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Can a Fair Wager be Guaranteed? Online Gambling Reviews Guide for Finding a Fair Wager

8 October 2010 by Devon Chappell

Smoking can kill you, but there's no guarantee. Kind of the same with gambling at online casinos.

Smoking can kill you, but there's no guarantee. Kind of the same with gambling at online casinos.

In the world of online casino gambling, unless we are talking about an online casino that is licensed and regulated in a very prominent and respected jurisdiction, no player can ever be “guaranteed” they are playing with fair odds. And even then, there is never any guarantee. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not aiming to discourage anyone from betting on the internet, although if that’s how you take it and find yourself hesitant to wager online, well then, you simply shouldn’t anyhow. See article: Basics of Verifying a Safe and Fair Online Casino.

If you can’t trust the online casino that you call home, your views of wagering will forever be colored. So long as you are winning and enjoying good luck, there’s nothing to worry, right? But just as soon as you experience a string of bad luck, then you may be very inclined to call the online casino a cheat and proceed to defame it across every message board and blog that has anything to do with online gambling.

The reason I say this is because I’ve seen it happen time and again. Some bettors – either newbies or old and seasoned land-based gamblers who don’t trust anything on the internet – are inclined to overreact and jump the gun if their withdrawal experiences a delay or they lose their bankroll playing slot machines. More often than not, both types of players will chalk it up to the online casino cheating, and proceed to label all of “online betting” an activity for suckers.

Well folks, this is not the case. Granted, you can indeed get blindsided by an online casino. U.S. bettors especially have to be careful. Going back to my original statement about prominent regulatory jurisdictions, if you play at online casinos regulated by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and Alderney, you are very likely going to get a fair hand. Online casinos regulated in jurisdictions like these have too much to lose by cheating players. They may be able to get away with it for a short spell, however, it’s too risky a practice from the opeartor’s perspective, considering that a live audit of the software platform could take place at any time, whether it be a third-party auditor or a savvy player.

Now, the same principle should apply to other jurisdictions which don’t have as much credence and/or which appear to be more in the “business” of online gambling, aka, licensing way too many online casinos to keep up with. You are probably wondering where these jurisdictions are. Again, not to paint a negative picture or anythhing, I am referring to Kahnawakee, Curacao and Antigua and Barbuda, which in the past, have not been as transparent and/or effecient as they could be.

These days, however, all three jurisdictions are doing MUCH better. Still, until the U.S. government provides protection for its citizens, there will be unscrupulous online casinos looking to make a quick buck. The reason I say this is because of all the regulatory jurisdictions out there, Curacao eGaming Authority, Kahnawakee and Antigua & Barbuda still permit operators to accept U.S. players. While these jurisdictions are doing better at protecting all players, they simply can’t guarantee a fair hand. In other words, the regulatory jurisdiction credentials – even software fairness credentials – shouldn’t stand as “evidence” an online casino is fair.

Players must dig deeper. And in order to do that, they need the proper informational resources. This is one of the reasons why Online Casino Suite was created. Not just recommending any old online casino who wants to pay us advertising revenue (we don’t accept advertising revenue, by the way), we look beyond an online casino’s regulatory credentials, namely its reputation and track record with existing and past players. If an online casino hasn’t been in business long enough (unless it is owned and managed by folks with experience managing other online casinos and whom have proven themselves already) we won’t recommend it.

Those online casinos which have a strong following (for good reason) and/or are riding a wave of positive response from the gaming industry at large (which we gaage with the help of our numerous contacts within the industry), will be considered for a recommendation and listing on our online casino reviews guide. Just like the operators who have gone through the ringer to get licenesed in a premiere regulatory jurisdiction, these casinos with a large following of players have too much to lose by providing unfair odds to earn some extra profit.

Remember, the odds are always in the casino’s court to begin with! They are going to make profit either way, unless of course, they know nothing about operating and running a casino – yet another reason why operator experience is a huge factor in approving online casinos for a listing at OCS.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared you off from online gambling. If you’re still interested in throwing down some bets, our next post will cover some things that you can do to keep a close tab on the odds you are continually receiving from your online casino of choice.

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