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Euro Online Gambling Prepares for Take-off

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Lingerie clad stewardesses and online gambling for charity?

Lingerie clad stewardesses and online gambling for charity?

If you are at all like me, you will go to great lengths to pass the time when flying on an airplane.  I will jam every piece of electronic gadgetry I own into the pockets of my laptop case with the hope that somehow I can keep myself entertained until the plane lands.  At times I think I may even spend more time preparing for a flight by downloading all kinds of goodies to my iPad, than the actual length of the flight itself.  It’s a compulsion to be sure – but I think Ryanair may be on to a cure.

The low budget airline from Ireland has announced that it recently inked a deal with online casino giant 888 to bring online gambling to the skies.  Now, unfortunately for those of us who would love nothing more than to sip a cocktail while testing our luck at 30,000 feet – this deal doesn’t mean that euro online gambling will be offered in flights right away.  When that actually happens will have a great deal to do with where regulators come down on the issue of in-flight gambling.  But the deal certainly means things are heading in the right direction.

In the meantime, evidence of this partnership will first be available on the Ryanair website.  In the near future customers who visit the site will have the entire line up of 888 casino games at their disposal.  It won’t even be necessary that you book a flight to take part in the fun.  Ryanair must believe that they will ultimately benefit more by not restricting game access to only those customers who actually purchase flights.

To make things more inviting, 888’s regular offerings will be augmented by travel related incentives.  One could imagine accumulating frequent flyer mileage by way of a casino bonus.  But even more fun than that would be the ability to play online poker for real money with other passengers on one of my flights.  That is something I will surely look forward to.

But for now, while our online gambling is relegated to the ground, we can always access great online casinos like 888 right here.

Sportingbet Sells Turkish Website

Friday, October 14th, 2011

sportingbetIn a move to make the company more appealing to buyers and investors, Sportingbet Plc reached an agreement to sell its Turkish website to East Pioneer Corporation. Sportingbet, the online betting company located in England, will sell its Turkish website for approximately £125 million. The move will temporarily cost the firm money, but is expected to strengthen them in the long run.

Turkey is an unregulated market for online gambling. Sportingbet has operated there tax free for some time, but a decision was made to move its business solely into regulated markets. The regulated markets have lower profits for online casinos and betting sites, but also come with lower risks and higher stock prices.

“We believe the unregulated income stream drags down the group,” said Sportingbet CEO Andrew McIver in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. McIver said that the company always planned to ditch Turkey at some point and this was a good time to do so.

Earlier this week, their negotiations with Ladbrokes fell apart due in part to the Turkey market. Ladbrokes wants to purchase Sportingbet, but considers the business in Turkey a liability. By selling the Turkish website, Sportingbet should be more attractive to Ladbrokes, who has said that they are still interested in a deal but not willing to rush into anything.

For some time, Ladbrokes has tried to grow its company to compete with the larger William Hill. Four years ago, Ladbrokes was in lengthy negotiations to buy 888 Holdings, but that deal eventually fell apart. Then again this year Ladbrokes again negotiated with 888 to buy the gambling website but eventually walked away because the two companies could not agree on a price.

32Red Targeting Regulated Markets

Monday, September 19th, 2011

32redWhile there have been many fluctuations in the volatile online gambling industry, 32Red Casino is seeing its biggest success at the moment. After a record-setting 2010, the company is looking for a record year yet again in 2011. As part of their business model, they are eschewing unregulated markets, such as the United States, and going after licensed markets. As such, they are currently eyeing Italy.

Speaking with Reuters, 32Red CEO Ed Ware said that the company is “investing more money in marketing at the topline and we are being more aggressive with our promotions, which are bringing in new players.” The company is expecting to make £2.1 million in profits this year before taxes and total revenue of £22.1 million.

More aggressive advertising has been a large part of their success. 32Red now sponsors the Swansea City Association Football Club, a Welsh professional football club that is part of the English Premier League. In addition, 32Red has aggressively promoted its brand through television advertising.

Italy is seen as their next conquest. The newly liberalized market is thought to be a big opportunity for the top online casino company. Ware says that 32Red is “only interested in regulated markets,” and wants to work with governments from the inside rather than approaching the market from the outside.

In addition to the current strategy of going after regulated markets and using aggressive advertising to get their name out there, Ward says he would consider buying smaller companies. They are also interested in becoming licensed in Spain, though the economic situation there worries Ward.

When many gambling companies have been hurt by Black Friday and its subsequent consequences or by the struggling global economy, 32Red is thriving. The company is licensed in Gibraltar.

Reputation Building Amongst the Online Gaming Affiliate Community

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

In our last blog entry, we discussed the importance of reading forum boards and gauging complaints in valuing an online casino’s overall reputation. As mentioned in the post, the bulk of complaints and consequential reputation molding comes from players sharing their own personal experience at the casino in question.

But what about complaints from non-players, such as business partners or the online gaming affiliate community? Should these be used to gauge the reputation of an online casino as well? Here at OCS, we most certainly think so. The affiliate community, in particular, plays a key role in helping shape a casino’s reputation. Case in point is the Grand Prive group of internet betting sites.

If you’re new to the online gambling scene, you may not have heard about the “scandal” that took place a few years back between Grand Prive and the affiliates who helped generate traffic for their casinos, and consequently, grow their business. Basically, what happened is that Grand Prive decided to pull the plug on their affiliate program and there was a big fallout with affiliates. In the end, Grand Prive was basically labeled a rogue, and to this day, remains on many a blacklist.

What also remains are forum threads tracking the practices of Grand Prive, one of which was a thread at reputable watchdog affiliate forum, Affiliate Guard Dog. In the thread, it is revealed that Grand Prive had placed redirects on it’s online casino properties, taking visitors to new domains with the prefix “bet” added to the original domain. For example, now redirects to

It is now confirmed that Grand Prive has reopened it’s doors to US online gamblers, and consequently, ended it’s licensing agreement with Microgaming Software. Furthermore, it appears that Grand Prive is mailing out software CD’s with a software platform called Betonsoft. There is also speculation that Grand Prive owns the software platform.

Just to clarify, this is by no means an endorsement for U.S. players. As mentioned, reputation amongst non-players and affiliate partners (or rather, former affiliate partners) goes a long way. Judging by Grand Prive’s past behavior, the reputation of this online gaming group still has some affiliates on the fence.

A Look at One Club Casino

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

one club casinoOne Club Casino is one of the newest casinos to be featured here at, but by no means should it be overlooked. The casino, which uses Real Time Gaming software, has an impressive selection of casino games and some good bonuses.

More than 120 casino games can be found at One Club Casino, each of them part of the impressive RTG suite. Among those games are progressive slots with jackpots of over $5 million. Each game is available to play for free, though for the most tension and excitement you would want to play for real money. The casino has a good selection of slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, bingo, poker, video poker and more.

New members can receive a welcome bonus of up to $777 in free casino chips. That is from an incredible 250% match on your first deposit. It isn’t just the new members that receive bonuses at One Club Casino, though. Current members can receive the reload bonus, which is a 75% bonus on all of your deposits. With no limit to the bonuses, that is one of the best deals in the entire online casino industry. The bonus has a maximum amount of $500 per transactions, but no limit on the number of times it can be redeemed.

In addition to the bonuses and game selection, Club One Casino is known for its customer support. Someone is available at all hours of every day to assist you with any problems that may arise.

Promo’s, Jackpots & Big Winners at Club World

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Club World Casino is the top-rated online casino here at OCS. Judging by all that is going on at Club USA, it should be no surprise this UK-managed, Curacao licensed/regulated internet casino has earned an outstanding reputation with U.S. online gamblers. Below is a breakdown of this week’s daily promotions, slot tournaments, current progressive jackpot tallies and the recent big money winners at Club USA Casino. See the OCS Club World Casino Review for further details.

As of Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @ 11:22 am EST

Today’s Daily Promotion:

Pick the Game You Like!  The perfect bonus for high rollers, using coupon code PICK75, players receive a 75% bonus up to $1,000 Free that can redeemed up to three times. The play-through is only 25x for slots, keno and Caribbean games, with 40x play-through on Blackjack, Video Poker and multi-hand Video Poker. The only game exclusions, i.e. DO NOT PLAY THEM WHILE USING THIS BONUS, are Roulette, Bingo, Baccarat, Craps, Poker and Sic Bo.This promotion ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST.

Tomorrow’s Promo (through Sunday):

Coming up from September 1-4 are the new month bonuses, consisting of a Slots-only match bonus worth $100 Free (25x play-through; Bonus Code: EXTRA100) an unlimited Slots/Keno/Scratch Cards bonus worth 65% Free (20x play-through; Bonus Code: SLOTS65), and an unlimited Table Games Bonus worth 55% Free (40x play-through; Bonus Code: OTHERGAMES55).

The latter is these bonuses deserves to be highlighted as it is a legitimate table game bonus that can be used to wager on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Blackjack and Video Poker. While it’s not too uncommon to find bonuses allowing bets on BJ and VP, it is very rare (especially for U.S. players) to find a legitimate bonus that can be used on Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo. With a 40x play-through, this is one bonus not to pass up. Again, the code is OTHERGAMES55 and can be claimed here starting tomorrow, September 1 through 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, September 4, 2011.


Click to Join the $500 Free Roll Tournament at Club World

Upcoming Slots Tournaments (see schedule to the right):

They take place throughout the day, spanning 8 to 10 minutes of playtime and ranging from 6K to 10K credits. These tournaments are an excellent way to become familiar with Club USA’s slot machines (powered by Real Time Gaming) while putting down minimal risk for a chance at winning hundreds in guaranteed prize money.

Progressive Jackpots:

Mid-Life Crisis/Shopping Spree: $1.06 Million
Shopping Spree II: $223,000
Caribbean Stud/Draw/Hold’em Poker: $74,820
Jackpot Pinatas: $1.7 Million
Aztec’s Millions: $1.3 Million
Let’em Ride Poker: $160,000
Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold: $273,000

Recent Winners:

Player Jackie B. won $9,058.63
Player Joseph P. won $12,945.42
Player Jason P. won $7,269.27
Player Bobbie M. won $10,978.77
Player Kary T. won $8,347.09
Player Mike S. won $7,645.24
Player Debra D. won $10,850.60
Player Harry P. won $7,521.69
Player Steven H. won $7,082.87
Player Kathryn C. won $10,978.77

About Those Internet Gambling Cafes

Friday, August 19th, 2011

internet-cafe12-1-10Over the last few years, Internet gambling cafés have become a big issue in the United States and across the world. In the U.S. no state yet regulates online gambling, and in most states, unregulated gambling is illegal, though some make exceptions for friendly card games, charity games and social games like bingo. In any case, though there are only a few states that expressly prohibit online gambling, operating an Internet gambling business in the U.S. is generally illegal. While it’s perfectly legal for a U.S. citizen to play casino games online at offshore websites, people cannot run those same businesses in the States.

For good and bad, capitalists find a way to make money any time there is demand for a product. If people want something, there is someone willing to sell it to them. As such, the great demand for convenient gambling in America has led to a large number of Internet gambling cafés springing up across the nation. But are they illegal?

That depends on who you ask. There is no question that the businesses violate the intent of laws that don’t allow unregulated gambling businesses. However, in some cases, according to the café owners, the businesses avoid violating the letter of the law. Due to loopholes, they said that their businesses are totally legal. Their opponents disagree.

The most common loophole that the gambling café owners exploit is removing the direct link between payment and wagers. If customers come in and spend money to place wagers on games online, there is no question that it is gambling. However, if the business only charges people for use of the Internet, which is totally legal, and all of those customers just happen to use their Internet time to gamble online, winning prizes from the business, the cafés say they are doing nothing wrong.

The issue has been a controversial one. Authorities in many states have been raiding those businesses, making arrests and shutting the cafés down. Some states have legislation under consideration that would expressly prohibit those gambling cafés. In each case, the business owners explain that they are not in violation of the law and assert their right to run their business. Sadly, this controversy probably would not be cleared up if the U.S. regulates online gambling at the federal level. In that case, the feds would not want the gambling cafés competing with the online casinos. However, such regulation could put those cafés out of business, because people could gamble online from their own homes.

How Problem Gamblers May be Less at Risk Online than in a Land Casino

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Problem gambling is at the heart of any online casino debate. Already these individuals are suffering and no one wants to put them in the position to suffer more. Unfortunately they are often used as pawns in the online gambling debates to try to keep a country’s market unregulated. The idea is that if it is illegal no one will do it. A bit naïve but then perhaps there is some truth to it. But what some politicians may not be aware of is that problem gamblers may be safer in an online casino than in a land casino.

We here at have been following the movements and debates around the world as countries try to establish regulated online gambling and online casinos. Of course keeping tabs on what is happening in Australia has out attention to. And it is from Australia that a strong argument that is pro-online gambling in relation to problem gamblers was made.

Cormac Barry, who is the Chief Executive of Betfair, was the one to make the argument. He said that with third party verification and analytics software it would be more possible to curb problem gambling online and off.

Problem gamblers will sometimes try to register at multiple online casinos. The idea is to have multiple accounts which would then allow them to wager more than their limit at a single online casino. Another method is to open a new account at an online casino they already play at but still register with the same address and phone number, merely using a different email address. Online casinos can use third party verification and analytics software to find similarities between accounts. Finding these similarities can lead fraud teams to problem gamblers to help them from over-gambling.

What makes this so strong for online gambling is that online casinos can use third party verification and analytics software to help find problem gamblers. Land casinos do not have that luxury. There is nothing to stop a problem gambler from leaving one casino and traveling to another. This is one argument, but it is a strong argument that is in favor of online gambling.

Bodog Brand Making Changes

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Every now and then you need make some changes, freshen things up. This is not a bad thing. In fact it can be fun. We here at enjoy keeping tabs on the top online casinos in the industry and bringing to you the latest and greatest changes they are making. Right now the spotlight is on the Bodog Brand of online casinos and their latest freshening up changes are certainly fun.

First we will start with Bodog Asia. The latest and greatest to come out of Bodog Asia is their new live dealer studio. Once the studio is complete players will have a whole new live dealer experience for enjoying their favorite online casino games. The new live dealer program is designed to give players even more control over their live dealer games. New features will allow players to make decisions to tailor the tables to themselves, other players or a player group they are in; choose their favorite live dealer from all the live dealers available; allow for random bonuses. And naturally the live dealers will feature beautiful women. It would not be Bodog if it did not.

But that is only what is happening with Bodog Asia. Over in the western part of the world there is an overhaul happening to the online casino lobbies of, and In an attempt to move the entire industry forward, Bodog is changing their lobby so that players can find their favorite online slots game easier using a search bar and simply navigation. Also to be included is an overview of the games, including their features. The hope is that this new online casino lobby format will take off, become popular and usher in a new era of online casino lobbies.

Why Investors are Looking at Full Tilt

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Full Tilt has been in the news a lot lately. First it was for Black Friday; then it was the snafu with paying their players back—which players are still waiting for—so they can have their money; then it was the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) suspending their license; following that was the hearing in London. Yesterday we here at brought to you that the hearing has been delayed until the 15th of September. So what is the delay for? The AGCC is giving Full Tilt the opportunity to complete a sale before that time with an investor.

This brings up the question of why would an investor want to buy an online poker site that is floundering at the moment and who is in trouble with the United State’s Department of Justice? Sure, in the short term it might seem like a slightly odd thing to invest your money in, but in order to see the real appeal you need to look at it from the long term perspective.

Full Tilt was one of the top two online poker sites. It had a huge following in the US market as well as overseas. The potential still exists to rebuild the site, the company and its reputation to bring it back up to its former glory and position in the online casino industry. Then there is the US market itself to consider. It is widely predicted that it will not stay closed forever. In fact, the regulation of the US online casino market is gaining momentum and many foresee it becoming regulated and opening up in the next couple of years. And when the US market opens, even if it only allows regulated online poker, there will be a fast move to try to gain holding in that market.

As a site that gained a large following before, it is possible for Full Tilt to gain such a following again under new management. Furthermore, even if a new owner does not wish to move into the US market when it opens up in a regulated form, it is still a large site with lots of members and it would do well in the overseas market under new management. But the US market is too big of a draw and most of the industry will want in; all of the heavy hitters such as Playtech and 888 Holdings will position themselves to enter the US market and enter it on a strong foot. A new investor could also enter on a strong foot after reinventing Full Tilt. In short, Full Tilt has serious revenue potential.