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John Burzichelli to Speak at iGaming Super Show

Friday, May 17th, 2013

igamingsupershow2013It was just announced that New Jersey Assemblyman John Burzichelli will be speaking at the iGaming Executive Conference, which coincides and is affiliated with the iGaming Super Show to be held June 11-14, 2013 in Amsterdam at the RAI.

The online gaming industry in New Jersey, in most part, owes this Assemblyman a great deal as he was an integral part of the legalization of online casino gaming in the state. His hard work pushing the bill that New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, signed into law made New Jersey one of the first states in the US to legalize online gaming for real money.

Scheduled to speak on June 12, Burzichelli will no doubt share his extensive views surrounding the politics of legislation when it comes to states moving forward with creating bills to legalize online gaming in the US, as well as his personal findings within the push to legislate in his state. The session will cover the visions of the lawmakers and the significance of iGaming and its major impact on Atlantic City’s casinos. US states, innovative companies and industry investors will definitely benefit from his views and experiences.

The Super Show itself will boast some 2,400+ delegates and more than 100 speakers that will take in some seven different events spread-out through the same venue. The convention includes a dedicated affiliate event, mobile gaming summit and a social gambling conference. There will be workshops and other seminar-type events scheduled throughout. There will be no stone unturned according to the very detailed schedule of events posted on the iGaming Supershow website.

Like Burzichelli, several more of the biggest names in the gaming business will be speaking at these different events. Playtech CEO Mor Weizer will speak, as well as American Gaming Association CEO Frank J. Fahrenkopf, and Nevada State Gaming Control Board Chairman AG Burnett. Speakers will share their latest insights into both European and American gaming spheres.

There will be a large selection of gaming companies advertising their services, and networking will abound with than 100 booths are set to showcase these companies. Speaking from the educational and business perspective level, the iGaming Supershow is set to divulge major information regarding all aspects of online gaming worldwide.

Looking at the scheduled events, there will be a major focus on social and mobile gaming. Both Nevada and New Jersey will be well represented to discuss further US iGaming relations and developments. Even the legal aspect of exploring the status of the major European iGaming markets and exploring the wider European Union policies and debates surrounding iGaming will be discussed by both law firms and industry leaders.

Whether you are in the gaming business, a staunch advocate for the continued legalization and development of online gaming, or an active online casino member looking to further enjoy playing for real money online, this event will affect you in some way.

As far as Assemblyman John Burzichelli’s presence at the event goes, it is certainly refreshing to see more US involvement (as mentioned, Nevada State Gaming Control Board Chairman AG Burnett will also speak) in these international online gaming industry events.

The first ever Super Show was in Prague, 2010. Since then, its wildly successful casino affiliates, gaming vendors, media representatives, casino operators and gaming industry regulators, have made major advances in the industry. It is also important to mention that this massive iGaming event in Amsterdam is free of charge to anyone in the online gambling industry. So, if you are on the fence about attending, wait no longer. The 2013 iGaming Supershow is literally right around the corner.

Bally Tech Signs Tribal Deal

Friday, March 29th, 2013

glowing ball_aBally Technologies has just inked a deal to supply its iGaming software and mobile casino software to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation (CTCR). CTCR operates 3 different casinos in the state of Washington: Mill Bay, Coulee Dame and Okanogan Bingo.

While not supplying any real details to the public as of yet, what we do know is that the deal will provide Washington casinos with online free-to-play poker, slots and various table games – a move that has many wondering if, perhaps, Washington has its eye on the prize where interstate poker is concerned. In case you’re wondering, that would be Nevada.

Interestingly enough, Nevada has legislature in place that allows the Governor of Nevada to make deals on interstate real money online poker. Effectively, Nevada is currently writing out law details regarding the interstate poker provisions that make the state eligible to enter into agreement with other states to allow online poker for real money gambling. And since California is a major candidate for interstate poker via Nevada, we gotta ask: Could Washington be gearing up as well?

While the Bally deal with CTCR only provides software for free play at this point, there is a great likelihood that the partnership will expand into real money online gambling if and when legislation to regulate online gambling is passed in Washington. As it stands, Bally’s platform will allow CTCR to provide custom iPhone, iPod and Android apps using the Bally play-for-fun platform.

The deal between the two companies represents the very first iGaming agreement announced in the state of Washington. With so much development between the online gambling and land-based casino industries, we can all but guarantee there is more to come with this new ground-breaking deal.

Bally Technologies is certainly moving and shaking. In other related news, Laura Olson-Reyes – Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications with Bally – was named a 2012 Great Women of Gaming (Proven Leader) merit from Casino Enterprise Management Magazine.

Tech World Poised for Online Gambling Development

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

With the major developments surrounding the legalization of online gambling, it is obvious the tech world has it eye on cashing-in on the next biggest thing. Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and developers across the industry are turning casual, social casino games into online game play for real money.

At this time, real money casino betting online is aimed overseas, where legal positions toward gambling online are more relaxed. Betting on the internet overseas is, indeed, generally legal, and as we all know, very lucrative. But game companies, from small start-ups to Zynga and even Facebook, have their focus on the ultimate prize: major earnings.

In the US, Nevada and Delaware have already mapped out their approval and development of casino gambling online. New Jersey just signed conditional legislature to introduce internet gaming.

Various State Assemblies in California, Mississippi, and Iowa (among others) have introduced bills seeking to legalize gaming online for real money. Business is business, and many US states are realizing that online gambling would bring in copious amounts of tax revenue. No longer willing to ignore the burgeoning gaming industry, state by state, we can expect to see a major increase in bills introduced on the State level to propose the legalization of betting online for money. Internet casinos are already here, people are already playing for real money on the World Wide Web, and its time to evolve into legalization and regulation. In Iowa alone, online gambling supporters report that some 150,000 residents were playing poker illegally.

As with most developing industries and technology, the legislative progress, is slow. It takes a painstaking amount of time to introduce bills and develop strategies to regulate. With many of those previously opposed to the legalization of casino gambling online – namely the major land based casinos – coming around to the thought of developing internet based casinos themselves, Silicon Valley is now paying full attention as the eventual legalization is all but guaranteed to only spread like wildfire.

Silicon Companies now believe that online gambling will soon become as easy as buying an e-book, or streaming a movie. The expediency of being able to wager money from your home or elsewhere will be just as popular and entertaining as walking the Vegas Strip.

You think people spend too much time on Facebook now? Just wait until they can bet on everything under the sun while doing so!

What potentially becomes of interest here is that Silicon Valley will potentially remove its center of attention from the oversees market and refocus on making money in the US, which is a huge plus for the US economy indeed.

Currently, companies such as Betable (San Francisco), where well over a dozen studios are now using Betable’s back-end developmental product, are popping up left and right. This is seriously the next step in online casino games and is typical of most developing industries.

As these companies ardently wait for the US market to be legalized, they are already introducing betting games in the UK, (where Apple has already finished iPhone software to accommodate them!). Last summer, Facebook launched Jackpotjoy (bingo) for UK users for real money wagers.

Zynga, the company that developed power hits like Words With Friends, FarmVille, and Mafia Wars, is advertising the impending release of its first real money wager games in the UK.

Casual gaming first exploded on Facebook’s Web site, where users could play with their actual friends. It is now being redeveloped for real money gaming action on mobile devices, so people can play casino games for brief periods of time if needed. Hey, thanks to the tech industry, waiting for your lunch order could make you a millionaire, indeed!

Scientific Games Buys WMS in $1.5 Billion Deal

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

scientific games_wms gamingIn the online leisure gaming industry, we haven’t seen a move this expensive in two years. Well, maybe not as expensive as it is smart, that is.

As reported by SF Gate (Source: Bloomberg), Scientific Games Corp. (SGC) is purchasing WMS Industries Inc. for a reported $1.5 billion. This huge move is targeted at creating a new worldwide supplier of lottery equipment and casino slot machines. The transaction was approved by both boards collectively without any disagreement. Yep, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

For those of you online casino news fans that enjoy keeping up with the business end of online gambling and or leisure gaming, you may know that Scientific Games, is 38% owned by well-known billionaire Ron Perelman, who is much better at running companies than saving his marriages (sorry, that was called for). SCG, a New York-based provider of lottery systems and scratch cards has entered into the deal to share production, software and customer services with WMS in order to conserve funds.

The deal creates a noteworthy new realm of opportunity between the two leisure gaming types, and poses a major opportunity for increased revenue by the sharing of each company’s resources and products for yet further development into the online scene and new technology that is literally bursting at the seams. These two companies do indeed have much to offer each other: WMS with its online gambling connections and SCG with its lottery-style based offerings.

Based in Waukegan, Illinois, WMS has been in the online gaming industry for years and has developed cutting-edge slots for mobile use too. In fact, WMS just launched 100 new casino slot games at a Vegas trade show recently.

Speaking of slots, the slot machine industry is, itself, recovering from the global economic slump that saw casinos shying away from adding and buying new machines after gambling took a turn toward table games and poker – Games with mostly better odds, that is. WMS, needless to say, is charging on by developing slot games with intense entertainment value and advanced bonuses. Evolution is definitely taking place with slots these days.

The new deal is expected to be finished and completely in place by the end of 2013, thus giving both companies time to integrate properly. The goal in this period of time is to save about $90 million. That’s what we in the online gambling business call pooling your bankroll!

Both companies have released positive statements surrounding the merger. It seems the attitude is not that one bought the other out, but rather, more about sharing resources to move forward in a massive, explosive industry to create the types of innovations we online gamers expect to see, play and have easy access to – whether online, on our mobiles, or elsewhere.

There has been quite the flourish of buyouts mergers and high competition within the online casino industry and social gaming industry due to laws passing in favor of the real money gaming option, not to mention the new technology surrounding mobile casino technology, which WMS has been in on steadily from the get-go.

Here’s some cool info for our readers about WMS. This online slots giant leads the way when it comes to advancing slot game technology and releasing new exciting online casino games (now mobile), and has a strong seat planted within the social gaming environment.

WMS itself is a highly visible company and boasts a vast social vibe with a business Facebook page, WMS Gaming, as well as the extremely popular Jackpot Party Casino page at Facebook.  This is the company’s absolute social hub for all things WMS slots offer online casino players and much more.

The Difficulty of Bitcoin – Where One Door Closes…

Monday, February 4th, 2013

bit coin currencyIf you’ve been gambling online for any real period of time, you no doubt understand the serious struggles, legal problems, and technological advances this immense industry has seen.

Probably the biggest hit to the online gambling industry itself came on April 15, 2011, when the U.S. Department of Justice literally shut down the three largest online poker sites available to players in the U.S., charging eleven different people for engaging in illegal gambling, money laundering, and bank fraud. Customer accounts were immediately frozen, and thousands of U.S. based players could not access any of the money in their accounts. While this was a stunning event, nonetheless, the road forward commenced. In fact, a plan to combat the U.S. currency issue was already in the making.

Enter Bitcoin.

Created in 2009 by a programmer “known” as Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoins act almost like any other known currency. As of January 2013, the value of a single Bitcoin is approximately 13 U.S dollars, and is benched upon demand. Banking transactions are operated via a non-centered peer-to-peer network similar to that of online music and film sharing protocol BitTorrent. Today, Bitcoin is used by many different merchants worldwide, the most noteworthy of which is Silk Road – the online black market associated with illegal drug sales (according to an associate director at Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networking Institute).

While this all sounds a bit clandestine, it is one answer to the U.S. currency issue at hand. People can buy and sell Bitcoins using different worldwide currencies through such online exchanges as Mt. Gox. Players, for instance, can even use a service by BitInstant – a company that does the payment processing and which allows people to buy the virtual currency online for cash at a staggering 700,000 U.S. locations, including places you shop at everyday like 7/11 convenience stores, Duane Reade drug stores, and, of course, U.S. retail giant WalMart. It should be noted that not all retail outlet locations participate. Once Bitcoins are purchased, they are stored on computers (or mobile devices) in Bitcoin wallets (files) or in cloud-based e-wallets.

All loopholes and configuring aside, there is a certain speed to access involved here. If you’ve played at casinos online, in some cases you may have experienced delayed payouts. Players using Bitcoin, in most cases, can get a payout in just a few hours.

According to global gaming tracker GamblingCompliance, the U.S. online casino gambling market is valued between $4-6 billion. On April 15, 2011, for instance, real money online casino players in the U.S. alone had over $100 million sitting in frozen online accounts from the three aforementioned seized poker sites, some of which the U.S. government is still currently working to get back to the players (who were not the target in the seizure).

The Bitcoin situation is not all unicorns and rainbows though. While attractive due to its convenience for real money online gambling transactions, it is still unknown if the government will go after Bitcoin gambling sites. This is a burgeoning industry, and as advancements are made on one side, defenses will need to be created on the other. The Justice Department has remained without response.

Lastly, Bitcoin itself is not free of its own issues. There have been more than a handful of hacking issues. The company itself has shaky standings. Bitcoin Savings & Trust, billed as a hedge fund, took off with more than $5 million in investor money in what appears to be a Ponzi scheme. Also, those Bitcoin “wallets” mentioned earlier in this story have been known to disappear should your computer have hard-drive issues (crashes and the like). Bitcoin itself states that one client lost about 50,000 Bitcoins this way. With any growing industry, developing technology will be susceptible to kinks and problems.

Most online casinos do not use this technology yet, but Bitcoin-based gaming sites are increasing greatly. Most casinos using Bitcoin are associated directly with Satoshi (go figure). However, there are online casinos like Strike Sapphire (based in Costa Rica) that use Bitcoin, but still prohibit U.S. bettors. While the wait-and-see is taking place, it seems this time around more caution is being exercised, at least by sites not directly related to the Bitcoin developer itself. The bottom line is that the verdict is still out on whether Bitcoin will remain legal as it is.

If you are at all wondering if your fellow online gamblers are buying into this banking product, consider that SatoshiDice (a casino directly connected to the developer using Bitcoin) has reported an increase of 78% in betting between the official launch (March 2012) and December 2012.

Gambling Guide,, Expands Publication

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

OnlineCasinoNetHere at Online Casino Suite, we’ve been covering the online gambling industry for well over a decade. This has entailed reporting on everything from legislative online gambling updates to the latest promotions being offered by the best online casinos.

While our main focus is on casino reviews and gaming tips (as opposed to being a dedicated “news publication” such as eGaming Review or iGaming Business), the OCS team strives to constantly stay abreast of the latest happenings in the online gambling world, reporting on the events that have the most direct impact on players and the gaming industry at large.

And thanks to the aforementioned news sites, as well as other leading websites similar in content to OCS, we have been able to bring this news to our dedicated readers in a timely fashion.

One such similar site is the well known and trusted gambling guide, (OCNet), which was recently given some news of its own in the Yahoo Finance, titled Covers Online Gambling News and Gambling Law Updates.

According to the release, OCNet is expanding its current publishing arm to include more gambling news and gaming regulatory updates to meet the demands of a fast-paced, changing industry that is now being populated by players searching for timely and accurate information.

OCNet’s Director of Content, Vick Marieno, said it best when referring to a new generation of online gamblers who are “becoming smarter and asking more questions”. To help meet this demand and in keeping with their mission, Marieno says OCNet is stepping up its own publishing operations to keep up with the times.

This is all in addition to OCNet’s comprehensive casino gaming guide, which provides in-depth information on all the major casino games, including where to find free casino games like blackjack and poker, playing tips, game rules and real money casino reviews. A section for USA players, free bonus offers and an active forum community round out the features that seriously make this one of the best gambling sites today.

Here at OCS, we could certainly look at a site like this as direct competition, but for every time we’ve frequented it to resource our own news, we know that OCNet is only helping us to raise our own bar, not to mention the industry at large. There are simply too many lackluster and flat-out dishonest portals in operation today that only do harm to the reputation of the online gambling industry. We’re on the team that stands for the opposite – in helping foster growth and positive change for the iGaming industry.

There is no denying that the online gambling industry has come a long way since its early days in the nineties. We’ve seen many a gambling news site come and go, not to mention real money online casinos. It’s sites like iGaming Business and OCNet (learn more about online gambling sites at, which are constantly keeping up with the changing times and not just spouting out the same information told in different ways, that have and will continue to be trustworthy resources for online gamblers.

At Online Casino Suite, we strive to be one of the top independent portals on the Web today, and are extremely grateful to these resources for not just helping keep the online gambling industry on a positive track and players in the know, but also for giving Online Casino Suite the means to do the very same!

Facebook’s Foray into Real Money Wagering

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

FaceBook-LogoBy now, you’ve probably heard of, seen or even experienced the world’s largest social network, Facebook, toying around with the idea of online gambling. The number of third-party “fun money” gambling apps such Zynga Poker, Double Down Casino, or most recently, WMS Technologies’ Jackpot Party Casino seems to be growing by the day. And now that Facebook has given a green light to Gamesys’ Slots and Bingo Friendzy app to begin accepting real money wagers from British citizens (where online gambling is regulated), you will be hearing even more about Facebook’s unfolding role in the online gambling industry.

At the moment, Facebook finds itself  “testing the waters” so to speak. Critics of Facebook’s move to begin allowing real money wagers say it could alienate many of its users who are opposed to gambling, while others believe that Facebook simply doesn’t stand a competitive chance against well-branded and established gambling companies – the likes of Caesar’s and several UK betting brands – that have already tapped the online gambling industry.

And, of course, there is Zynga. Struggling to keep it’s shares afloat after a big drop in valuation over the last few months, Zynga is looking to expand into real money gambling ventures as well. The company is rumored to be currently developing slots and casino gaming platforms that will permit real money wagering like that of the Slots and Bingo Friendzy. But here’s the kicker – Another rumor floating about is that Facebook is in talks with Zynga about potentially acquiring the company. That Mark Zuckerberg and Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus, reportedly have dinner together every week, certainly gives cause to raise an eyebrow…or two.

The fact is, Facebook needs to generate more revenue to keep its shareholders happy. And quite frankly, online gambling is a surefire way to do this. Even if there are some user’s who strongly disagree with Facebook’s move to enter the gambling market, it’s most likely not going to stop them from using their Facebook account. Gambling is a part of society and culture…and it’s not going away any time soon. So long as there is demand in regulated markets, it would be senseless for Facebook to not make this a part of its advertising model.

At least that’s what we believe here at OCS. And yes, we have our own presence on Facebook as well. Give us a Like if you too support Facebook’s foray in the real money wager industry!

2012 iGaming Super Show Comes to Close

Friday, May 25th, 2012

iGamingSupershow2012One of the largest gatherings in the internet betting industry – the third annual iGaming Super Show – has come to a close after four days of in-depth conferences, learning clinics and non-stop networking. Organized by iGaming Business (iGB), the iGaming Super Show is largely aimed at bringing together affiliates with betting site operators (much like the conferences). But what sets the iGaming Super Show apart from other conferences, including the long-running Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC), is that it truly is deserving of the title “Super Show” in that it has become the largest event in the iGaming industry.

This year’s iGaming Super Show was split into two main tracks – an affiliate track on Day 2 and an operator track on Day 3. The affiliate track included conferences pertaining to online marketing, while the operator track covered a broad range of issues facing betting site operators. Two supplemental programs – “Professional iGaming Management and Education (PRiME)” and “Betting Trends & Strategies” – were hosted on Day 3, the former aimed at new entrants in the online gambling market. Limited to 30 places, PRiME was an an all-day intensive that covered everything from payment processing and marketing to fraud and player recruitment.

Learning clinics were hosted for four hours each day of the show, giving both affiliates and operators the opportunity to receive one-on-one consultations on topics covering online marketing (SEO and PPC), social media, payment processing and Word Press. But just like all affiliate conferences, the most popular events were the networking parties. Even non-operators, such as the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission, were pleased with the opportunities surfacing around the events of the show.

Once again hosted in Ireland, the 2012 iGaming Super Show was expected to be even larger than last year’s record breaking attendance. However, early numbers indicate the turnout was no larger than the 2011 event. As reported by InterGameOnline, the rumor on the streets is that there is talk about holding the next iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam at a slightly later date. Needless to say, Amsterdam is quite the popular place for holding iGaming conventions. The aforementioned CAC was, for many years, held in Amsterdam.

Wherever the 2013 iGaming Super Show is hosted, rest assured that iGaming Business will be working hard to bring together the online gambling industry in due proportion.

Online Lottery Tickets Come to Illinois

Monday, March 26th, 2012

In recent months, legislators across this country have been debating the benefits of legalizing online gambling.  Advocates have consistently cited increased tax revenues and the ability to regulate the industry as solid reasons to make the move towards legalization.  Groups that oppose the idea often suggest that revenues might not be as juicy as some think, and, ultimately, the major result would be an increase in gambling addicts.

While there are a growing number of states that seem to be on their way to initiating online gambling programs of one kind or another, until now, there hasn’t been one state in the U.S. to actually pull the trigger and put one in place.  As of Sunday, though, residents of the state of Illinois will be able to purchase lottery tickets online – provided they are of legal age, and within the state’s borders while doing so.

It may not seem like such a big deal, considering how commonplace it has become to purchase things online these days – but seeing as no other state has yet to put this simple measure into place, this move certainly has its significance.  In fact, it is likely that Illinois’s decision to take their lottery to cyberspace will now impact at least some of the debates, regarding online gambling, that are raging on at the moment in other states.

There are a number of reasons to believe that Illinois will be successful in this endeavor – which will, of course, only lead to more states following suit.  For one thing, the Illinois Lottery seems to be going to great lengths to prevent an increase in gambling addiction from being a result of this program.  It has even been suggested that by selling tickets online, the state may be in a better position to prevent individuals from purchasing lottery tickets excessively.

Michael Jones, the Illinois Lottery superintendent told The Huffington Post, “On the Internet, we will have, for the first time ever, the ability to monitor and stop people from playing too much.  Right now I can’t stop anybody from walking into a convenience store and spending all their money on tickets. Within the system we are going to have, we will know how much people are spending on the lottery.”

If someone wants to purchase Lotto or Mega Millions lottery tickets online, they will have to provide certain information in order to demonstrate they qualify to do so.  Social Security numbers will be used to verify the age of a potential ticket purchaser.  The Illinois Lottery will use software that tracks where purchases are being made from so as to prevent anyone from buying tickets outside of the state’s borders.  And to assure that only residents of Illinois are purchasing tickets, a home address will be required from anyone attempting to purchase a ticket.

As part of their effort to combat gambling addiction, the state may limit the number of tickets that can be purchased on any one drawing by an individual.  An across the board limit of this kind would most likely be easier than it would be to keep track of how many tickets a particular person is purchasing within a given period of time – though the statements that Jones made to the Huffington Post indicate the Illinois Lottery is at least considering monitoring individuals in that way.

In order to increase the number of lottery tickets that are actually being purchased, without relying on people that are already buying tickets to simply buy more, the state intends to broaden the customer base by utilizing the Internet’s ability to reach such a large number of people.  This will most likely require a new approach in terms of the state’s advertising strategy for lottery tickets, but if implemented correctly, Illinois should see a significant increase in tax revenue that can then be used for critical programs like education and infrastructure.

NASCAR Betting on the Rise

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Nascar-BettingWhen it comes to betting on sports, the third month of the year is usually all about college basketball. With the super bowl behind us, and baseball not quite here yet, college hoops usually has center stage all to itself.  But, with Las Vegas hosting the Sprint Cup Series this weekend, it seems appropriate to note the growing popularity that NASCAR is enjoying in the world of sports betting today.

There is, of course, no doubt that football and college basketball still reign supreme as the biggest draws around.  Each year, the NFL’s Super Bowl and the NCAA’s single-elimination tournament known as March Madness both attract massive amounts of betting action from die-hard gamblers and novices alike.

But Vegas insiders are noticing the increasing interest in NASCAR betting that has been coinciding with the public’s growing love of the sport.  Each year, more and more fans are discovering the excitement that NASCAR loyalists have been raving about for years.  Debates over whether racing even qualifies as a sport are happening in far less frequency, and the fan base is becoming more and more diverse.

As racing becomes more of a mainstream sport, the number of big-time Vegas sports books that are taking NASCAR related bets is rising too.  Fans of the sport can now wager on a wide range of possible outcomes related to a given race.

Just like in football, where fans can bet on how many field goals a certain kicker will miss in a given game – NASCAR fans can try and guess the number of caution flags that will fly in a particular race.

Of course, those seeking more normal betting fair can simply place a wager on who will actually win the race itself.  The odds on a given driver will be determined by the many factors Vegas sports books account for when setting a line on anything.