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Lotus Fone Casino to Go Full Tilt

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Fone Casino BonusYou probably know by now that mobile gambling platforms developed by top casinos online are taking the real money iGaming world by storm. As such, most all highly trafficked, well-known online casinos have developed a mobile version of their casino. Over the past 5 or 6 years, these mobile (phone) casinos have gone from providing a few slots to a wide variety of more complex casino games.

Not too long ago, the Lotus Group – known for Lotus Asia and Black Lotus – launched its mobile-exclusiv casino, Fone Casino. Now, Fone Casino is going full tilt. Even considering the fact that mobile platforms are taking over with their convenience factor, the mobile casinos themselves are becoming so popular that they are now developing into more complex forms, beyond mobile. Not to detract from the fact that millions of mobile casino fans already enjoy gaming portably and on the go, these same players now demand the opportunity to play from multiple mobile devices, home PCs, Mac’s and other channels.

Until the new plan was announced, Fone Casino had been catering solely to the mobile gaming sector; The plan to develop the casino into a full service destination now provides account holders the chance to choose from many different platforms of game play, meaning they will have an opportunity to both download and play instant Flash games.

The announced launch of the full-service version of Fone Casino aims to help mobile gaming fans have access to the best of both worlds, whether a player seeks to be on the go or not.

Fone Casino uses a fully loaded BetOnSoft gaming software platform that is available to PC, MAC and Mobile versions. The Lotus Group, which many players already have accounts with (either Lotus Asia or perhaps Black Lotus), has a strong reputation for quality gambling online. All of the Lotus casinos online have a sleek appearance with one of the most extensive mobile versions to date.

Fone Casino (along with its sister sites) is fully licensed and regulated under the jurisdiction of the Government of Curacao. Curacao holds one of the strictest, highly respected gaming guidelines for operation. Advancing from the online version to mobile and back again, this brand ensures the highest level of safety and full backing through protective security features unknown to most.

Promotional online casino bonuses, like Whacky Wednesday (mobile), are in for some company as the future holds much more to offer. In other words, plans are in place to recommend more than the traditional sign-up bonus. Check out more than 135 of the most energetic and entertaining HD casino games in the meantime. At Fone Casino right now THE Whacky Wednesday promo (USE CODE: FONE500) allows a 100% Match Bonus up to $500. Minimum deposit is only 20 bucks!

Bally Inks iGaming Deal With Interblock

Friday, June 14th, 2013

interblock blackjack multiplayer tableBally Technologies, a well-known casino supplier and gaming developer, has announced a partnership with the luxury gaming products supplier, Interblock, to merge its online gaming products with Bally’s critically acclaimed online gambling platform.

While both companies each have previously developed their own online solutions for Web applications, the partnership is yet another move between established brick and mortar casino gaming companies into the world of online gambling. We’ve seen a number of these partnerships take place in the US market  thanks to further regulation in a growing number of states, including the state headquarters for Bally and Interblock – Nevada.

The specifics of the partnership (according to Bally’s press release) will involve Interblock integrating its online gaming content into Bally’s innovative iGaming platform, consequently providing land-based casino operators with more best-in-class content that can potentially be used on the World Wide Web in an online casino application.

Bally is a well-known and established brand in the gaming industry, thus making them very attractive to the online market. They are the brand name, and companies like Interblock will serve to provide innovative enhancements to Bally’s bundled gaming solutions.

After taking a quick look at the land-based casino games and multi-player table games that Interblock builds (shown in image above), it is easy to see this is a company with its eye on the future. Producing some of the most advanced, futuristic styles of gaming tables and casino products on the market today, it is clear that Interblock’s physical product line has kept pace with the software side.

The new partnership between Interblock and Bally certainly coincides with the revolution currently taking place in the iGaming world. Still holding onto the values of land-based gaming, and yet converting classic casino games into their online counterparts, Bally Technologies and Interblock will potentially create an amazing platform together. According to Bally Technologies’ Vice President of Business Development, John Connelly, “this relationship further validates the current transformation within the online gaming sector, which integrates traditional and online casino systems, allowing casino operators to protect their data while offering their customers best-in-class content.”

We certainly look forward to learning about even more companies like Interblock, which are providing top-line B2B solutions for the gambling industry at large.

Play Craps Online For Free

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Have you played craps online yet? No, it’s not a rhetorical question. Okay, well maybe it is.

Let’s just say that whether you have experience playing craps or not, it can be one of the more difficult casino games to play (whether online or offline). Sure, part of the allure of gambling is the excitement that comes with chance. But more so than slots or even some poker games, the game of craps demands some experience for there to be any favorable outcome beyond the limits of chance. Quite honestly, unless your bankroll (play money or not) is limitless, this is a game where practice is vital.

The good news is that there is no shortage of venues for you to play craps online for free. Most online casinos that accept real money wagers also provide a free platform that can be played with unlimited fun-money credits. You are not required to bet with real money, and in fact, there is very little involved in getting setup to play the free gaming version at internet casinos. Typically an email is required, however some destinations, like Drake Casino (one of our top picks for US players), do not even require you to register.

To experience the very latest in casino software and for the most realistic way to play craps online there is no better place than an online casino. Operators of the best online casinos have shelled out serious money to provide players with the best entertainment and most realistic gaming experience possible. Why not take advantage of free software like this? And when playing intricate games like craps – especially when learning how to play – this is an important factor to keep in mind.

At some point, you may decide you have the hang of it, and begin to wager real money at the Craps table. In this case, it will be easy for you to create the real money account and you’ll already know the software like the back of your hand. You may also realize that it is not the game for you. Either way, deciding to play craps online for free before you commit to anything further is an intelligent move. One thing is for certain; You will be pleasantly surprised at how realistic online casino software can be when playing craps.

Once you find your favorite place to play craps, you’ll want to arm yourself with an understanding of the main craps strategy, and namely, which bets to avoid.

Inside Scoop

First and foremost, the main strategy for craps is to not be intimidated by the intense looking table! Seriously though, once you get past the intimidation factor, it is all good. The very fist thing you need to learn is how to make a passline bet. In the beginning, you will not need to concern yourself with anything else. There are typically 40 different wagers on the craps table. Most of these bets, such as proposition and hardway bets, have horrible odds that you should steer clear of. Sure, in the case that you are playing craps for free, it won’t hurt to venture into some serious risk; But for strategy sake, hang around the passline bet for now. After all, you do want to win, right?

Here’s how it works. When placing a passline wager, online or anywhere else, you place your bet on the passline before a new shooter begins their turn. This first throw of the dice is known as the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you win. It’s that simple. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. Should the shooter roll any other number, that number becomes the point number. The shooter must roll that number again before a 7 shows. If the point does show again, you win even money for your passline wager. Should a 7 show again before the point number is rolled again, you will lose your wager. A passline bet on its own for a comeout roll has a low house edge of 1.41% (.85% after getting the point established). To further help lower the House Edge even more, you will need to back the odds on your passline bet.

This is a basic start for you to try when playing craps online for free and when learning the game  (before you ever wager real cash). Keep in mind that while standing in a casino in the middle of the Vegas Strip may be intimidating enough to make you never step up to a craps table, online casino software takes a bit of getting used to as well. Again, craps is a multifaceted casino game. Take our advice and pay a visit to any of the free play casinos here. You will not find better quality gaming for free anywhere else. And have fun!

Slot Madness Casino Instant Play

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Slot Madness Instant Play Casino BonusFor some of the most entertaining slots online that do not require a download, the Slot Madness Instant Play (flash) casino is a fantastic place to start. Those of you looking for top-of-the-line slots to play from home with real money – without having to take up additional space on your computer – Slot Madness is highly recommended by OnlineCasinoSuite.

First things first. Your computer must have Macromedia’s Flash Player version 6 or above installed to use the instant-play casino at Slot Madness, which is more than just slots; There are table games, a great selection of video poker games and even arcade style games. All in all, there are more than 130 titles to choose from on the Flash platform. While the Slot Madness Casino’s instant play version may not contain all the games available on the download platform, there is plenty enough to keep you busy and entertained. If not, you may want to take a closer look at your gambling habits.

If you choose to have access to all the casino games, the download only takes a few moments and is free. Whichever you choose, the playing experience is smooth and realistic – both platforms being powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), which is known for its truly interactive gaming experience.

If you are just interested in sampling the casino first, which is a smart move in our opinion, playing at Slot Madness in your browser is a simple process. Just click the Instant Play button, sign in, and wahlah. In fact, the best online casinos of today will provide a no-download version for players to use should they not desire to keep the casino software on their computer.

Besides the fact that Slot Madness offers a great instant-play casino, what really helps to give it a top rating here at OCS are the bonuses. Not just a large selection of large bonuses, Slot Madness goes the extra length by offering bonuses with low wagering requirements and minimal game restrictions. And by that, we mean some of these bonuses do not impose any wager requirements or game restrictions whatsoever. Even progressive jackpot slots can be played with select bonuses. Loyal players are also provided with a 5 level VIP feature than earns you Loyalty Points, which in turn, earns you free money and exclusive prizes.

Slot Madness is US player friendly with a higher concentration of US players than many other online casinos today. They offer a wide variety of deposit methods, and all promotions and events at Slot Madness are scheduled Eastern Standard Time (EST).

No-download tips:

The Slot Madness Casino instant play platform is – unquestionably – safe and easy to navigate; However, for the full experience of the casino, you will want to download the software. As stated, the no-download version contains a great variety of casinos games – yet, the full lineup is included in the download version. Consider whether you just want to try it out first, as you can always download later. Chances are that you are not ever going to play all 130 games that Slot Madness provides. But, if you plan on using this casino frequently (i.e. take advantage of all the ongoing bonuses), you may want to download. Instant Play is great for those who are “on the go” , and/or who are looking to save some disk space on their computer.

Lastly, if you are using the flash/no-download casino format, RTG software provides smooth game play even if you have interrupted internet. Many players wonder if they lose the game when interrupted online. The fact is, if you are in the middle of a game and you lose connection, the software will finish the wager that you were in the middle of playing, and your session will begin exactly where you left off upon reconnecting.

Once you have considered the type of player you’ll be (infrequent player or loyal customer), the decision to download or use Slot Madess Casino’s instant play version will be easy.

The Gamesys Acquisition of Virgin Games

Monday, January 14th, 2013

VirginGames_GamesysAs successful as Richard Branson’s Virgin empire has become, it makes you wonder why on earth Virgin Games will be selling off its assets. Did Branson get in over his head for once? Has the high stakes world of gambling simply become too competitive for the Virgin brand?

Well, judging by the immense popularity of the Virgin Games online casino, it’s safe to say that Virgin Games isn’t short on gambling revenue. But see, that’s the thing about Branson. When he sees an opportunity, he takes full advantage and makes the most of it.

Truth be told, the fact that Gamesys is acquiring the assets of Virgin Games, doesn’t mean Virgin is stepping out of the gaming industry. It simply means the two companies are partnering up, with Gamesys using its leverage in the world of social gambling to capitalize on the popularity of the Virgin brand.

As Branson said himself, the idea is to “expand further internationally”. And this they certainly will with the help of Gamesys, which was the first company in the world to strike a deal with Facebook for offering real money online gambling.

Some folks are now wondering if Gamesys will become the go-to developer in the booming social gambling world of Facebook. Creator of the immensely popular Jackpot Joy Slots app on Facebook (with nearly 1 Million “Likes”), and more recently, the real money online gambling app, Jackpot Joy Casino, Gamesys is giving app developers the likes of Zynga a run for their money.

Needless to say, Gamesys and Virgin make for the perfect match. Virgin Games, which uses Wager Works Software (acquired by IGT), has a similar look and feel to the innovative graphics behind the Gamesys brand. In fact, the success of many Wager Works and Gamesys titles can be largely attributed to the actual playing experience afforded by both platforms.

As the social online gambling realm continues to develop, be on the lookout for Virgin Games titles being powered by Gamesys. A new UK Virgin Games online casino re-launch is expected in the first quarter of 2013.

RTG Online Casino Jackpots

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Real Time Gaming Jackpots

Real Time Gaming (RTG) Software is one of the most well-known online casino software suppliers in the world. Their games are also, quite possibly, the most popular with U.S. players. This is because USA online gamblers frequent Real Time Gaming-powered online casinos more than any other casinos on the Web.

As a direct result, Real Time Gaming’s network of casino licensees, including OCS #1 rated, Club USA Casino, produce one of the largest wide area progressive jackpot networks available to real money online gamblers.

RTG online casino jackpots pool in over $4 million in progressive jackpot winnings at any given time. This collection of funds is generated by seven video slot machines and four table poker games, which are as follows:

RTG Video Slot Progressive Jackpot Games:

Spirit of the Inca – RTG’s newest progressive jackpot game, “Spirit of the Inca” is making waves with players courtesy of multi-level “boiling point” jackpots that guarantee minimum payouts while notifying players just how close these jackpots are to busting. Collective winnings can easily surpass the $1 Million mark on Spirit of the Inca slots.

Aztecs Millions – 5 reels and 20 pay-lines make up this enormously popular RTG video slot. With a default, minimum jackpot of $1 Million, Aztecs Millions happens to be one of the largest standalone progressive jackpot slots on the internet.

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold – The jackpot version of the original “Cleopatra’s Gold” video slot, free spins and tripled wins are the name of the game at Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold. Progressive jackpot totals generally hover in the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

Jackpot Pinatas – Quite possibly the most popular RTG progressive jackpot slot machine in action today, this 5-reel, 20-payline game is characterized by high paying bonus rounds and one of the most consistently large jackpots in the millions.

Mid-Life Crisis – The counterpart to “Shopping Spree” (see below), “Mid-Life Crisis” has a default jackpot of $25K, and consistently churns out frequent wins. An extra two bonus spins on top of an already generous bonus scheme make this a popular game.

Shopping Spree – Sharing a synced jackpot with “Mid-Life Crisis”, “Shopping Spree” is one of RTG’s first progressive jackpot games. Nine paylines of action with bonus games and high paying wins characterize this entertaining video slot.

Shopping Spree 2 – A modern remake of the original game, Shopping Spree 2 offers a standalone jackpot capable of reaching seven figures. If you’re in love with Shopping Spree’s bonus rounds, you won’t be disappointed with the bonuses offered on part 2.

RTG Table Poker Progressive Jackpot Games include Caribbean Draw Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’em Poker – all four of which are connected by a wide area progressive jackpot capable of surpassing the $100K mark. The fourth progressive jackpot poker game is Let ‘Em Ride Poker, which is a standalone jackpot offering thousands at any given time.

For more information and reviews, our RTG Casinos Page provides the history of RTG and our top RTG online casinos.

New Mobile Casino Game Apps Available

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

888Casino-mobile-Android_QRMost internet gaming industry experts agree that mobile phones will play a large part in the future of online gambling. While it is unlikely that betting from a cell phone will become more popular than gambling from a computer in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home, there will be an increasing demand for remote wagering services as more and more people become active user’s of smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Currently, there are just a handful of operators with casino game apps available through the Apple Store and/or Google Play Marketplace. One of them is the well-known Euro and UK gaming brand, 888 Casino (click to visit site). Being one of the oldest and largest online casinos in the world, it’s no huge surprise that 888 would have a mobile offering available. What is surprising, however, is the fact that 888 just recently entered this frontier.

With the release of a Roulette application for Android devices and iPad tablets last month, and a launch of a Blackjack and Slots application this month, 888 has officially made its recent entry into the world of mobile online gambling. Considering the challenges that the mobile market poses any application developer, it’s safe to say that 888 has been eyeing the mobile gaming sector very closely.

Although casino software giants, Microgaming and Playtech, both launched mobile gaming platforms years earlier, there is still some uncertainty lingering whether the mobile gaming market will continue to increase demand at a rate that warrant R&D of mobile gaming applications. You could say that Playtech and Microgaming both made a bet on the mobile market. And while this sector currently accounts for a small percentage of revenue for online casino operators, mobile online gaming is experiencing growth and increasing demand.

All things considered, 888 is still well ahead of the rest of the pack. With three types of casino games already under their belt, it will likely be a matter of months until more game releases come and match the portfolio of mobile games currently being offered at Microgaming-powered online casinos like Royal Vegas and Platinum Play.

888 Casino’s all-in-one app can be quickly downloaded with a QR code reader, directly from their mobile webpage. Just scan the code and your download will begin. How’s that for user-friendliness and convenience?

Fun money or real money accounts can be opened at this Gibraltar licensed/regulated online casino. If you opt to open a real money account, OCS recommends taking advantage of 888’s welcome bonus worth 100% up to 140 Euros Free. Follow this with monthly Happy Hour bonus events, and you can take advantage of up to 900 Euro’s Free.

UK Online Casino, Virgin Games, to Offer More

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012


Two leading internet gambling brands – Playtech and Virgin Games – have sealed a deal in which Virgin will license Playtech’s online casino platform.

Long powered by Wager Works software (now an IGT Interactive company), Virgin has been steadily expanding it’s suite of casino games integrated into their custom open betting platform. Through licensing agreements with a multitude of software platforms, including Cryptologic, Ash Gaming, Freemantle and Virtue Fusion, Virgin has done an outstanding job offering their players a wide variety of games.

Coming soon are games from Playtech. This is actually a big deal, as Playtech is one of the oldest internet gaming companies in the business. Not only that, their games are top notch. Exceptional graphics, entertaining slots and giant progressive jackpots is what players will get from Playtech. The diversity in slot machines will especially give Virgin Casino players a well of entertainment.

This is precisely what Virgin Games CEO, Simon Burridge, said is the companies main goal, “…to provide our customers with the widest range of top-tier entertainment through online casino games.” He went on to stress how crucial it is for Virgin to offer a large range of games from the “best-of-breed” gaming software’s.

Well, it certainly appears that way. Virgin now boasts one of the largest span of online casino games in the UK. With nearly 400 casino games offered under one roof, it’s also one of the largest portfolios, period. If you’re reading this, are from the UK (or Europe for that matter), and are looking for a UK online casino to open an account with, you can’t go wrong with Virgin Casino. A big brand (yes, it’s Richard Branson’s Virgin) with the best credentials (Alderney and Malta), Virgin also comes through with a steady promotions and bonus lineup.

Check them out here if interested. Here’s our review of Virgin Casino

Playtech Acquires Mobile Betting Software, Moves Online Reach Even Further

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Remember yesterday when we here at told you that Playtech is going to be the online casino software provider to keep an eye on? This was because of the deals they had made with California to handle their online poker needs should the state move forward with their intrastate online poker bills. Playtech also made a major deal with Gala Coral recently that has made big news in the online casino industry. After taking up and making a ten year deal with a major online gambling company and making a deal that would gain them entrance into the much sought after US market, Playtech is spreading to the mobile market.

It has now been confirmed that Playtech has indeed bought Mobenga. Mobenga is a Swedish mobile gaming technology software developer. The deal cost Playtech €23.8 million, but it promises to reap a great deal of profit as more and more online gambling expands into the mobile sphere.

“Recent developments in mobile gaming are increasingly important in driving player acquisition and delivering demonstratable revenue streams. Sports betting has always been the core product for many operators—one which creates different cross selling opportunities to other gaming products. This deal will position Playtech as the leading mobile gaming provider to take best advantage of the growth in mobile gaming and to integrate sports betting alongside its existing mobile casino, poker and bingo offerings, providing the operators the ability to offer a complete multi-product mobile gaming solution,” said Mor Weizer, the CEO of Playtech.

So what does all of that mean? It means that while Mobenga may be a mobile sports betting platform right now, Playtech intends to evolve it into a multi online gambling and casino game platform. Offering such a platform to their partners in the online casino industry would put Playtech with the most versatile, one-stop-shop for online casino gambling options.

This is one online casino software provider that we here at intend to t keep a close eye on and to follow to see just how their expansions fare and to see just how far their reach will go. This is going to be an exciting year for Playtech and the online casinos they are already partnered with.

The Future of Internet Gambling

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I know it just seemed like gambling leaped into the realm of the Internet. Online casinos everywhere you turn around on the Internet. And there is nothing wrong with playing your favorite game in a casino online. That is what they are there for after all, to make access to your favorite game easier.

The idea is to not have to drive or travel to the nearest land casino and worry about accommodations and such, but to play from within your home, cutting down on expenses that are a part of visiting a land casino. But it may be that online casinos are already on their way out. Surprising is it not? Okay, not really if you consider all of the transportation advances in a single century when compared with previous centuries. The speed of progress has gone petal to the metal. So it really is not surprising that online casinos are already being replaced even though some countries are still debating how to handle them and how and whether or not to regulate them.

Do not get me wrong, online casinos are not about to disappear. They will still be found online to play in. I wanted to bring up the advances made towards mobile online gambling. While some online casinos have started looking at how to make a mobile version of their entire casino software, others are looking to partner with mobile software developers to create apps for individual casino games, such as online poker. These mobile apps, while they may not bare the online casino’s name, are tied to the online casino group as a subsidiary.

The increase in mobile gambling apps is a result of how as a society we have become more mobile in our own day in day out lives. This is evidenced by the increased use of smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android. As it stands Apple is still not allowing apps for mobile online gambling using real money to pass through their approval for sale in their app store. However we here at only feel that it is a matter of time before real money mobile app online gambling is a reality. We do hope that countries will catch up with online casinos first. Perhaps the push already forward to mobile gambling will cause countries that are on the fence or against online casinos to give over and accept the reality of online gambling.