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Last Chance for Holiday Promos at Bet365 Bingo and Poker

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

The time is now, right now! Hurry to Bet365 Casino today for your last chance at some serious Holiday Season related action at both Bet365 Poker and Bet365 Bingo.

Bet 365 Poker Room

Right now, you can play on the virtual Bet365 Poker tables for the chance to win amazing prizes, like a Samsung 3D TV, a PlayStation 4 and a luxury trip worth $5,000. And don’t forget about the online $50,000 Grand Prize Draw. There is still enough time to get in on the poker action where an impressive 1,000 prizes will be won by the end of the tournament. All you’ll have to do is complete your daily challenge playing at the Bet365 poker tables and give yourself the opportunity to win.

Taking part in this holiday timed event by playing all types of poker – cash games, sit and go’s, or even the Bet365 scheduled tournaments – you are in on the $50,000 Grand Prize Draw pool action wherein there are additional prizes to be given away left and right.

With time running out, you can score your daily challenge much faster, twice as fast that is, by playing on the virtual Bet 365 poker related Premium Table. And for the largest part, you have access to winning more, bigger and better prizes when you continue to play each and every day of the remaining event.

It’s easy to opt in, too. You simply log in to the bet365 Poker lobby and the Daily Challenge is right there and easy to see.


For those of you looking for some online casino action that is a bit more low key than poker, be sure to check out the Bet365 Bingo room online.

Bet365 Bingo offers a great selection of holiday season games, including Jingle Bells Roll On and Xmas BOG2F, plus a daily game at 8PM each day (UK time zone). Timely named after the 12 Days of Christmas, they have a guaranteed £2,500 prize pot available. You can make your bingo action during the holiday season complete by playing select New Year games through the month of January, 2014.

UK players know the importance and festive fun associated with Boxing Day. The Bet365 Bingo Boxing Day Bingo Linx game with £26,000 is taking place (beginning the day after Christmas at 1030PM UK time zone).

As we’ve said, there’s still time. Just be sure to hurry and get your share of the holiday action at Bet365!

One Guy’s Experiences Playing Online Bingo

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Don’t say it. I already know what you’re thinking. Online bingo is for fogies…right? Well, let me just say that if you happen to be a fogy, I apologize in advance. Personally, I love fogies. I think fogies are great. Secondly, even though I’m twenty-six, I guess I’m a fogy too, ’cause I’m a hug fan of bingo.

Granted, I am talking about bingo on the internet, not the bingo at your local community hall. For that matter, I’m not even talking about bingo at the best of the best casinos or brick ‘n mortar bingo halls. If I wanted that kind of bingo, I’d be forced to smoke two packs of secondhand cigarettes per hour. Now, I’m not one to judge – I say smoke ’em if you got ’em. I’d just rather do so at my own rate.

But what about the social aspect, you say? Well, I don’t know about you, but the last time my grandma dragged me to the bingo hall, the only socializing I saw taking place was between people and their bingo cards – sometimes extending to the neighboring table, but usually amounting to no more than complaints about not being able to hear the caller or grumblings about not winning.

Online bingo rooms, however, are more social than a social. Maybe it’s the extra bit of autonomy that comes from sitting at a computer, or it’s the kind of people who tend to play bingo online. All I can say is that I truly get to engage and have fun with new people all the time. There’s a chat room for every cup of tea, too.

And it may sound shocking to someone who’s never played online bingo before, but I’ve actually met some of my dearest friends in the bingo chat rooms. We’ve become such good pals that we’ve organized an annual trip to Las Vegas where we even have more fun!

In addition to the conveniences of getting to wear your underwear and sipping a homemade Mai Tai while having a good time with friends playing bingo online, the other thing I love about playing bingo online is all the free money available to help you win even more money. It’s called a free cash bonus, and the best online bingo rooms, like Sky Bingo (my personal favorite), have lots of free bonus cash to give out to both new and returning players. From what I can tell, and from what other players are saying, Sky Bingo’s 350% Free welcome bonus is the best thing going right now. And you can bet you won’t find that kind of promotion in a brick ‘n mortar bingo hall.

Seriously people, online bingo makes for a really good time. But don’t take my word for it. Open a free account at one of these best online bingo rooms and see for yourself.

Bingo Scratch Cards Worth Their Weight in Gold: Bingo Bonanza at Scratch 2 Cash

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Play all the best in bingo scratch cards, Bingo Bonanza, at Neo Games Scratch 2 Cash

Play all the best in bingo scratch cards, Bingo Bonanza, at Neo Games Scratch 2 Cash

If you’re looking for bingo scratch cards to play online, let’s just cut right to the chase by saying, Bingo Bonanza – available at Scratch 2 Cash and Platinum Play Casino – is the game you want to play. I suppose it would help to tell you why, unless of course, you absolutely want to take my word for face value. However, knowing all too well that the reader’s of OCS are some of the most savvy and knowledgeable bettors in the game (like yourself…hopefully:) ), allow me to introduce the Bingo Bonanza scratch card game.

First off, bingo scratch cards are just like your everyday lottery scratch off ticket, but with a bingo game/theme for entertainment value. Considering the nature of bingo, these cards generally take more time to play out, which means you can actually get more entertainment for your money. Of course, places like Scratch 2 Cash offer an auto-play feature, as well as a “Scratch All” button that will dramatically speed up how many bingo scratch cards you can play in any given amount of time (more on that later).

If you’re new to playing online bingo scratch cards and/or don’t have a large bankroll to begin with, it’s probably within your best interest to start off playing one card at a time, and slowly make your way up to 8 cards in a single session, not to mention using the auto-play feature, only after getting comfortable with the game and beefing up your bankroll a bit.

How much “beefing up” is possible? Well, considering that Bingo Bonanza pays up to $200,000 on a single card, let’s just say this is one meaty burger. To be exact, Bingo Bonanza scratch cards range from $0.25 to $20 per card, the latter capable of dishing out the large $200K jackpot. Yet, even the $0.25 card will pay up to $2,500. Other denomination bingo scratch cards include $0.50, $1, $2, $5, and $10.

In terms of odds, the way it works is that the software platform running the show at Scratch 2 Cash (powered by Neo Games) attributes winning values to all cards stored on the server. This giant pool of pre-determined bingo scratch cards is worth well over $200,000,000, with millions of scratch cards to boot. To be more precise, your odds of winning $200,000 are 1 in 2,000,000. This may sound like insurmountable odds to some, but in the world of lottery style scratch-off tickets, this isn’t bad at all. To put it in a different perspective, your odds of winning $20 (or coming out even on a single card) are one in seven. For a $5 Bingo Bonanza scratch card, you’re looking at a 1 in 300 chance of winning $100.

Of course, places like Scratch 2 Cash and Platinum Play want to give you even more incentive to play scratch cards online, like Bingo Bonanza (another reason why we like them the best). Both gaming destinations offer a 100% Match Bonus worth $200, while Scratch 2 Cash offers the option of winning without having to make a deposit, by way of a $5 no-deposit bonus.

Bingo Bonanza Rules

The rules of Bingo Bonanza are simple and straight forward.  Begin by selecting the card price, followed by the number of cards. If you want to play 8 cards at once, select the Max Card button. Next, click the Play button to set the bingo balls in motion (sixty total). As soon as “bingo” is reached for each card (one horizontal row of numbers is called), the balls will cease being drawn and the payout meter will light accordingly (see the above picture for reference). This meter shows the payout based on how many balls were drawn. The fewer balls drawn to reach bingo, the more the payout.

If you want to give the aforementioned “auto-play” mode a go, simply click on the Auto-Play button and select the number of games you would like to play in succession. You may set the auto-play mode to cease when your bankroll has reached a pre-determined amount by checking the minimum or maximum balance boxes and entering a value. Auto-play can be paused at any time by clicking the Pause button or ended by clicking the yellow Auto-play button a second time. On that note, auto-play online casino games are also available at the aforementioned Platinum Play and Scratch 2 Cash.

MTV to Launch Up-Your-Bingo Online Bingo Room With 888’s Dragonfish Network

Friday, July 16th, 2010

MTV UK/Ireland launches Online Bingo Room

MTV UK/Ireland launches Online Bingo Room

When MTV starts showing an interest in online bingo, let’s just say the notion that only old people play bingo stands no more. In fact, it’s evidence that such a notion has been smashed to pieces. For those of us keen to the online gambling scene, the rise of bingo has been quite apparent over the last five years or so. While at first primarily attracting women in the 40’s range, online bingo is now popular with both sexes in their twenties and thirties.

So yes, MTV is indeed showing an interest in online bingo – so much so, let’s just say there is no backing out at this point. Inking a deal with 888 Holdings’ Dragonfish bingo solutions network, MTV Networks UK and Ireland divisions will be launching a new online bingo site this month, initially as a skin of the Dragonfish Network.

What that means is that MTV will be advertising it’s new online bingo site with the hopes of drawing in a younger, hipper demographic to have a go at winning some money and engaging in like-minded chat. It also means that online bingo may never again be the same.

Giving a visit to the new skin site – fittingly named UpYourBingo – I was impressed with the layout. However, the touch of MTV is sorely missing, and one would hope they give the site a huge makeover courtesy of the X and Y generations. If this means incorporating music videos while you play, music streaming or irreverent comedic anecdotes throughout the site and chat rooms, then so be it. I just hope this isn’t a profiteering venture of the part of MTV, resulting in just another bingo room without any personality. What is this like sixty bingo rooms now in the Dragonfish network?

That’s one reason why I personally like the World Bingo Network’s Desperate Housewives Bingo Room. Admittedly, my first interest in this room was to get hooked up with a desperate housewife in one of the chat rooms. But ever since a long conservation with my priest and being won over by everything else this online bingo room has to offer, I can say that Desperate Housewives is a solid bingo room with so much more than….you know what I mean.

Needless to say, both Dragonfish and MTV are getting all gooshy over one another. In a recent press release, both companies said the same-ol’, same-ol’ “we are really excited to be partnering with one another” and such forth. Indeed, the partnership holds great potential for the UK and Ireland facing online bingo community.

UK Online Bingo Room, Mecca Bingo, to Offer Branded “Blockbusters” Bingo Game Shortly

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

blockbustersDepending on how old you are (if you’re reading this, hopefully old enough to gamble online), you may or may not remember the game, “Blockbusters”. A bingo variant that stormed the gaming scene back in the 80’s, “Blockbusters” gained enormous popularity – namely in Britain – due to a quiz game show of the same name being aired for nearly twenty years straight.

Bringing “Blockbusters” back – well, to the world of online gambling, that is – is leading European facing online casino and gaming software developer, Playtech. Bridging the gap between Playtech and the British online bingo community is Virtue Fusion – the leading licensor of online bingo products in the UK. As part of a licensing agreement with, Virtue Fusion and Playtech have successfully brought another branded game to the masses.

If you are thinking that Mecca Bingo sounds familiar, that’s because it probably is. Owned by the Rank Group, which is one of the leading betting companies in all of Europe (operating Grosvenor Casinos and Blue Square), Mecca Bingo has some serious backing, and hence, it’s ability to team up with Playtech for the Blockbuster bingo game.

Rank Interactive Head of Gaming, Angus Nisbet recognized the impact of such a deal, stating, “Branded online bingo games are among the most popular on, and I am sure that Blockbusters will be another success. Playtech’s Virtue Fusion Alderney has created a fantastic product and I am positive it will strike a chord with fans of the show and be well-liked by new players too.”

The Blockbusters deal shortly follows a partnership between Rank and Virtue Fusion, in which Virtue Fusion created the “Britain’s Got Talent” bingo game, which can now be seen on the homepage of Mecca Bingo – Official Bingo Partner of Britain’s Got Talent.

Online Bingo Rooms Continue Catering to Growing USA Market

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Ahhh...the good 'ol days of old smoky bingo rooms

Take a deep whiff...second hand bingo hall smoke at its finest; Credit: Rocket000

United States citizens have long been a prodigious source of the revenue that accounts for the multi-billion dollar online gambling industry. While it is impossible to give exact figures for each of the many forms and branches contributing to the overall industry as a whole, it is common knowledge that online poker, sports betting and online casino games account for the bulk of revenue going to offshore online betting destinations.

Although not as popular as the online casinos and poker rooms, online bingo rooms certainly take in their fair share of U.S. internet traffic. Steadily increasing over the last five years, online bingo traffic doesn’t just come from bettors looking for more of a social online gaming experience, which it does indeed provide for. Bingo traffic also comes from the same demographic of gamblers who enjoy frequenting online casinos for their large progressive jackpots and free bonus offers.

The US friendly bingo rooms of today, such as those making up the World Bingo Network (WBN), are now actually rivaling online casinos in many regards. Offering large free cash welcome offers of their own, bingo rooms are attracting loyal bettors looking for a good chance to win some money (with some free money, of course), and who also value the casual entertainment factor that inevitably becomes more interesting with the social element.

Bingo rooms like USA Bingo, even offer casino-style side games, such as micro-slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker. It’s no coincidence these are some of the more popular games at online casinos. By offering these popular games to bettors who are typically inclined to play at online casinos, USA Bingo is, in effect, introducing the game of online bingo to more players, many of whom now consider bingo their “game of choice”.

Knowing just how loyal many of their American bettors are, WBN and USA Bingo are also committed to keeping their doors open in light of the pending online gambling legislation (the UIGEA) seeking to block certain forms of online wagering. WBN is ever-so-aware of this potential roadblock, and has even published an announcement on their website, stating that they will continue monitoring the situation while remaining open for business on the US front.

Visit USA Bingo for a 250% Sign-up Bonus, 50% Cashback Guarantee and up to a 300% Redeposit Bonus. And if you can’t decide just one and simply would like to test out the bingo room, new players can claim a Free $30 no-deposit bonus.

Boss Media Achieves eCOGRA Online Wagering Software Fairness Certification

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Boss Media, which powers the OCS approved Casino Club, is the latest top-tier online casino software developer to receive an eCOGRA certification, following the likes of popular European betting site and software licensee, Bwin – approved in January of this year. Now making a total of eighteen eCOGRA approved software platforms offering mobile wagering, sports betting, poker games, bingo and online casino gambling, there is no denying the growing need and importance of eCOGRA in the European iGaming industry.

Better yet, eCOGRA’s role is more essential to the legally regulated online gambling sector, which is precisely why you won’t find any U.S. facing online casinos with an eCOGRA certification. If you ask me, I think eCOGRA is smart to keep away from the U.S. In other words, any country who willingly doesn’t play fair, opts to ban rather than regulate, and who attempts to give online betting a bad name simply does not deserve eCOGRA.

What eCOGRA does is provide the groundwork for achieving the highest standards in gaming operator responsibility, while ensuring safe, fair and overall transparent online gambling standards are met in all gaming operations – everything from software provider to online casino operator. As most people know by now, the software platform is where fairness begins, as this is contingent on the programmed source code and a properly functioning Random Number Generator (RNG).

As mentioned, Bwin is a licensee of the Boss Media platform, and takes part in the International Poker Network – one of the largest European facing online poker networks out there currently. This may explain why Boss Media’s certification with eCOGRA followed Bwin earlier in the year. It’s a perfect example of how when the bar gets raised, those who don’t follow will be left behind. And not that there aren’t any good non-eCOGRA approved betting sites out there (let’s face it…getting certified is no easy task), yet the fact remains that an increasing number of established gaming businesses are turning to eCOGRA. This especially became the case when eCOGRA opened its certifications to other software platforms other than Microgaming and online casinos powered by Microgaming.

As Boss Media’s CEO, Johan Berg eloquently stated, “The company (Boss Media) has always been committed to the highest possible quality in both products and operational conduct. Our achievement in meeting eCOGRA’s demanding software certification standards reaffirms that commitment and provides us with a useful and internationally accepted benchmark against which we can measure our performance.”

Boylesports Joins Playtech’s Virtue Fusion Online Bingo Network

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

As online bingo grows more popular with the online casino gaming sector, more big name online casinos are implementing bingo games in addition to their normal fare of table games, slot and video poker machines, and in some cases, a stand alone poker room. Now – yet another testament to the growing rise in popularity of online bingo – sports books and traditional sports betting sites are integrating bingo rooms for their members to get their bingo on.

One such sports betting site is the Ireland based, Boylesports, which recently inked a deal with Playtech Software to provide online bingo solutions courtesy of the Virtue Fusion platform – quite possibly the largest and most active European facing bingo networks in operation today. As their name implies, Boylesports main focus is on sports betting. However, in recent years, they have since expanded to every form of online wagering imaginable, including poker, skill games, arcade style games, lotteries and online casino wagering.

The deal marks an ongoing relationship between Boylesports and Playtech that began when Boylesports joined Playtech’s thriving iPoker network, which at the time of publication had nearly 19,000 players online. Obviously, Boylesports has been very pleased with Playtech’s services to date, and the decision to offer an online bingo package via Virtue Fusion is certain to bear fruit as well.

Virtue Fusion was actually acquired by Playtech last month, and is considered one of the world’s leading developers and licensors of the online bingo products. Generating over 100 Million Euros in stakes per month and with peak traffic of 7,000 players, it’s no surprise Virtue Fusion’s clients include big names like Mecca, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Virgin, Paddy Power, Bet365, Sky and Crown Bingo in addition to Boylesports.