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Building Player Trust: Weeding out the Not-so-Good Online Casinos

6 December 2009 by Devon Chappell

Casino Review Requests

Building on the last post about the selectiveness of the online casino reviews posted here at OCS, I would like to talk a little bit more about the screening process – particularly regarding how online casinos are disqualified for a listing. While this might be useful information for current and potential online casino operators, affiliate managers and advertising companies interested to be listed in our online casino reviews directory, my main intent is to educate players about the gaming industry, and consequently, earn more player trust in the information provided at OCS.

As mentioned in the last post, a good portion of the time spent running Online Casino Suite is behind the scenes, which consists largely of reading and answering emails. Many of these emails are news announcements and press releases, people asking for link exchanges with their websites (which we don’t do, by the way), advertising requests, and online casino operators asking to be reviewed and listed in our directory. Yes, we do receive player complaints and give these top priority. The good news is that complaints represent the minority – and of those that we do get, are mostly about online casinos not even approved and reviewed by us.

In a way, many of the complaints help us to screen out online casinos before they even apply for a listing! Of course, not every complaint is valid, and so we weigh many factors in the equation of giving a “review green light” to online casinos. However, they are always filed away and taken into consideration.

Whenever we receive an email request for a listing in our directory, we first visit the casino and see if the name rings a bell. If it is a casino that has been the brunt of numerous player complaints, we pretty much end our review right then and there. For our own enlightenment, we may dig deeper just to find out which software platform the casino is using, taking a note to be weary of other casinos using this particular software. In other words, we never stop looking down the rabbit hole. You never know where else it will lead!

If there is hardly any information about the management company posted on the website, this in itself, becomes a major red flag. If a casino doesn’t know how far transparency goes in this business, then how are they going to know anything about customer service. Besides, 9 times out of 10, the casino is hiding something and doesn’t want to share this information!

A trick many blacklisted casinos like to use is to change their name, website design and even post some fake credentials. This is something else our experience has trained us to recognize. For example, we recently received an email request from someone representing a First off, with a name like that, you can’t help but wonder! Secondly, upon taking a closer look at their website, we determined that the casino uses software from both Playtech and Aqua Gaming. Now, Playtech, just like RTG or any other software for that matter, has been known to license some rogue operations in the past. Aqua Gaming, on the other hand, poses more serious questions.

While there seems to be some legit operators using Aqua’s bingo solutions, their association with Windows Casino makes us do a double take. Windows Casino has had serious complaints in the past and is an instant red flag. Now, this alone, shouldn’t give cause to disqualify DreamRichCasino, for they are an independent licensee. However, taking an even closer look, it turns out that DreamRich is a portal of Window’s Casino, meaning it is simply a mirror site for downloading Window’s Casino! And there’s the rub.

Furthermore, even though Window’s Casino uses software from certain reputable company’s and claims to be a top site listed at Gambling Online Magazine, which in itself is hardly admirable (GOM is hardly an unbiased magazine at all!), the player complaints regarding customer service here are still steady. And here’s something else very interesting. Window’s Casino doesn’t post any accreditations on their website, other than claims. One of these claims is being approved by the Well, guess what? There is no such thing. Go ahead….visit and you will see that it redirects to a .org website with nothing there. Heck, I’ve been in this industry since it first began, and I’ve never heard about the Gambling Commission. It might sound impressive to a newbie, but the reality is that it’s a crock of jargon.

So, there you have it – no approval for Dream Rich, aka, Window’s Casino. Online Casino Suite doesn’t care how much money they offer us to be listed – NO CAN DO. Hopefully, our reader’s will appreciate this fact and know that we mean it when we say that only the BEST online casinos get listed in our directory.

3 Responses to “Building Player Trust: Weeding out the Not-so-Good Online Casinos”

  1. Greg Gomes says:

    Your whole thought process here is admirable but the example that you have used is flawed.

    Windows Casino has had many issues when it was on the RTG and when it was not owned by Aquagaming. That means the previous owners a bunch of Hungarians ran it into the ground. The Aquagaming group have managed to clear the casino and many player issues up and have moved it to a different software platform.
    I am not to sure what the issue is with the mirror sites , what next are you going to be telling them how to run their business ? If i was you i would get my facts straight before publishing what is patently something that is not correct .

    In addition there is no such thing as the Aqua Bingo solution – Aqua sold their bingo operation to 888 and then recently sold their bingo rooms to 888 as well. Can you imagine that – selling bingo twice for £100 million in total to the same group. Does this sound like a bunch of shysters to you?

    The one thing that you have got right are the diodgy awards and it is quite easy to see that this was some kind of stupid commission that the old owners set up and that the current owners either stuck up naively or were stupid enough to stick it up . see the link below for the old commission site :

    This is possibly one of the most inaccurate articles I have ever come across . I will be pointing this article out to the owners of the group and I am sure that they might have a thing or two to say about the inaccuracies in your article.

    BTW – You can confirm what I have said above re the issues with Windows on RTG with Bryan Bailey of Casinomeister and various other places .

    • Devon says:

      Thanks for your post, Greg.

      This may be so about new management…but you said it yourself “the current owners either stuck up (fake accreditation) naively or were stupid enough to stick it up”. That doesn’t sound like the type of management I would like to open an account under.

      In regards to Aqua, all of this info about the 888 buyout means nothing when Aqua still has this posted on their website: It especially means nothing to the common player. That looks like a bingo solution to me. If Aqua doesn’t want misreporting, they should clean up shop.

      We’re not telling them how to run their business, but if you ask me, promoting a casino (Dream Rich), which in effect, is serving to download another casino (Windows) – making every attempt to withold that info mind you – is anything but transparent, and raises doubts. Many people would consider it unethical. There is nothing to be gained by using the mirror site. It comes across as if they are hiding something.

      Greg, are you a supporter of raising transparency standards in this business or against it?

      As soon as Aqua/Windows makes a professional effort to clean up their websites – the mirror to the rest of the world – of course we will be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, considering their past track record.

  2. Arron Hershman says:

    Less is the new-fangled more