unibet) during the month of September will be entered into a raffle.

Referred to as the “ultimate game of bluff” that is “deceptively simply and rewards the player’s with the strongest nerves” by Jadestone’s Business Development Director, Tobias Nissen, “Liar’s Dice” is much like head’s up poker in many respects. Two players compete against one another in a series of betting rounds where bluffing…err…lying becomes a valued skill and I dare say artform.

liarsdiceThe game begins by each player rolling five dice – the outcome of which is only viewable to the player who is rolling. This is followed by one player making a bid (a dice hand between one-pair and five-of-a-kind), and a fixed bet that grows each betting round. The opponent will then have the choice of either folding or calling (contributing the same amount into the pot). If the bet is called, the player then has the option of challenging or accepting. A challenge puts all betting to an end and a winner is revealed based on the dice outcome. If the player accepts, the bet must be raised and the process is repeated with the other player. The game is over when either player folds or challenges. During the entire game, each player has the option of rolling one or or more dice two times.

If you have ever played skill games, that’s pretty much what Liar’s Dice is. Jadestone offers it to online betting operators via the DiceArena platform, which also includes Dice Hold’em (another poker variation with dice), Shoot the Moons and the original skill dice game, Backgammon. Jadestone’s GamArena platform offers even more, with a large selection of the next generation online skill games, including the highest quality sports, arcade and puzzle games.

Rounding out their collection of games is a new online casino platform which Jadestone has been launching in phases this year. In development for over a year, the instant play online casino platform has over forty games available in practice or real money mode, and consists of Mini Games (designed specifically for the small screen and to be played in conjunction with other games), Slot Machines (over thirty lined up) and multi-player casino games. The casino server is licensed from Swedish developer, Play ‘n Go, while the slot machines are licensed through Paf.

In other words, all of you European online casino gamblers out there should be seeing more of Jadestone in the near future. As an established skill gaming provider, Jadestone is poised to tap the casino gaming sector with the best in next generation entertainment software platforms. As their company tagline says, Jadeston is “Always in Play”.

The GamArena platform includes everything from the server back-end to the actual site, complete with a rich selection of games. Jadestone also offers all services required for day-to-day operation: customer support, payment processing, marketing support, etc. GamArena is currently available in English and more than 20 other European languages.

Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 and More to Online Casinos

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Last month, OCS got all gushy over live dealer online casinos. In fact, we went all-in with our bankroll, betting that live dealer gaming will actually become more popular than traditional RNG online casinos. While we’re not exactly sure when that will take place (largely depending on regulation and technology penetration), you can certainly except to see more live dealer casinos in the next five years or so.

Doing our extensive research on live dealer gaming (as we always do, don’t you know), we recently came across Visionary iGaming ( This Costa Rica based proprietary 2.0 casino solutions developer has been making some great advancements in the live gaming sector, which we here at OCS believe warrants some attention. In other words, be on the lookout for Visionary iGaming. Here’s why:

Being a proprietary developer, not only is Visionary’s package of casino games available for live play with real dealers, many of these games cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. For example, Visionary’s Blackjack Early Payout (BJEP) is one which any smart gambler and strategist would be wise to play.

Taking a spin on the “Insurance” rule, Blackjack Early Payout gives players the opportunity to take an early payout on their Blackjack hand, based on the probability on their hand beating the dealer’s. Furthermore, the game itself automatically follows Basic Blackjack Strategy, thereby giving players the opportunity to keep the Casinos Edge down low. In this case, we are talking about a 0.5% edge on any given hand, which amounts to a payout of 99.5%.

Another impressive aspect about Visionary iGaming is that they are focused on Web 2.0 solutions. For anyone out there unfamiliar with Web 2.0, it is the term primarily used to refer to web-based communities where mainstreamed information sharing is the “law of the land”. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twiter, and blog sites like Thoughts and Blogger are perfect examples of Web 2.0.

Visionary iGaming is essentially bringing Web 2.0 to life with live dealer online casino gaming. Truly bringing the casino inside your home, Visionary uses a hosted Rich Internet Application to seamlessly stream video and audio with only a sub 2 second delay. You don’t even have to use a mouse or keyboard to place your wagers! And when the game is in session, you can chat with other players sitting in at the table. Heck, you can even tip the dealer if you like (which you should, by the way)!

Current happenings at Visionary iGaming include development of a live poker platform and expansions on the marketing front. Taking a look at Visionary’s news page, just last month, the company announced that former DublinBet and AbsolutePoker exec, Gian Perroni, has been appointed to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Perroni will be in charge of building global marketing strategies, building Visionary iGaming’s image and brand, while also developing marketing solutions for partner’s, including affiliate programs, rewards and media buying. Prior to this, an article by Visionary iGaming founder and CEO, Martin Reiner, was featured in leading industry magazine, iGaming Business (May/June, 2009).