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iGaming Business Events: GIGSE Returns; iGaming Super Show Largest Ever

Monday, May 3rd, 2010
iGaming Business

Two Huge iGaming Business Conferences in May!

iGaming Business is a leader in providing news, event conferences, research and marketplace special reports specifically pertaining to the online gambling industry. Instrumental in helping spread the reach of affiliates, vendors and operators, iGaming Business conference events take place throughout the year, and only seem to be growing larger and more frequent.

Generally speaking, iGaming Business hosts two types of events – large expos and special events for niche markets within the online gambling industry. For the month of May, 2010, iGaming Business (iGB) is organizing and helping host four different conferences, two of which are classified as expo events.

The Global iGaming Summit & Expo GIGSE, is the first of the expo events to take place in May (Full day pre-conference workshops May 11th; Main event on May 12-13th), and as usual, will go down in Montreal. This was actually my first affiliate conference ever (in 2001, I believe), and was a major success in my book! Following a two-year hiatus (since the passing of the UIGEA), the ninth annual GIGSE will focus on the U.S. online gambling market, and more specifically, why it is important for industry professionals (including affiliates) to prepare for legalization of online gambling in the States.

This will also be a similar focus for the second of iGB’s large expo conferences in May – the iGaming Super Show, albeit on more of a global scale. Covering much more than just regulatory speculation in the U.S, the iGaming Super Show is actually pegged to be iGB’s largest conference to date. In other words, expect a large turnout of affiliates and vendors (over 2,500), and a comprehensive selection of conference events covering everything from regulation to affiliate marketing.

According to iGB, the iGaming Super Show will be two-tracked. The first track will be dedicated to the global regulatory and legal landscape (special emphasis on regulating online poker in the U.S.), best practice operations and marketing standards for online casinos and poker rooms (all manner of internet betting sites, for that matter). Also covered in the first track is a phenomenon that certainly needs to be addressed – the convergence between the land-based and online gambling industries.

As for the second track of conference events at the iGaming Super Show in Prague later this month, this will be geared more toward affiliates. Topics covered will include SEO and affiliate marketing in general. Of course, some of the most productive events for affiliates – not to mention the most liked – are those involving networking. Needless to say, these networking events are always fueled by an open bar, which most affiliates agree goes hand-in-hand with more a more active and successful networking session 🙂

If you are an internet marketing affiliate and have never attended an iGaming Business conference, the iGaming Super Show makes for a great opportunity to meet potential business colleagues, learn a thing or two about online casino affiliate marketing and the industry as a whole, and most importantly, do business! Not only will the iGaming Super Show be the largest of iGB’s conferences to date, it’s free to attend, and everything is really, really cheap in Prague. Oh, and they have great beer as well! Now, could you ask for anything more?

Best Casino Affiliate Program & Affiliate Manager Accolades Worth Considering

Monday, February 8th, 2010

iGB Affiliate Awards

iGB Affiliate Awards

From an affiliate’s perspective, the iGaming Business (iGB) Affiliate Awards most prestigious accolade is that of “Best Casino Affiliate Program”, while the recipient of said award is definitely worthy of a lookover. In the case of this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards, which recently took place in London, the top winner was Euro Partners (, NOT .org, which is a Christian business network) – representing some nine online casinos, two poker rooms, one bingo room and an online sports betting destination.

Flagship online casino properties include the longstanding and reputable Casino Tropez, which now operates a comprehensive mobile gaming platform and live dealer casino games, and Euro Casino favorites, Europa Casino and Casino Bellini. Online Casino Suite can certainly attest to the credibility and reputation of these sites, which is no doubt fostered to a certain extent by Euro Partners. In other words, I’m not at all surprised that Euro Partners went home with the Best Casino Affiliate Program award this year, nor any of the other awards for that matter.

Another important award, if you ask me, is that of Best Casino Affiliate Manager. What many players and affiliates don’t understand is that an Affiliate Manager oftentimes serve as a Rep for their online casino brands (the good one’s, that is), and have the power to help in getting player’s paid, in addition to the obvious task of ensuring and maintaining positive affiliate relations. This year’s iGB Affiliate Awards “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” went to Renee at Rewards Affiliates, which represents the highly respected Casino Rewards group of online casinos (one of the few eCOGRA approved group sites), representing such longstanding, popular online casinos like that of Captain Cooks. For more details, read the OCS Captain Cooks Casino Review

In short, Online Casino Suite considers the “Best Casino Affiliate Program” and “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” iGB Affiliate Awards to be very important accolades, and is something which all players should stand to know about and factor in their decision to open real money wagering accounts.

Wild, Bacchanalian Sex Games and Online Casino Gambling

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Fire and Ice Party 2010

"Sex, Depravity and Anarchy will rule into the depths of the night"

The International Gaming Expo is one of the largest and most attended gaming conferences and expos all year. Now, I didn’t necessarily say it was one of the best, for depending on who you speak to, IGE can something be a hit or miss. Being that IGE is so large it can be easy getting lost in the sea of gaming BSB so to speak, catering to everything from brick’n mortar casino slots to backend payment solutions for online casinos.

It makes sense then that a distinct networking party just for the online gambling community has taken place at IGE over the last several years. Called “Fire & Ice”, the massive networking party (which generally has less networking than partying) primarily caters to online gambling affiliates, yet brings together everyone from online casino operators to media suppliers. The latest of these party’s is just now winding down – the after parties that is 🙂 – having went down at London’s Stable’s Market in Camden Town last Wednesday, January 27th.

As usual, Fire & Ice 2010 was organized by Lyceum Media, but this time around received help from Calvin Ayre – the dynamic duo did a tremendous job hyping up the Bacchanalian themed party in the final weeks leading up to the IGE in London. Needless to say, Fire & Ice has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2002 with less than 100 online gaming professionals in attendance.

And while the tone of the party has always been one of “balls to the wall”, most attendees will agree the 2010 Fire & Ice was one of the wildest and most decadently extravagant yet. Lyceum and Mr. Ayre certainly had a lot to live up to considering the press release for the party went, “Mere imagination cannot prepare you for what’s in store. Sex, Depravity and Anarchy will rule into the depths of the night, provocative dark twists will unfold and reveal what made the Romans ban the Bacchanalia thousands of years ago.” Now, does that sound like a party or what?

I’ve certainly been to my fair share of online gambling affiliate parties. Montreal and Amsterdam take the cake, if you ask me. And the truth of the matter is that many of these networking parties are less exciting than a 50 year high school reunion. Now, I wasn’t at this year’s Fire & Ice (God knows the affiliate managers were hunting us down), but I do have to say that judging from the feedback, it looks like it was a good time.

By the looks of the pictures now posted on Lyceum Media’s website ( a good time was indeed had by all, although I’m sure the best of the best good times were had out of the view of media photographers if you know what I mean. Let’s face it. In the end, the Roman deity wine and revelry, Bacchus, was quite pleased. The booze flowed like a river (thanks to sponsors GTECH G2, Cake Network, Bluff Europe, Intralot Interactive and Lyceum), there was dancing from the floor to the roof (ala aerial acrobats and a live cabaret), and plenty of sexy Bacchanalian babes adorning London’s pristine Gilgamesh Bar. Man, I wish I was there after all. Oh well, knowing Lyceum, they will probably come up with something even better next year.

eGaming Review Magazine Announces New B2B Online Gambling Awards

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
 New B2B Awards Debut at EGR Live 2010

New B2B Awards Debut at EGR Live 2010

If you are ever feeling curious to know more about the inner workings of the online gambling industry, EGRMagazine is a great place to get in the know, so to speak. Emphasizing the Euro and UK betting scene, EGR (which stands for eGaming Review, by the way) publishes several op-ed blogs and daily news articles on their website, which are also readily available via a daily email feed.

Making tremendous strides in expanding the professional reach of the online gambling sector, EGR has focused much of its work establishing and strengthening the bonds within the gaming sector, as opposed to outside of it. Leaving that element to top-tier destinations like eCOGRA, which in my opinion, has done more for the credibility of the online gambling industry than any other independent body, EGR seeks to serve as a resource center for professional online gaming companies.

In addition to publishing market analysis reports, EGR has recently undertaken the role of events organizer and host. Following the enormously successful EGR Live in late 2009, EGR has announced there will be a new awards ceremony at the next EGR Live (schedule for June 2010), called the eGaming Review B2B Awards. Modeled after the “eGaming Review Operator Awards”, which many consider the Oscar’s of the online gambling industry, EGR’s B2B awards aim to recognize companies that offer B2B products. Likely award’s categories include software developers, mobile platforms, payment solutions, marketing services, IT and more.

Publishing Director at eGaming Review, Seb Timpson, said in a recent press release, “For some time now the suppliers in the industry have been asking us for a set of awards to recognize the excellence and innovation that is so prevalent in this section of the industry, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the leaders in this hugely important part of online gambling.”

Online Casino Suite couldn’t agree more, and is looking forward to the results of the first annual eGaming Review B2B awards, only to be revealed at the second annual EGR Live conference, which for all you industry folk out there, is free to attend, and a must-event for any gaming business, whether it be for online casino affiliate recruitment or, you guessed it, eGaming B2B.