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NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling: Online Gambling Will Make Things Worse

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Well, here’s a shocker. In a report placing internet gaming at its center, a NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling has stated that the new launch of online casino activity in the state will only create more addictions.

Industry insiders are warning that after the fun and games surrounding the launch of online casinos in New Jersey wears off and the losses come in, money may not be the only thing at stake. Officials charged with preventing gambling addictions say that there are 350,000 compulsive gamblers in New Jersey already.

Now that online gambling is in effect, these same officials believe that compulsive gambling will likely spread throughout the state. But can we simply blame the fact that the internet creates a further outlet for the real culprit here?

New Jersey is now the 3rd state to have launched real money online casinos, with a dozen sites taking bets on a full suite of casino games. But are we to blame the casinos or society for not supporting addiction better?

It is no surprise that New Jersey has been in need of a serious cash injection, regulating online wagering to help stop the state from bleeding further cash; But, we still cannot blame the casino industry for creating online gambling any more than we can blame a retail outlet for providing sales that prey upon consumers online.

The current state budget in New Jersey  states that online gambling will be responsible for creating about $1 billion in revenue by July 1, 2014. $160 million of this revenue will go toward taxes.

But another aspect of the casino expansion has received much less attention.

The Council for Compulsive Gambling in New Jersey has been getting ready for the start of internet casinos by communicating with substance abuse, mental health, and various addiction preventative programs, gathering feedback and information about local needs related to prevention or treatment of gambling addiction, and thus creating awareness within communities.

The Council is especially concerned about underage gambling online. The online casino industry prides itself on the fact that it has cutting edge technology in place to prevent both underage gambling as well as geo-location technology that will prevent gambling from any unlawful area. If an underage gambler is to take to the internet and succeed in doing so, it is more likely that it is a home–based situation that would allow an underage gambler to get online and create an account, not necessarily the casino itself. What’s more, anyone living in an outlying area that may be recovering from a gambling addiction will simply have to deal with the fact that online gambling now exists and work on personal issues at hand. Casinos have been online long before they were legal in some areas. People were gambling online unlawfully long before these newly, better reformed and regulated casinos have come online. Lastly, online casinos now have much more to offer as far as security measures are concerned; far more than ever before, making online gambling safer than ever for all parties involved.

One of the main problems being considered with internet gambling is the speed of play. There are limits on deposits that can be implemented, but the speed in which a player can win or lose money is quite fast. Even though gamblers can have their name excluded from online betting and place their names on a list of those not allowed to enter any of Atlantic City’s 12 casinos, including the casino websites, software is fast and players can easily lose track of time. Let’s not forget that brick and mortar casinos have been helping players lose track of time since day one, hence no windows and clocks.

To help promote healthy gambling online, the state now requires each New Jersey casino licensed online to pay a $250,000 “responsible gaming fee” that will be funneled through several programs to prevent problem gambling, including the Council.

While online gambling adds to the temptation of problem gamblers, there are also additional steps in place to help combat addictive gambling such as the responsible gaming fee in place. The bottom line is, in this day and age, it’s even more important for all parties involved to concentrate on prevention and early intervention. It is more than the casinos that must be responsible here.

The Best Gambling Sites Online

Friday, June 21st, 2013

You could easily say that quality gambling sites online are as important as the casinos themselves. With the major advancements both legally and technologically where the online gaming industry is concerned, finding online casinos is an easy task. However, playing at the best online casinos is never really an accident. You will only find proven high-quality casinos online through casino guide sites such as Yours Truly. iGaming websites worth anything need to really address a wide range of topics. Beyond completely vetting online casinos to ensure every aspect of gaming is in compliance, gambling sites that are to be the most effective will cover breaking news, host blogs where players can meet and talk freely about their experiences, and even school you with effective gambling tips.

The online gambling industry is further evolving and moving rather quickly into many new worldwide markets, including the US. Useful casino guide sites are designed to be your go-to for all things iGaming. Whether you have a favorite casino or not, you’ll find the latest casino insider information and gain knowledge you need by exploring sites like Online Casino Suite. Your online casino experience should be as close to the experience you’ve had at any land based high-end casino. Without the ability to physically be inside an actual casino, most all online players rely on sites that rate and reviews casinos for the best continual gaming experience possible. In large part, successful gaming comes from experience and general know-how; And these things come from educational gambling sites that showcase in great detail all aspects of gaming.

The top things to look for in any review site or gambling portal are sites that have daily updates and fresh useful information specifically linked to the industry and casinos them selves. Look for reviews that are new and updated continually. If a site is not on top of the latest casino bonuses, promos and news events – do not waste your time trusting the site to have your best interest at hand. Just as you expect your casino to be available for you with excellent customer services, a superior gambling site will invite any questions and concerns in a timely manner and you should be able to contact them via email.

While the most popular online casinos are transparent, not all are always on top of things. When it comes to ensuring these casinos remain properly operated, it is up to casino review sites to continually vet them in great detail. Because casinos on the internet are located in several different markets (based in several different countries), there are more than enough separate laws and jurisdictional issues at hand. Gambling sites of any relevance will tackle all the details you need to understand without having to subject yourself to never-ending self-inquiries.

Top considerations for finding a new casino are licensing and certification, gaming standards, software (there are a great number of different software platforms, and you’ll want to know which ones are winning awards), playability, customer service, whether the casino has been cited for improprieties or non-compliance, and current and complete casino promotions/bonuses.

While this summary may seem a bit vague, an actual online casino review needs to be very detailed. It is one thing to recommend a casino and another to explain exactly why the casino is worthy of your business. Gambling sites online that are well managed will also include lists of casinos that have been black-listed or otherwise ill advised.

Any site that promotes an unbiased look at the iGaming industry is a website you want to use for selecting a good casino, as well as keeping up on the latest events. When you arrive at a gambling site, you should see an organized, streamlined home page that displays the date it was last updated (ensuring you that the info is up-to-date) and you should immediately see each casino’s bonus and promotion schedule as well as the latest news pertaining to that specific casino. If a casino has discontinued any particular services, you’ll know the specifics right away from a quality gambling site online. If a casino has a track record, good or bad, it will be covered. This especially holds true at Online Casino Suite.

Sure, you’ll get emails (and then some) from your casino, promoting the latest topics they want you to know about; However, gambling portal sites will never hesitate to let you know the good and the bad. This is extremely important considering many casinos operate under different jurisdictions and have varying licensing requirements. This alone is a huge reason for you to continually use gambling sites that cover all industry happenings.

Casinos also have varying rules and regulations that players need to know about and specifically understand in order to have good gaming experiences. While casinos display their rules and regulations for patrons to easily find, some provide more information than others. What’s more, online gambling sites will easily breakdown these rules and regulations in plain, easy-to-understand terms.

All of these topics we’ve addressed in this article are important factors for providing would-be online casino patrons the best possible experience when gambling for real money online today.

Consider this: You could easily be attracted to an internet casino that has a large signup bonus offer. Aren’t we all? However, nothing in life is absolutely free. There are usually strings attached when it comes to promos and bonuses. Well-established gambling sites will compare these bonuses against the casino’s rules and regulations in order to give you the bottom line. After all, if a casino gives you a thousand bucks just for signing up, what good will it be if you have to wager an extraordinary amount of your money in order to qualify for it? Rest assured that sites like Online Casino Suite have already compared and listed the details you need to understand before picking any online gambling casino. For a specific example, be sure to read some of the most in-depth reviews we’ve seen online today right here.

Online Poker Casinos for US Players

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

play poker online with real moneyPoker is extremely popular worldwide these days. Sure, we’ve all probably witnessed the slot games that players that just can’t seem to get enough off either. But let’s not compare apples to oranges here. Unlike other casino games, poker does not come with a house edge attached to its proverbial swagger. Online poker casinos and land based poker rooms make their income off of the rake, which is typically a small take from the combined wagers generated from each hand played. What’s more, poker is a game where highly skilled players can make a good earning with relatively little risk. While being a constantly successful poker player or pro requires the commitment and restraint of a pro athlete, this is not a casino game void of potentially earning you sizable winnings.

And unlike many other casino games that have come and gone, poker doesn’t seem to be fading into the sunset. You’ve seen it played in movies for decades; You can now follow huge pro events online and in physical casinos alike, generating some of the highest earnings throughout any casino event ever witnessed; Your local charity even hosts poker shootouts and tourneys to help raise money for very important causes.

Whether you enjoy the uber-popular Texas Hold’em or Omaha, low stakes or high stakes tables, there is a poker game perfect for your playing needs and bankroll.

However, you will see a difference in specific game availability between online poker sites and land-based casinos. Texas Hold’em is found most anywhere at both types of casinos. While Omaha Hi/lo or Seven Card Stud can be found online, they typically are not found at brick and mortar casinos. At online casinos, especially those that focus on poker, you will likely find different versions of poker that include Three Card, Caribbean Stud and Let it Ride.

Consider the following when you play at online poker rooms: Caribbean Stud Poker poses players against the casino, and features a progressive jackpot that players have a chance at winning. There’s an intricate strategy involved in Caribbean Stud that many players find compelling. Let it Ride pays out through qualifying poker hands, so a player is not playing against the casino or even other poker players.

Whatever your interests are in poker, if you have an inkling to gamble at online poker casinos, there are many options for you. In fact, those options are ever increasing thanks to new legislation signed into law in many regions of the world, not to mention the explosion of online casinos on the cusp of regulation in a handful of US states. Heck, Nevada’s first online poker casino, Ultimate Poker, is now live, with more coming in the very near future. While Nevada’s online poker rooms will be open to Nevada residents only, there are a few highly accredited online casinos catering to US players, such as Club USA, which has a handful of Caribbean poker varieties, a Let it Ride style game, and Three Card Poker options. Another great US player option is Drake Casino (a few states are prohibited), where 3D gaming software creates an amazing, innovative online gaming experience like nothing else we’ve seen, technologically speaking. While Drake carries several slots in 3D at this time (using the BetSoft Gaming platform), be on the lookout for 3D effects coming via BetSoft’s software Poker3 soon.

Depending on your personal skill level and location, there will be certain online poker casinos that will be more accommodating than others. Some cater more towards the VIP player, while others look to provide a haven for newbies. But whatever your level of game-play, there will always be a sign up bonus involved – it’s overall value dependent on your bankroll. Always look for poker rooms online that offer guaranteed payouts, 24/7 action and tournaments, and of course, a large member base. Let’s face it – an online poker casino with a huge player cache must be doing its job above and beyond. Sites with less than stellar reputations will lack major player traffic, and frankly, should not make the cut.

As we’ve mentioned, the US market is opening slowly but surely, and is about to become a burgeoning market. You should know that many of the online gaming sites that were involved in the major US federal driven smack-down UIGEA (who formerly left the sector) have been effectively and lawfully taking bets elsewhere. As of late, many have even begun (some completed by now) to revamp and meet all the required licensing requirements in order to introduce themselves back into the fray of the burgeoning US casino market.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to understand that online poker sites – sites that are focused on poker versus slots and other casino games – will be the best places to find tournament-style games like Texas Hold’em. Be patient in the US, as there’s more to come where online poker casinos are involved!

The Real Value of Playing Free Internet Casino Games

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Play Free Casino GamesWhether you are just learning how to play casino games or you are a seasoned gambler, there are plenty of reasons to play free internet casino games. The first reaction many of you real money players are asking is why? How could you possibly gain anything, let alone real money winnings, by playing free internet games? Read on friends, and you too shall see the light.

For all you die hard must play for cash players out there, how do you tackle a new game? Do you just jump in and throw your money away until you have the hang of it? Well, hopefully not. Or, might you consider learning the game by playing the free internet version first? Hopefully the answer is yes to the latter question, because whether you’re learning new games, brushing up on strategy (to help you win more of the real thing) or you simply want to give your bankroll a rest, consider using an online casino’s free version of games.

All online casinos provide free unlimited casino games. This is how potential players decide if they like a certain casino. But let’s just say you are not in the market for an online casino, but simply want to learn how to play craps. This is not the easiest game to learn at internet casinos when real money is being wagered. There is a lot going on at a Craps table, with lots of action and a ton of wagers to consider. In other words, learning to play craps with real money is likely to end up being a very expensive lesson.

Drake Table Games

Also consider the fact that you can go back and forth between real money and free internet casino games. Some days you may want to focus on strategy and sheer entertainment and on other days you may want to use your newly found skills to participate in an internet tournament for real money.

Drake Casino GamesHere at Online Casino Suite,
our recommended site for free internet games is Drake Casino. While you can certainly play with real money at Drake, this is the only BetSoft-powered casino we have listed within our recommended casinos online that provide free internet play without all the hassles. Drake Casino provides a variety of instant games that you can use. What stands out in particular is that Drake Casino does not require players to sign up for a complete real-money account or provide an email address to play the free games. At Drake, you simply click on the Online Casino Games link (found easily at the top and bottom of the main casino page). Once you click, you will see a selection of games such as Bonus Poker (a multi-hand poker game that is fun and very entertaining) and the popular After Night Falls video slot (to name just a few). Table games are also available and the no hassle free internet casino feature is made for entertainment and excitement.

Whatever your interests may be for playing online casino games, the ability to hone your skills and preview a real money game before you play with your hard earned cash is the true value of hitting up a free internet casino like Drake.

Practice makes perfect. While gambling is a pastime of luck for the most part, practice will certainly make it the best experience it can possibly be. Where strategy trumps luck, practice also makes for better game play. Playing casinos games free is a win-win situation. The only issue we can possibly find with playing casino games for free without cash involved is that you can’t walk away with any winnings. But you certainly will not walk away uneducated or down on your bankroll!

Understanding Online Casino Reviews

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

When it comes to finding the best online casinos to wager real money at, a really good online casino review can be your best friend. If you are not already in the habit of reading reviews to better gauge the reputation and ratings of online casinos, it’s nigh time you start doing so. This is no overstatement. In an industry besieged with new betting sites every day, not to mention a lack of uniformity in licensing and regulations, it’s imperative that you read up on what other people have already dug up and are saying about each and every online casino you are considering playing at.

But there’s a catch. Not every online casino review is equal. In fact, the majority of published reviews circulating on the Web are nothing more than marketing sling, with the sole intention of getting you to sign up and deposit money. Needless to say, a review written with this sole purpose is anything but impartial or unbiased. You’re not getting the real picture. So then, how does one find the best reviews – the one’s that will be your best friend in pursuit of finding the best destination for depositing your cash? Thought you’d never ask. The following bit of advice is aimed at helping you better sort through the muck and understand how to read through an online casino review.

First and foremost, it’s important to learn how to spot biased review marketing. While there is no specific formula for doing so, there are telltale warning flags to look out for. The biggest flag is flowery sales talk, which probably doesn’t need explaining. A good example would be, “This casino has the best games imaginable with lots of free cash that keeps players coming back for more!”. While this sounds good and well, the information being passed isn’t really helpful. Nor is it qualified. What exactly entails “the best games imaginable”? If the review goes on to qualify the statement, then that’s a good start. But even then, the slickest of these reviews will qualify it with even more sales pitch.

The only problem with all of this is that sometimes the online casino in question actually deserves all the flowery praise. If you run across a review like this, don’t necessarily rule the casino out. This is the point when you should read additional reviews. In other words, it’s time to start scrolling through the Web search results. By reading through additional reviews, you will better gauge what folks are really saying about the casino as a whole.

The second thing to look for in potentially biased review marketing, is a review that doesn’t have anything bad to say about a casino. This is generally more subtle than a flowery sales pitch, and yet, it is still possible to detect an air of “marketing” talk (albeit less aggressive) in this type of review. Granted, there are online casinos that deserve to score high marks across the boards. And there are some review sites (such as your’s truly) that specializes in only reviewing the best of the best. Our view is that if the casino doesn’t have a high enough score to begin with, then why bother. Nonetheless, the wording in these types of reviews should be informational, straight-forward, and always minus the flowery sales talk.

Now that you know what not to look for in an online casino review, here are the components of what make for a good online casino review:

Software and Games – At a minimum, a good review will mention the software platform, whether it’s available in flash and/or download, and how many games are available. Casinos that are powered by more wellknown and reputed software platforms, such as Microgaming or Playtech, need not go into great detail, however, it is important that a lesser known software be examined in depth. Some reviews will actually list the exact number of games offered in each category, which can be helpful if you are seeking out a specific type of game to play.

Credentials – This often goes hand-in-hand with mention of the software, as it is the software platform itself that lends credentials to the online casino. Where the casino is regulated and licensed should always be mentioned, as well as a brief summary of the jurisdiction itself.

Bonuses – It goes without saying, most online gamblers are looking for free bonus money. A truly helpful online casino review will, at a minimum, list the welcome bonus offers for new players, and and even more helpful review will list all of the ongoing bonus offers that are available on reload deposits. An even better review will also list the terms and conditions governing each bonus.

Promotions and Tournaments – Many online casinos now host ongoing tournaments and special promotions, such as raffle giveaways. If it’s being offered, a solid review will tell you about it. A breakdown of a casino’s loyalty programs is also very helpful to include in this section, if not in a section all by itself.

Banking – Nowadays, most online casinos offer several methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. While it is not necessary to go into detail for each and every method offered, a brief summary of the most common methods, as well as security protocols used, is helpful.

Customer Service – When all things are said and done (i.e. proper credentials and promotions in place), customer service is probably the most important factor in rating an online casino. At a minimum, a good online casino casino review will list the modes of contact offered through customer service and overall availability and responsiveness. Any industry awards, player loyalty and overall customer service ratings/feedback if available should also be mentioned in this section.

References: OCS Reviews; Casino Reviews

Gamble Online for Real Money in the USA

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

play poker online with real moneyAttention all USA online gamblers: Your time has come. With New Jersey officially joining the ranks of Nevada and Delaware in allowing players to gamble online for real money in the USA, the online gambling industry has stepped into the spotlight in America once again. But this time, it’s under a more favorable light.

In the past ten years or so, poker itself has taken center stage as the game to play for real money online. And while real money online gambling has long been available for US residents, the industry has sorely lacked regulation in the US, thus putting American players more at risk of getting ripped off.

As US states start to unveil bills that are being passed into legislation and actual laws, it is inevitable that other State’s will follow suit. In turn, the ability to play casino games for real money at reputable online casinos will only increase. And the popularity we see in games like online poker, will continue to increase as well. What’s more, many US based online casinos will be able to accept players so they can gamble online for real money in the USA.

That being the case, we have some information that you will want to fully understand before you get started with real money game play. Sure, you may be a great poker player, and even have the strategy down. You may even be versed in most all online casino games.

However, a little instruction from us to help you find the best USA online casino available will only set you up for success. Because when you play at casinos for real cash that do not have a transparent business ethic, you’re setting yourself up (not to mention your bankroll) to NOT have a good experience. So then, what do you need to look for before you deposit real money at a USA friendly online casino?

Credentials are a must – real credentials, which include a legitimate software platform designed by licensed and proven companies. If a casino is unwilling to not make these proven credentials available (aka, transparency), do not deposit one red cent of your real money.

Customer service should also be available 24/7, 365 days a year by email, online chat and toll-free telephone. Customer service should not only provide you with access to the casino’s credentials and licensing upon immediate request, it should be readily available if you have deposit questions and game play issues of any kind. Just like brick-and-mortar casinos, online gambling casinos should have personnel right there waiting to speak to you if and when you need them.

Once you’ve established which USA casino you want to gamble for real money at, make sure the casino offers regular sign-up and current player bonuses. The best online casinos will offer a sign-up bonus that usually matches your first real money deposit up to a certain amount. Additionally, places that ongoing customers use to gamble for real money with should provide continual, regular bonuses. In other words, your loyalty to a casino should yield perks.

If you are seeking the most excitement in your online gambling activities (and why wouldn’t you), be on the lookout for tournaments. Poker, slots (and even blackjack) tournament should be available – providing extra chances to win cash and prizes for various achievements. If the online casino you are interested in betting at does not provide tournaments, it really should have no interest in your patronage!

If you are still a bit nervous about finding an online casino that allows you to gamble for real money in the USA, or are interested in finding the best casinos recommended by both players and industry publications, please check out our Best USA Casino Reviews page, which showcases the most up-to-date information about the top online casinos that are available for gambling real money online.

Online Casino Sites: Casino Gardening 101

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

online casino gardeningWith any increase in demand, popularity and growth of any given industry, to participate to the fullest – to truly enjoy – one must be able to do a little gardening to reap the full benefits.

If you haven’t noticed already, online casino sites are popping up like weeds in your garden. This is due to the ongoing growth explosion of online casino gambling. But just like any other industry, there will be copycats, sites developed too quickly, and online casino portals that are just not on the up-and-up, folks.

We’re not talking about the casinos themselves (well, at least not all of them). In fact, truly regulated online casinos have more hurdles to jump through than ever before, and by now, you probably have a favorite online casino that you are already loyal to and that is loyal to you. On the contrary, we’re mostly speaking of the thousands and thousands of portals that have popped up to attract casino players with their biased reviews, ratings, and shiny new come-hither web designs, but with zero culpability.

But there is tremendous value to a credible portal online casino site. Because the online gambling industry is ever changing with new developments and technology, you’ll want to literally stay in the game by staying up to date via a quality online gambling portal, such as Your’s Truly, Online Casino Suite, aka OCS.

Anyone can create a website these days, but not everyone builds a quality, candid, informational online casino site. Of the thousands of websites surrounding casino gambling, OCS can cite a few that deserve to earn player trust.

Online casino sites catering to players that are truthful and full of actual knowledge about specific online casinos and the industry that surrounds internet gambling are much harder to find than an actual online casino. If I’ve learned anything from playing online for real money, it’s that you need to know more than just the casino’s rules and regulations. This is a burgeoning industry with new legal developments and casino software updates almost every day worldwide. Casino sites that provide you with this information are a good friend to you and will definitely keep your garden weed-free!

Now, back to the flower garden we go. Think of it this way, you get the best looking flowers from a little work and maintenance. The same goes for online casino gambling. You need an online casino site that provides very detailed, comprehensive online casino reviews. These reviews should always include important topics like casino accreditation, who specifically owns the casino, ongoing or new promotions, and bonus details revealing if said bonuses are actually true and free of “fine print”.

Sites like Online Casino Suite never willingly promote any bonus or promotion that is false. And believe me, there are way too many online casino sites that are loaded with junk and outright false information. Please take a look at the reviews right here on this specific site and notice the detailed information about each and every casino recommended. Precise terms are stated and updated continually.

Also, any casino site worth spending your non-gambling-time at will provide actual player feedback and interactive forums where real players are engaging with others and sharing actual experiences. This is so important. A junk site full of weeds simply contains unchecked information and zero responsibility.

Another way to tell if an online casino site is legit is by checking for an updated blog where interaction is taking place – a site where work is being done and an investment into the industry is taking place. A quality casino site will share the latest casinos that have been blacklisted and which do not hold current licensing.

Last but not least (going hand-in-hand with a blog), breaking casino industry news is another important component for a weed-free casino gambling experience. If there is new information in this industry (and there always is), you’ll need to know about it.

Let your garden grow folks! Find the best seeds and benefits from all the things a healthy, well maintained gambling experience has to offer. Sites like Online Casino Suite are dedicated to this industry and therefore I recommend you to dedicate a few minutes of your time each day staying updated and in the game with casino reviews, bonus and software updates, news, and more. Engage in our blog and talk to others about their experiences with online casinos sites and gambling online!

Playing Video Poker On Line

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

video poker on lineWe need to talk. No, it’s not about the birds and the bees. But sort of. What we need to talk about is video poker, and more importantly, video poker on line. It’s a conversation that is bound to happen, so we might as well get it over with so you can start winning money sooner than later.

I mean, if you are breezing through a casino and do not want to sit down with strangers at a table (who might very well take all the good cards), and you want to play an easy game, but hate slots, then video poker is the game for you.

Seriously though, video poker (like slots) allows for a bit of privacy and you actually have a better chance at winning than you do when playing other video casino games. Yes, you will have to make decisions, very few, and a certain amount of strategy and understanding of poker in general will be necessary.

Video poker offers better odds of victory for you than many other casino games, whether you are playing it on line or not. The House Edge is one of the lowest, making this a great game for winning money as long as you invest some application and understanding of poker in general.

And there’s no other better place to do this than on line. For me personally, video poker is one of only a couple casino games I’ve enjoyed much more playing at home than in a brick and mortar casino (at Club USA Casino, to be exact). I like being able to concentrate, make decisions on my own (I have a great understanding of strategy though), and not to be rushed or worried that some joker (pun absolutely intended) is going to sit down next to me at the casino and take cards he/she has no business taking. It’s like black jack, where everyone hates the guy that sits down at the table and takes all the cards that should have been dealt to you!

So you get it. Now you’re interested in video poker games on line right?  Like any poker you’ve played before (or not), video poker offered at the most worthy casinos always includes the games of Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and a favorite with regulars, Power Poker – all of which use the basic hand ranking rules.

Jacks or Better is a simple five card game, where you must have two Jacks or a better ranking hand to win the game. It is super easy to learn and very simple to play. Learning hand rankings is the most important part of poker no matter what video poker variation you are playing on line. Strategy comes naturally once you get hand rankings down.

Deuces Wild mixes the game up a bit. This five card game is played with 2’s being a wild card. Again, same hand ranking is involved, but the strategy will shift a bit as many higher ranking hands are possible and inevitable in this game.

My absolute favorite is Power Poker. This game involves playing multiple hands at once. This is one video poker game played well when you have concentration, speed, skill and a great understanding of poker rules and strategy. I’m not saying you have to be a numbers pro to play this video poker variation, however, you will only prevail if you are able to fully invest your brainpower, or are just really, really lucky. And well, some of us are just lucky aren’t we?

Now that we’ve covered the most commonly played video poker games, it’s time to jump in. If you are new to poker, playing at home (on line), is a great way to get your feet wet. Again, this is a game that is best played at home or in a casino where no one is standing over your shoulder. Something else that needs explaining is that most people do not play this specific casino game for atmosphere and sheer excitement. Video Poker is played for winning. Sure we all play casino games to win, but this a game that offers variable odds based on your decisions. The bottom line is that you can control the outcome to favor your wallet if you are playing with a head on your shoulders.

In other words, video poker on line is a game of another type of enjoyment. Duly noted, as I personally have been known to enjoy playing table poker in a brick and mortar casino, but for completely different reasons. As for video poker, playing on line is not going to kill you to try. Good luck!

RTG Online Casino Jackpots

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Real Time Gaming Jackpots

Real Time Gaming (RTG) Software is one of the most well-known online casino software suppliers in the world. Their games are also, quite possibly, the most popular with U.S. players. This is because USA online gamblers frequent Real Time Gaming-powered online casinos more than any other casinos on the Web.

As a direct result, Real Time Gaming’s network of casino licensees, including OCS #1 rated, Club USA Casino, produce one of the largest wide area progressive jackpot networks available to real money online gamblers.

RTG online casino jackpots pool in over $4 million in progressive jackpot winnings at any given time. This collection of funds is generated by seven video slot machines and four table poker games, which are as follows:

RTG Video Slot Progressive Jackpot Games:

Spirit of the Inca – RTG’s newest progressive jackpot game, “Spirit of the Inca” is making waves with players courtesy of multi-level “boiling point” jackpots that guarantee minimum payouts while notifying players just how close these jackpots are to busting. Collective winnings can easily surpass the $1 Million mark on Spirit of the Inca slots.

Aztecs Millions – 5 reels and 20 pay-lines make up this enormously popular RTG video slot. With a default, minimum jackpot of $1 Million, Aztecs Millions happens to be one of the largest standalone progressive jackpot slots on the internet.

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold – The jackpot version of the original “Cleopatra’s Gold” video slot, free spins and tripled wins are the name of the game at Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold. Progressive jackpot totals generally hover in the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

Jackpot Pinatas – Quite possibly the most popular RTG progressive jackpot slot machine in action today, this 5-reel, 20-payline game is characterized by high paying bonus rounds and one of the most consistently large jackpots in the millions.

Mid-Life Crisis – The counterpart to “Shopping Spree” (see below), “Mid-Life Crisis” has a default jackpot of $25K, and consistently churns out frequent wins. An extra two bonus spins on top of an already generous bonus scheme make this a popular game.

Shopping Spree – Sharing a synced jackpot with “Mid-Life Crisis”, “Shopping Spree” is one of RTG’s first progressive jackpot games. Nine paylines of action with bonus games and high paying wins characterize this entertaining video slot.

Shopping Spree 2 – A modern remake of the original game, Shopping Spree 2 offers a standalone jackpot capable of reaching seven figures. If you’re in love with Shopping Spree’s bonus rounds, you won’t be disappointed with the bonuses offered on part 2.

RTG Table Poker Progressive Jackpot Games include Caribbean Draw Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’em Poker – all four of which are connected by a wide area progressive jackpot capable of surpassing the $100K mark. The fourth progressive jackpot poker game is Let ‘Em Ride Poker, which is a standalone jackpot offering thousands at any given time.

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Play Slots at Winning Online Casinos

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Charlie Sheen Poker WinningO.K. we probably all know by now that Charlie Sheen is winning. And if that’s the case, by God, why aren’t you and I winning too? Oh ya, that’s right. Probably because we’ve been playing too many slots and the online casinos are doing more of the winning.

Just about everybody likes to play slot machines. The problem for some folks is that it’s never fun to lose. And since losing happens more often than winning on the slots, this poses a problem for casino operators, who would prefer you play slot machines more than any other game. Well, maybe not any other game (cough, cough, sneeze, Keeeeeeno), but certainly more than the vast majority of games available through the online casino lobby.

The solution that slot manufacturers continue to come up with is to make the slots increasingly entertaining, so as to lessen the hurt that comes with losing a lot of money. Not that you should ever let yourself lose more than you can afford, however, most of us can probably agree that it’s no fun to lose an entire bankroll on the reels.

Just how much lack of fun you’re having comes down to how entertaining the game is to begin with. Now with 3D slots recreating storylines and animations that could have come straight off the movie screen, you’d have to be losing pretty badly to not have fun playing these games. In fact, let that be your red flag. The moment you were to ever stop having fun playing 3D slots, cease from putting another dime in the machine, take a break – indefinite or not.

So, with all this talk about losing at the slot machines, is it even possible to find slots winning at online casinos? The short answer is yes. On the internet, it’s especially easier to find what you might call a loose slot machine. At land-based casinos, you are either going to play at a particular casino because it’s at the hotel where you’re staying (ahhh, Las Vegas), or it’s simply the only one within driving distance (ahh, Foxwoods), and not because of the payout percentage on the slot machines. In fact, you’ll probably never even know, let alone bother asking what the payout is, because you’re going to play regardless (You probably don’t want to know how low it is anyhow!).

On the World Wide Web, it’s a different matter entirely. With so much competition and so many online casinos available at the click of a mouse and the tweak of a search term, not to mention the lack of overhead that comes with running an online casino (as opposed to it’s land-based counterpart), you will consistently find more slots winning at online casinos than in Las Vegas. On average, slots payouts come in in the mid-nineties percentile. The best online casinos consistently return payouts above 96%.

So, if you are serious about winning at slots, you’ll need to go about finding the slots that are winning at online casinos. It’s a pretty simple equation. While you shouldn’t rely on payout percentages alone when choosing an online casino to play at, by keeping a record of the audited payouts, you will be able to choose an environment more conducive to producing winners. Furthermore, just be verifying a casino is receiving payout audits, you are ruling out the possibility of a software platform fixed with unfair odds. Send an email to the online casino GM or customer service if payout reports are not already posted through the casino’s website. And if they can’t or won’t provide them (reports that is – not just numbers in an email), needless to say, you shouldn’t play there.

Just remember that nothing can guarantee you will walk away a winner at the slot machines. That’s why it’s gambling. But with smart betting habits, conservative bankroll management and a little luck (which happens all the time, mind you), you will have more fun playing slots and winning at online casinos.